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Dr Claud Anderson: “Obama has been Clarence Thomas in the White House”

Dr Claud Anderson paid a visit to The Black Business School recently.  Speaking with Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins, Anderson spoke to the impact that the Obama Administration has had on the African American community.  According to Anderson, Obama has done almost nothing for the black community and has allowed other “fabricated minorities” to replace the African American community.


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34 thoughts on “Dr Claud Anderson: “Obama has been Clarence Thomas in the White House”

  1. Evelyn Arrington

    This is a problem that remains in African American history…why does an African American take the stage to tear down anither…particularly when our President has done a great job for all American citizens. And is addressing problems in our black communuty. He does not deserve to be linked with Clarence Thomas. I repeat that “NO WAY” . Personally I am offended by this comment and so I along with much of my constituents will add Dr. Anderson to our dead list. ..if this is the garbage June fifteenth presents..we will add them to our garbage list also. For once can we stand together with POTUS who has sacrificed so much….it’s so easy to complain from the outside.

    • LaDonna

      Dr. Claude’s comments are accurate and on point. This is not a case where one African American Black person has taken the stage to tear down another Black. This is about a Black person who has done his research and homework having the courage to speak truth and support Blacks unlike yourself. Dr. Claude rightfully is identifying and highlighting Obama for being a “Clarence Thomas” throwing Blacks under the bus while supporting whites, every other ethnicity, and special interest while ignoring the suffering and needs of Blacks to appease whites. You should be offended at your lack of knowledge on this issue blindly following a man who’s lack of courage and policies would put you back on a slave plantation.

      • louise Seals

        This is a huge problem in the black community we do not know our own history and we allow anyone to blindly lead us into our own self destruction. We as black people also have allowed the watered down white washed Christianity to cloud our thinking to continually believe the Lord will take care of everything while we do absolutely nothing but look up. Dr. Anderson has done the research and you can do the same pick up a book learn your true history. Dr. Anderson has said so many times before never ever try to fix a problem without finding out its origin, remember everything has a history. We are illiterate when it comes to health, wealth and history come on black people we are on the late, late show when it comes to these three things. Learn this and start owning and producing wealth so we can teach our children their true history, build our communities and provide jobs and security for our own people.

    • Walter D

      I emphatically disagree with Mr. Anderson and I am surprised that Dr. Watkins could agree with his position. What do you think President Obama is Santa Claus? I believe that President Obama is doing the best job that he could do with the hand he was dealt. The economy could have collapse when he took office in 2008. The stock market has doubled, gas prices are affordable, unemployment is at 5.1%, universal health care is affordable for everyone, prison reform is on the horizon since President Obama took office. My question to Mr. Anderson what do you want the President to do for Black people? When are we going to stop depending on the government to do things for us and start doing things for ourselves? When are we going to pool our resources and build our communities? Don’t complain about the President let’s build up our community through education and create businesses and wealth in our community. There is no way you can liken President Obama to Clarence Thomas. Their names so not even be mention in the same sentence. I will say this if President Obama could run again I would vote for him again.

      • Georgia Christian

        Very well spoken/written. I agree that we benefit from all the policies he has implemented in these 8 years. He has tried to help all people, not just African Americans. Why do we always need someone to do for us? Why can’t we ever shown a united front. All other races do except us. This is why we are treated the way we are. Divide and conquer! Since Dr. Anderson is so ware of what African American need, then he should take charge and lead the way. Maybe even run for president, since knows he can do a better job.a

  2. Ivan Johnson

    Looking back on the last eight years, I regrettably have to agree with Drs. Anderson and Watkins. The POTUS and his advisors have chosen to specifically ignore the plight of American Blacks and even have taken on a condescending tone toward them in many instances. I would advise voters to regard this as “Baptism-by-fire” and not make any assumptions in the future (I voted for him twice). Lesson learned!

  3. Catherine M. Ferguson

    I strongly disagree with Dr. Anderson. I especially disagree with any comparison to President with C. Thomas.who has been silent on all issues since his appointment. While I do not subscribe to the notion that the Pres. had to make special provisions for me because I am black, I feel that I have been included in all of the benefits which have been made as a result of Pres. Obama’s leadership.
    I think it wise that we view Pres. as any other Pres. should be viewed..Pres. of all of the people.
    Also, as black Americans, we should seek to take advantage of all of the resources of this country.
    In my opinion, that would be a better use of my energy instead of complaining about others who do.

    • LaDonna

      So you are okay with getting the crumbs from all those others he has proudly announced specific benefits for, White woman Lily Ledbetter, Hispanics who he gave 75 million for a college specifically for them in Chicago, while ignoring the conditions of Blacks in Chicago, then did Hispanic/Latino White House Educational Project, then did a copy style for Blacks 2 yrs later only bcuz of out cries and efforts from some Blacks that I’m sure did not include any efforts from you, @ Eveyln or any others like you who are content with not expecting Obama to do for Blacks like he has so proudly and expeditiously done for none Blacks and special interest while scolding Blacks for asking for their DESERVED FAIR SHARE? Smh…plantation mindset is a serious disease.

