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Church drummer killed by police; Family can’t get answers

A family is looking for answers after a young black man was killed by the police in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The incident occurred early Sunday morning on Interstate 95 and has left the community confused and frustrated.

According to WPTV.com, officers shot and killed 31-year old Corey Jone of Boynton Beach.   Jones’ brother says that he was called late at night when Corey told him that his vehicle had broken down on the side of the road.    After hearing Corey say that he needed a tow truck, his brother was later met by police, who informed him that his brother had been shot by an officer.

Jones was not a likely person to be killed in a police altercation.  According to his family, he was a drummer at various churches in the community.  Those seeking to find out what happened are frustrated because the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department is refusing to release any information and won’t even confirm the identity of the person who was shot.

The family is continuing to push for answers, along with others who are concerned about what happened during this incident.  The local police department says that it is working with the state’s attorney’s office to conduct an investigation to determine if the shooting was justified.

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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