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Floyd Mayweather refuses to comment on rumored superfight with Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Jr. walked slowly through a dark corridor of Barclays Center on Saturday night and stopped near an elevator bank.

Sacramento Kings Center DeMarcus Cousins, the first-time All-Star, stood a few feet away, his 6-11 frame dwarfing Mayweather’s.

Mayweather leaned over to a young boy standing by Cousins’ leg, who appeared to be his son Amir.

It was a pleasant atmosphere- at least then- but it wasn’t exactly revealing.

When Mayweather was asked by a reporter if any progress had been made on talks between himself and Manny Pacquiao for a proposed May 2 super fight that will likely shatter every previous financial record associated with boxing, he grew strangely agitated.

“Can I ask you a question?” Mayweather said. “Please, can I ask you a question? Is this a boxing match? Are we at a boxing match? No, this is the All-Star game. I’m at an All-Star event. Please respect my privacy. I don’t want to answer any questions.”

Mayweather shouldn’t have been surprised by the attention.

He and Pacquiao are nearing the final leg of intense and delicate negotiations for a fight that would take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

An announcement could be made this week if the fight is on, a source told the Daily News on Sunday.

According to the source, Pacquiao and his promoter Top Rank have already signed the contract and on Monday, HBO and Showtime are expected to resolve “two little issues” associated with a joint broadcast.

“Now it’s up to (Mayweather),” the source said. “If he’s boxed into a corner and feels like there’s no other choice, he’ll agree to the fight.”

Mayweather is expected to be in attendance for Sunday’s All-Star game at Madison Square Garden.



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