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13-Year-Old Boy Killed for Allegedly Knocking Over Trash Cans

The deaths of young black boys have gained increased attention over the last few months, but it’s not as if it wasn’t happening all along.  A 13-year old boy was allegedly gunned down for knocking over trash cans, which might make his death among the most appalling we’ve seen in quite a while.

A 17-year old suspect has been arrested in the death of Ashton Hating, and the alleged reasons for the homicide are leaving people disgusted.  Dino Thompson III has been charged with murder and will be tried as an adult.  But the details of the case remain mixed and complex, and no one knows exactly what happened.

The worst part of the homicide is that it occurred on Martin Luther King day.   When are we going to stop the violence and stop letting kids get such easy access to guns?   The shooting is still being investigated and it’s sad to read about:

Misty Harting told The Indianapolis Star that on the night her son was killed he had asked to go out with some friends to get snacks at a gas station at 38th Street and Post Road. Harting told the boy he couldn’t go but, after she fell asleep, he went anyway, she said. As the boys walked through a nearby neighborhood just before 2 a.m., shots were fired.

Ashton was hit in the back. He died at the scene despite the frantic efforts of neighbors to save him.

How the shooting occurred is uncertain.

One teenager who was with Ashton first told police that another member of their group had a gun and fired shots at a car that had pulled up behind them. Someone in the car fired back, the boy said.

Later that boy changed his story and told police that no one in his group with Ashton was armed. Instead, the witness said, the teenagers were walking down the street and knocking over trash cans “during horseplay” when the shots rang out.

Other witnesses described the suspect as a grown male and said he began shooting at them after demanding that the teenagers get “off my block.”



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