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Officer who arrested Sandra Bland violated department policy

The mysterious jailhouse death of Sandra Bland has left a lot of people confused.  No one knows why a bright woman with a bright future would suddenly decide to kill herself.  Also, most people don’t know why she was put in jail after being pulled over for an illegal lane change.

It is now being reported that the state trooper responsible for pulling over the young woman has violated departmental police with her arrest.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said on Friday the trooper is now on desk duty for his violation, pending an investigation by the Texas Rangers, the police agency responsible for protecting the entire state of Texas.   Bland’s relatives believe that the official version of the story is a fabrication and that there is more to her untimely death.

Bland was driving from her hometown of Naperville, an affluent suburb of Chicago, where she was pulled over.  She was later arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer during the traffic stop, which took place in Prairie View, Texas.

The officer making the arrest violated the department’s policies of courtesy, which is part of the source of the investigation.

“At the conclusion of this investigation, any violations of protocols will be addressed,” the department stated.

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Video related to the case would be shared with the public, it added.

Bland had just moved to Texas for a new job with her alma mater, Texas Prairie View A & M University, and the arrest took place near the school, Chicago broadcaster WLS reported. She was arraigned over the weekend and her bond was set at $5,000.

On Friday, demonstrators gathered outside the jail where she died to demand answers. “I just couldn’t imagine that someone would say that this woman, that was so strong, would take her own life. She wouldn’t have done that,” friend Lanitra Dean told Houston broadcaster KHOU.



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One thought on “Officer who arrested Sandra Bland violated department policy

  1. J. D. Hill

    Keep the heat on, Black Live Matter! Request that the overworked Justice Department does a complete investigation as well as an autopsy.

    Is Black Lives Matter the new voice in this New Civil Rights Era?


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