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Gamblers Throw Chairs And Punches During Massive Brawl at Casino

Reported by Ryan Brennan

A major brawl broke out at a casino in Queens that involved more than 24 people. While chairs were being tossed across the casino, only two people left the scene arrested. One of those persons was lucky enough to have his charges dropped on Saturday. A witness captured a terrifying video of the brawl that caused Fat Tuesday to be closed Saturday night.

The brawl occurred at the opening event of a Fat Tuesday bar located at the new Resorts World Casino. When people waiting in line were conflicted, they began tossing chairs at each other. During the chaos, four security guards suffered minor injuries. In addition, a cop suffered a hand injury while attempting to stop the fight.

Other cops were seen taking videos of the brawl in an attempt to find additional suspects. Officials of the casino have promised to strengthen their security. A casino spokesman said, “The safety of our patrons is Resorts World’s top priority, and there is absolutely no room for this kind of behavior,” according to New York Daily News.

One police officer described the chaotic altercation, saying, “It looks like 15 to 20 people were actually fighting among 300 to 400 patrons who were terrified and trying to get out of the way.”

One suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Jovan Bovell, 23, was caught brawling and later flailing his arms to avoid being cuffed by the police officer who caught him. Bovell was released without bail after appearing in Queens Criminal Court on Saturday. The charges will be sealed if Bovell can stay out of trouble for the next six months.

The other person that was arrested had his charges dismissed on Saturday. However, 23-year-old Andre Rivers is due back in court on October 2 for refusing to disperse and disorderly conduct. He also has outstanding warrants for disorderly conduct and drinking on the street.

In addition to Bovell and Rivers, there was also a 30-year-old male that was issued summons for disorderly conduct after the mayhem was finished. The brawl left the dining hall of the casino trashed. The damage is estimated to be around $2,000, according to the police. However, a casino spokesman explained the damage as minimal.

The casino has seen a lot of criminal acts take place in the past. From theft to someone locking their 5-year-old granddaughter in their car while they gambled. This casino has seen it all.


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