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Marathon runner crawls across the finish line, still gets third place

There is something about being so determined that nothing will stop you.  This may be the lesson that some of us can learn from watching Hyvon Ngetich and seeing just how desperate she was to make it to the finish line during the Austin Marathon.  The Kenyan runner didn’t win the race, but her third place finish was nothing short of absolutely classic and amazing.

Ngetich was ahead of the pack for the first 23 miles of the race, which is impressive. But her body started to give out toward the end and she slowly fell behind.  Roughly 50 yards before the finish line, she could take no more, and actually dropped to her hands and knees in order to finish the race.

The crowd cheered her on and her body parts were shaking during the entire process.  But she kept going and pushed to the finish line, making her the story of the day even without being the winner.  She didn’t take the help she was offered at the end and kept going to ensure that she finished the race on her own.

“For the last two kilometers, I don’t remember,” Ngetich told KEYE-TV. “Finish line, I have no idea.”

The incredible act of endurance and persistence caught the eye of race director John Conley, who promised to give her the same amount of money given to the second place finisher as a prize for her dedication.

Winners get $3,000, second takes home $2,000 while third gets $1,000. Cynthia Jerop won the women’s race at 2:54:21.



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