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Here’s what Malcolm Jamal-Warner said about Bill Cosby’s allegations

Bill Cosby’s reputation was probably the most damaged entity on American soil during the year 2014.   He went from being America’s Dad to the man who got away.   As the scandal has unfolded, the public has waited to see what Cosby’s old buddies and castmates had to say about the comedian.

One person who was very close to Cosby over the years was Malcolm Jamal-Warner, who played Cosby’s son Theo Huxtable over 25 years ago.  After winning his first Grammy nomination, Malcolm was cornered and asked what he thought about the allegations against his old co-worker.

He’s one of my mentors, and he’s been very influential and played a big role in my life as a friend and mentor,” Warner told Billboard. “Just as it’s painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not, it’s just as painful to watch my friend and mentor go through this.”

This was a pretty diplomatic statement by Warner, but appears to be one in which he is supporting his friend despite the allegations against him.  By first mentioning the good that Cosby has done for him, Warner seems to be saying that he has kept a favorable opinion of Cosby, despite the allegations.

Warner’s remarks show respect to the victims of sexual assault, but also say that Cosby himself is a victim as he is “going through this.” So, Warner’s decision to sympathize with both Cosby and his accusers may upset some people.

Raven-Symone, another Cosby castmate, says that the performer never did anything to her that was inappropriate during their years on the show.  She herself was fighting against rumors that he’d done things to her body that no grown man should do to a child.

But Symone put the rumors to the side immediately on social media.

“I was NOT taking [sic]advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show!” she said on Instagram. “I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!”

Keshia Knight Pulliam, another cast member of the show, said favorable things about Cosby, along with Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby’s wife.

“Whoever is involved, those are the people who were there. I wasn’t there,” Pulliam said. “I can only speak to the great man that I know and love, who has been so generous, who has been such a philanthropist, giving back millions of dollars to education and schools. And just the man I grew up knowing. It’s really not my place to speak on that. Unfortunately, in the court of public opinion everyone has formed their opinion, but we’re still in America and you’re innocent until proven guilty of any crimes.”

So, even though Cosby may have done some things in his private life that were inappropriate, the women he’s worked with have all stood by him over the years.  Also, his wife Camille has been steadfast in her support of the comedian.   But victims continue to come out in public and many are demanding retribution.

How is this going to end?  Tell us:  Do you think the Cosby Show should be taken off the air because of the allegations?

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20 thoughts on “Here’s what Malcolm Jamal-Warner said about Bill Cosby’s allegations

  1. cynthia

    Its ashame that anyone has to say anything at all. I believe Mr. Cosby Is innocent . He should not have to answer to these women who obviously want to be paid off at some point. Mr. Cosby is a wealthy man who has alot of haters on his team.Mr. Cosby keep your head up!

  2. Glory Mosby

    The Cosby show is a great show & should continue to be aired!! Bill Cosby wasn’t charged with any crime, only accused which seems very odd to me!! All of these all of a sudden accusations from decades ago are rather suspicious to me!! It makes me wonder what force is really driving this vehicle of destruction of a legacy!!! :*

  3. Author Rahsaan Ali

    No. His show should not be pulled off the air until he is proven either guilty or innocent. And when he is proven innocent, how will he ever recover? Personally I believe that all the stress he is currently under and considering his age. I think he’ll suffer a massive heart-attack before any of it is said and done.

  4. Crosstrown

    Why was Mr. Warner “cornered” and questioned about Mr. Cosby anyway? This getting more and more bizarre. Enough already, have the women report to the police that they have been raped and prepare for a court appearance. We can take it from there.

  5. madpoet

    Character Assassination POINT BLANK! Who the hell reports or comes out the closet with some 30-40 yr old rapes? This b/s!!! I support Mr Cosby….His shows encouraged Black Kids to goto College & portrayed a Positive Image of a Black Family. Notice TV hasnt had a Strong Positive Black family on TV since, only buffonery family shows! Nothing encouraging kids to goto College. Half of the accusers probably couldnt buy some dick if they had money! Like someone else stated, if the allegations ate false, how does Mr Cosby recover from that? Gold Diggers

  6. GG

    I feel that Mr. Cosby’s shows shouldn’t be taken off the air until these allegations have merit(if at all). I don’t understand why and how public opinions carry so much wait especially when there’s no concrete evidence, whether it’s Mr. Cosby or someone else. Once this is over and Mr. Cosby’s found to be innocent can he in turn take legal action against the ladies that are accusing him of these horrible attacks on them because there isn’t anyway that he can salvage his reputation after this as run its course. Once the damage is done, there’s no way that the world is going to ever forget this.

  7. Doris Rhea

    In no way should my opinion be construed as a defense of Bill , but because I believe in equal justice under the law, I do not believe that Bill Cosby’s show should be taken off the air, until all persons who have been accused and talked about, but never proven to be guilty of a crime, works are removed from the public domain. Persons such Woody Allen who at this time is being given a TV show’, was accused of molesting his 7 year old adopted daughter, and who married another adopted daughter when she was in her late teens. Then there was Roman Polanski, who is still a renowned film maker. And finally, MGM is still going strong, when it was known that the heads of the movie studio, drugged and molested Judy Garland when she was a very young starlet.

