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Pastor’s son arrested for killing his entire family

Tragedy has struck a family in Texas after a mysterious set of events which left the entire community concerned and off-balance.  A pastor, his wife and son were all found dead in their apartment and until today, no one knew what happened or why.  Now, police think they have the answer.

Officers say that they’ve arrested the teen son of the pastor for killing the preacher, his wife and their five year old son.  The son, 19-year old Isaac Tiharihondi, was arrested in Mississippi on Wednesday morning.  He has been charged with of capital murder after being accused of killing his parents and their son.

The Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe, 51, Dorcus Ahimbisibwe, 47, and their son Israel Ahimbisibwe, Jr., 5 were the victims of this heinous crime.  The community is now looking to heal and get to the bottom of why a son would do this to his parents, or if he did it at all.

Members of the pastor’s church, the Church of the Redeemer, said they were concerned when the pastor didn’t show up for services this week.  Members then began calling the pastor’s apartment complex, to no avail.  By Monday they asked maintenance to help them force their way into the apartment, which is where the bodies were found.

Officers who responded found “a significant amount of blood” in different areas of the apartment. The bodies of Ahimbisibwe and his wife were lying on the bathroom floor; they appeared to have suffered from blunt-force trauma to the head, according to court records. The five-year-old boy had been stabbed in the neck and back, his body placed in the bathtub. The bodies had been covered in towels and blankets. Police found blood on a nearby hammer, baseball bat, lamp and knife. It was unclear exactly where the violence had occurred; an officer wrote that it looked like bodies had been moved or dragged throughout the apartment.

By the appearance of the bodies, the family must have been dead “for a considerable period of time,” according to court records.



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