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Three girls beat fellow college student with baseball bats and crowbars

By Victor Ochieng

Police have arrested three Solano Community College women basketball players over assault allegations. The three are accused of having brutally beaten a fellow student at Allan Witt Park on Monday. The college has since expelled the girls.

According to police records, the three girls, Justice Robinson, 19, Jai-Nice Robinson, 18, and Kiara Beacham, 19, are accused of having assaulted Dalana Bluford using baseball bats and crowbars.

The college’s spokesperson, Shemila Johnson, said there are other students who’ve also been barred from campus and from interacting with the school’s team. She said that the college took immediate action as soon as they learned of the incident.

“When we found out,” Johnson said, “we took proper action.”

Bluford said that she clearly recognized the girls who beat her up and smashed up her car. She suffered a broken bone close to her eye. Her face was also seriously bruised.

The three girls were booked at the Fairfield county jail on Wednesday night and charged with felony assault, felony vandalism and criminal conspiracy. The vandalism charge is approximated to have caused $50,000 in damage or more.

The father of the assault victim, Larry Bluford Jr., 41, said his daughter had some misunderstanding with fellow students and they had organized to meet at the park to solve their differences. But he now says that meeting must have been a setup put in place to beat up his daughter.

Bluford Jr. said that his daughter was in her car at the park with two other females. At around 6:30 pm, two other vehicles arrived at the park’s parking lot and eight people emerged from the cars carrying baseball bats and crowbars.

His daughter was rushed to NorthBay Medical Center that very night where she received six stitches and endured further treatments before being released. She also visited a specialist on Thursday for further checkup.

The school’s coach has revealed that his team has been reduced to 10 players from 15.

“We’re absolutely horrified by the events and just heartbroken by the decision that unfortunately some of our team members made,” Borchert said. “All our prayers are with the Bluford family and their daughter.”

Fairfield Councilwoman Catherine Moy said she hopes the authorities will do what’s necessary to bring all the perpetrators to justice.

Police officers are still carrying out an investigation to unearth any other students who may have been involved in the heinous act.


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15 thoughts on “Three girls beat fellow college student with baseball bats and crowbars

  1. Diva

    This shows the inability of our youth to communicate effectively. Instead of trying to resolve a conflict peacefully, they went as far to jump this poor young woman. Even as a youth, jumping was for COWARDS. You got a fair one on, and weapons weren’t involved. I hope all of those involved in the attack are brought to justice.

  2. Dr Val Partee

    @Diva, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. In the words of The Bible/ Dr King and Rodney King: Turn the other cheek and Can’t we All just get along! All is a strong word in a sinful world–blame Adam. However, most of this could be eliminated if you’d just think first and be nice!

  3. Rene Collins

    These same girls jumped my niece 2 years ago, obviously they aren’t as bad as they think they are because my tiny niece got with that a@@ by herself and when her sister showed up nieces shut it down. Now you have 3 girls with baseball bats jumping one little girl. I hope they get locked up long enough to know that this is not ok, you can’t call yourself bad and go around jumping folks. It’s sad because this girl is hurt and this group of girls has no idea what this could do to their future.

  4. VNR

    Parents can do the right thing and children will still do the exact opposite. If the girls get jail time, they will have a long time to think about what they did. Young adults in this day and age do stupid things and do not think about the consequences.

  5. Fee

    It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to the youth of today. African-Americans are already having a tough time dealing with racial inequality in other areas of life, why fuel the fire with this foolishness. I am sure the judge will throw the book at all three of the defendants involved. Keep in mind, that the defendants are all black and the criminal justice system tends to throw the book at black defendants. The same brutality awaits each one of them in the confines of the prison system.

  6. blacjk jones

    We are definetly overlooking something to think that HUMAN BEINGS are not capable of cruel acts against each other—we as a race distrust each other and it’s never all gonna go away, their are too many selfish and greedy people and no ones willing to personally fix themselves—we seem to expect HAIR, HOUSE, CARS, and other material hoarding will make things go away but, then the haters appear—–our souls needs some restoration. PEACE!!!

  7. Cincere

    @ Blacjk Jones:
    You are so completely correct. The real issue starts with us as a people. We all have to be willing to work on ourselves. In addition to that, we all have to be willing to think before we do and say things that can lead to our own destruction. I blame the media, there’s nothing on TV that truly involves mind building. Everything on TV is there to dummy people way down, and situations like this are the proof of that.

  8. Marty K

    Ratchets at their best, poor character and evil intentions equal bad humans. Well, at least we can see them on the show, “Orange is the new black”.


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