  8. lj

    It is sad that most people don’t have a life; they are like bottom feeders : Mr Cosby should not be Punished unless he is found guilty. As a woman I do not agree with any form of sexual assault. Having said that many woman put themselves in situations to be taken advantage of, thinking they can seduce men that have money or power.

  9. Bahati Sobukwe

    I have admired Bill Cosby for a very, very, long time. He has been exemplary in his choice of materials for his comedy. For choosing to be a clean comic that offered much laughter, he is to be thanked. His donations of millions of dollars to black colleges were immeasurable gifts of charity. Thank you Mr. Cosby.
    I deplored his later years of decrying the behavior of blacks, without addressing why SOME blacks were misbehaving in pathological ways. Many of the things he said were true, but you cannot address, in public, black people’s pathologies without a discussions of White Supremacy, 246 years of chattel slavery, and 150 years of oppression socially, economically, and psychologically of blacks were damaging to black people. We must discuss the adjustments blacks have had to make under those conditions for the past 396 years. While all peoples have had slavery at one time or another, during Greece and Roman history, the population was 85% slaves, no slavery was like the dehumanizing slavery of the United States of America, and no other country had held on so tenaciously to the belief that blacks are inferior…and acted upon that precept for 396 years. That so many of us are sane is a miracle in itself.
    Seriously, I don’t understand why the women met with him, if it is indeed true, in hotel rooms.

    My answer to the question of taking the Cosby show off television, is a resounding NO! What are you going to leave on: Empire, Meet the Browns, the Paynes (can’t remember real name of the show) Scandal, How to Commit Murder (not sure of that title either)? My point is that, you have nothing to replace The Cosby’s with.

  10. Nino

    I’m not sure if there’s a clause in the Crosby Show contract.. if violated gives the network the right to pull the show. If not i find it interesting that Mr. Crosby is not fighting back to have his show re-aired as re-runs. he losing tons of money..

    Also, his silence at one hand not DENYING these allegation publicly..but still making jokes in standup about the allegations is not cool… Plus it doesn’t help him and the public to know.. this is not the first time Mr. Crosby has been accused.. allegations surfaced 20-30 yrs ago similar with girls..he settled in court with the accuser as guilty and had to pay damages..

  11. Rosie

    It is unfortunate that the women that are accusing Bill Cosby of raping and drugging them felt it necessary to put their careers ahead of their well being. Not one of the accusers thought enough of their health to go to an emergency room after being raped and drugged. And to add insult to injury they waited 20, 30, 40 plus years to come forth and accuse Mr. Cosby of such horrific acts. Some even wrote later that he was a nice person. Beverly Johnson should have remained quiet because she said he drugged her and made sexual advances towards her until she asked him if he was a m…..f….. in which case he took her downstairs and put her in a taxi. At least we now know all it takes to stop him is call him a MF. Clearly there is someone very wealthy that has vowed to destroy Mr. Cosby and is apparently paying these women to make criminal accusations against him. If they did not think it was important enough to come forth years ago they should continue to remain quiet. I hope Mr. Cosby does not take attorney Gloria Allred’s advice. Their actions are an insult to women. What were they doing in his room in the first place knowing he is a married man. Was getting a job that important?

  12. Terrence Gibson

    Whether he is innocent or guilty will have to be sorted out in the courts. However, I agree with Phyllis Rashad on the statement that this is about the destruction of Cosby’s legacy. I of course don’t know who Cosby angered, but it was someone with a lot of power and influence. This whole set of events is to organized and calculated regardless of whether it’s true or not.

  13. paris

    why would any one want to be paid if some one rapes you,why wait so long to come forward where is evidence DNA samples photos, video,medical report of substance used,blood work,dates when it happen place ,time,witnesses.Remember what they said about M.J and look what happen after his death people are coming forth saying they lied…LET’S take a deep look into these women lives see if they really suffer let’s speak to some of their sex partners, husbands, friends to see if they had trouble with intimacy or were they straight freaks in bed.If you have the courage now you had it then to come forward.THIS IS B.S AT IT;S BEST.

  14. Anon5

    This is something we need to thoroughly understand: If you are an influential Black person who does or says anything that goes against the status quo, you will be crucified. It doesn’t matter if the claims are legitimate (but previously ignored) or made up, you will be crucified. Bill Cosby has two strikes against him: He had the nerve to try to buy NBC (Offense: Uppity Negro who needs to learn his place) and promote (by saying favorable things about) the Nation of Islam (Crime: Supporting a ‘radical’ Black group that the government would like to remove or neutralize).

  15. argreene

    Anyone that feels all these women are all lying are bias, and have no care about the war on women. His show should not be pulled until proven guilty, but I am not convinced that he is innocent at all. And a person can wait that long to say something. I was 19 years old when I told of constant sexual abuse on me, and I was not believed, it was not until I was in my thirties that I said anything again. If you have not been sexually assaulted you will never know the fear and shame you go through, especially if it is a family member, or rich, or famous person, in my case it was my Aunt’s husband and I was afraid to tell it for fear I would be blamed, or that he would do something to me, and that I would not be believed and I was right about the not being believed, just like these women.

  16. Cosby Support

    Where in the history of racism as any show ever been cancel for a white person being accused of anything? They are taking $30,000 a day out of the pockets of the cast from THE COSBY SHOW. I support BILL COSBY because of the positive legacy he has created until the day concret proof materializes to discret said legacy. Until then, SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT!

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