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Teen charged for taking nude pics of a minor….himself

Many people know how horrible the prison industrial complex can be. But this might take the cake in terms of being one of the silliest charges ever faced by anyone, black or white. But then again, the American justice system is known worldwide for the number of people that it puts behind bars.

A teen in North Carolina is literally facing time in jail for sexting with his 16-year old girlfriend.  Both of them are being charged with possessing inappropriate pics of a minor, which is certainly not acceptable.  The only problem is that they are being charged with having pictures of themselves.  Yes, you read that right:  The young lady is being charged with possessing images of herself and the young man is being charged with possessing pictures of his own body.

So, while it’s bad enough that two lives are being ruined for doing something that millions of teenagers do, this issue is made even worse because young people are now being incarcerated for violating themselves.  You can’t help but wonder if race plays a role in this, since black men are the most incarcerated group of people in the world.   One can hardly imagine facing the next 60 years as a sex offender for something like this.  It’s pretty astonishing.

Read more on the story from Atlanta Black Star:

A 17-year-old boy is facing 10 years in prison after being charged as an adult for having sexually explicit photos of a minor – himself.

Cormega Copening, from North Carolina, where the age of criminal responsibility is 16, is facing two counts of second-degree sexual exploitation and three counts of third-degree exploitation. The third-degree charges of sexual exploitation of a minor actually stem from the pictures Copening had of himself. Each count is a felony charge carrying at least two years in jail.

“In North Carolina you are considered an adult at 16 years old as far as being charged,” said Sgt. Sean Swain of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department. “But to disseminate and receive sexually explicit texts, photos or videos, you must be over 18.”

Authorities said the sexting charges came about when police took Copening’s phone while investigating another incident. Officers discovered ‘sext’ messages between Copening and his 16 year old girlfriend.

Both teenagers were charged as adults for the sexual exploitation of minors – themselves – for taking and possessing naked photos. His girlfriend took a plea deal on a misdemeanor charge of ‘disseminating harmful material to minors’.


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13 thoughts on “Teen charged for taking nude pics of a minor….himself

  1. Larry Watkins


  2. sassymomof3

    I am not shocked at all. I tell my teens all the time that sexting can land them in prison. Other parents need to inform their children of the consequences that can follow such an act, whether they are Caucasian, African, Asian, etc.

    • Malikpoet

      U sound brainwashed its called privacy. Then u throw race in it u sound so damn stupid they should pay all yo texts on a bill board and key all the world see it you sound just like that type of person

      • Barbara

        Malikpoet: You write like a 3rd. grader. Please keep your opinions to yourself until you learn how to write a complete sentence.

  3. Jardona

    If he’s being charged for taking pictures of himself then Kim K should have been in prison a long time ago. She’s constantly taking pictures of herself and posting them all over different websites. So are those same cops going to go and arrest her? If not then they should. There are plenty of celebs that are always running around the city half naked I don’t see the cops arresting them, then again most of them are white. This is so ridiculous. I am sure these idiot ass cops can find something better to do with their time. So I guess since shooting us has to stop so now you have to find other ways to arrest our young Black men. Another waste of tax payers money for nonsense. Those idiots should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Linda

      Everything is not about race. To hear some people talk, only black people are killed by police. Only black people are pulled over by police. Police kill white people. Police pull over white people, and white minors have been charged and arrested for taking and distributing nude photos of themselves all over the place. It’s a stupid law, but if you’re a child, and you distribute nude pics of yourself, you are violating the child porn law, because you are distributing nude pics of a child. Why blame the cops? They’re only doing what they are paid to do. It’s the law. It may be a stupid law, but just because it’s a stupid law does not mean it’s unenforceable. Stop being so damned quick to pull the race card. More white kids have been charged with this particular crime than black kids. You state “I don’t see them arresting them”. Well hell, you didn’t “see them arrest” these teens either. And as far as Kim Kartrashian always flashing that big, outsized gorilla ass she’s lugging around, she no child. I swear, black people are just like sulky ass kids. “Why dey always pickin’ on us”? “Dey don’t neber arrest white peoples fo nuffin”. Damned! Can you please stop whining? I’m black and this sh**t is getting old already.

      • Engrid

        First of all, I highly doubt you are black and if you are, your type is identifiable for sure! The point is that the law disproportionately singles out black youth and black men especially to enforce And profile to make a statement that our men lack discipline, decency, intelligence or control to live among “so called law-abiding citizens and the good ole “white supremacy ” boys in blue are just the ones to showcase the fact.I implore all black people to keep on whining and complaining and screaming out against inequity. Freddie Gray’s family has received financial recourse for such strong vocalization against the murder of an unarmed black man someone thought they would be able to get a pass for killing!

  4. Dmyers

    Linda, I am also a mature, educated, religious black woman working for a Fortune 500 company. I do not believe most of the black population is whining about race just because they have nothing better to do in their life. I do however believe they are looking at statistics of how many minorities are in prison and killed by law enforcement officers. Please research these topics before calling all minorities a bunch of whiners!! Also,my oldest son is a law enforcement officer.

    • Dave1100

      So much is going on in this world, just leads me to believe that the Bible is correct in all it’s entirety. The KKK is alive and well. They don’t like Black’s, or anyone that doesn’t look, act, and talk like them. As a child I went from living in a rough part of the state my mother took care of 5 children worked full-time, and was also attending college. After graduation my mother packed us all up, and we darted to the suburbs. It is there that I learned how the world really operated my speech changed “axe” to “ask” “finna” to “going to” I remember asking my white teacher ( and he was my favorite teacher) “why do White’s hate Black’s” and this loving man told be ” it’s called envy Dave, you have something that they desire ” and that’s how I view the whole situation pertaining to racism. Black people must work together before it’s to late. Community- “come” “unite” , “come together” Hitler was a Jewish hater to the core , he would keep/collect all of Jewish artifacts just to keep as a souvenir and one day say “this is the only thing left of the Jewish race” now if we don’t stand up and work together as blacks what will they keep as a souvenir for our race?

  5. Faye

    Linda, shut the hell up. You’re that one pea in the pod. You know damn well there are more black kids getting harassed and arrested for petty shit. Those white kids, especially the wealthy ones, aren’t going to jail. You get over it


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