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Mo’Nique Swears that she was offered the role of Cookie in “Empire”

Mo’Nique has been out of the spotlight for several years since winning her Academy Award.  Now that she’s back in the public eye, she is coming off more as a bitter actress who’s been left out of the fold than anything else.   She has been in a very public feud with Lee Daniels as he has seen his new show, “Empire” rise through the ranks and become one of the most beloved shows in all of television.

Now, at the age of 47, Mo’Nique is doing interviews with outlets like Black Voices and doing all she can to stay in the public eye.  Here’s a bit of what happened with BV, with Mo’Nique explaining how she was blackballed from the industry and why she really was offered that role in the show, “Empire.”

Not that any controversy has turned Mo’Nique sour. During our interview, the 47-year-old was engaging and kind (she closed the phone call by saying, “Thank you, my sweet baby”), and insisted on clearing up the fracas that began three weeks ago when Mo’Nique said that Daniels informed her she was “blackballed” by Hollywood for “not play[ing]ball.” (He was alluding to Mo’Nique’s refusal to campaign for her 2010 Oscar and her not having thanked the “Precious” producers, or Daniels, during her acceptance speech.)

That remark ignited a firestorm that escalated with Daniels’ response and Mo’Nique’s claim that she’d been offered Taraji P. Henson’s celebrated role on the Fox hit “Empire.” Co-creator Danny Strong refuted Mo’Nique’s claims, while others — including “Moesha” co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph and “Precious” co-star Gabourey Sidibe — have extended the alleged tiff’s shelf life with additional comments.

But Mo’Nique wasn’t the least bit rattled when we discussed the forthcoming “Blackbird,” which she and husband Sidney Hicks produced. In it, she plays a devout mother who flies into a fit after discovering her teenage son is gay. Mo’Nique told HuffPost Entertainment about portraying bad moms, her precipitous media frenzy and her only regret about winning that Oscar.



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