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“Sweet and beautiful” found strangled to death right after graduating college

When you finish college, you’re looking forward to your future.  Your life has just begun and there are typically amazing things waiting for you in your future.  This is what makes the tragic death of a West Philadelphia woman that much more difficult to swallow.

Jasmine Wright was found dead in her apartment this week and no one knows what happened.  Her father could not be reached, so the apartment complex checked in on her when they could not find out where she was.    The young woman, who lived alone was pronounced dead at the scene as the victim of a severe beating and choking incident that has left the community shocked and hurt over what happened to her.

Jasmine had a bright future as a recent graduate of the Drexel University School of Public Health.  The school released this information to the public this week.  She had just completed her Masters Degree, showing that she had a great deal of ambition.

Wright had also graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2011 with her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health.  She’d moved to New York City from Viginia, and then on to Philadelphia.   She was described by neighbors as a quiet and sweet woman, and no one could figure out how this happened to her.

“That girl didn’t have no parties,” said Wanda McCoy, a fello resident. “She went to school. She came home. She went to school. She came home.”

“She stayed basically by herself,” said Harry Harris, a man who was familiar with the woman as well.

“She was sweet and beautiful,” said Harris, who does maintenance work at a neighboring building.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jasmine and her family.  May she rest in peace.





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