  4. Antonio Richardson

    Dr. Anderson & Dr. Watson the two of you are entitled to your opinion. Let me give my opinion on how I see some of what’s wrong here. Black people needs to start standing up for themselves in unity, which we don’t. This should include the rich and poor, the influential and not so influential. The old saying together we stand divided we fall is real. The Hispanics, Asians, White and any other race you want to look up all have one thing in common, except the black race. Unity! Since the black race won’t stand together, we always want to blame someone for not being recognized or considered. The president is the fall guy since he’s black. To say he does not understand the struggles of black folks is an unfunny joke. Instead of useless crying all the time start motivating the rich and influential blacks to stand up and start leading, you build it and they will come.

  5. Anthony

    Dr. Anderson have some valid points, but I personally don’t think President Obama is another Clarence Thomas for sure by hand. President Obama has done an amazing job with the stock market, Health Care, some many other issues. Dr. Anderson is right on a lot of issues regarding the minorities as a whole. The Chinese will be the new minority because they own America. As far reparations we have not received anything in what we are entitled too. Yes Dr. Anderson is right the blacks will be buried alive in this country, we are look down as nothing and it’s scary. I notice we had our Million man march and the News media did not covered it or broadcast it at all. We will be 4th class in this country very soon. Black Americans spend approximately 1 trillion dollars in this economy And look down no class as far I’m concerned. Dr. Anderson is right!!!!

    • Greg

      It is an absolute fallacy that Obama actions are responsible for the recent stock market advance. Any one who believes that does not not know what they are talking about. In fact no one can find a quote where the white house dares to take credit for the stock market rise. EVERY investment adviser and financial professional knows that the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FMOC) has dictated stock market behavior using what is known as Quantitative Easing (QE). In fact, many people believe the market would be higher if it wasn’t for Obama’s restrictive regulatory policies. And no, Obama did not appoint most of the members of the FMOC, they were in place before he was elected. Don’t take my word for it, research quantitative easing and the stock market. Also, more to the point, just like Obama implemented targeted policies to specifically benefit Hispanics and Gays (not Blacks), no one here can cite a policy implemented by Obama that benefited the stock market. The market moved higher due to the FMOC and Institutional Investment firms, it has absolutely nothing to do with Obama. If you believe that, cite the policy or regulation Obama implemented?

  6. SB

    Greetings all. The capital words are not shouts, but for emphasis, as I cannot bold-face any words in this forum.

    Before we Black folks have an emotional response to Claude Anderson’s opinion, we should not only determine what facts he use to base his opinion on, but we must learn HOW politics WORKS in this country. In general, We Black folks fail to do both on a sadly CONSISTENT basis, or we are denial of the facts when we do learn these principals!

    That said, as a man who voted for the president twice (but only when I considered the alternatives to be worse), I have SOME agreement with Dr. Anderson. While I don’t agree that he was as despicable as Clarence Thomas, since Thomas ACTIVELY tried to get an innocent Black man convicted of the death penalty over some “constitutional principals” he was upholding, I do believe the president has NEGLECTED to do anything PUBLIClY and SPECIFICALLY for African-Americans. Before you, the reader, start rolling your eyes, stating that “he’s the president of all Americans”, or, stating why you think Black folks who demand specific presidential actions for Black folks are requesting special treatment, or that ” a rising tide lifts all ships and we have benefited from programs to help the disadvantaged” (such an ambiguous term, but I digress) we must understand how American politics work.

    1. To quote something I heard from someone else, but is very true: “Money is the mother’s milk of all politics”.
    2. With the exception of Black folks, American voters FINANCE political issues they are passionate about, AFTER (not before) obtaining a PUBLICLY stated commitment from a politician that said views will be part of his or her political platform! This “financing” is done via donating to his or her campaign, forming an economic lobby group, or any economic “hold your feet to the fire” tactic for politicians.
    3. In general, and relative to other groups, Black folks don’t fund/finance political campaigns. When we do, it’s usually after the politician has already stated his or her loyalties…instead of demanding the politician agrees to an agenda that will directly benefit us, prior to receiving our support (and our vote)…, which means we are often too late in the game to get anything but the political, social, and economic crumbs from the table!
    4. The president PUBLICLY and SPECIFICALLY stated steps he would take to promote the welfare of the Jewish-American community.
    5. The president PUBLICLY and SPECIFICALLY stated steps he would take to promote the welfare of the LGBT community.
    6. The president PUBLICLY and SPECIFICALLY declared steps he would take to promote the welfare of the immigrant community, to include hispanic immigrants.
    7. The president did this for non-American citizens of various flavors and for various reasons.
    8. Since Black folks have shown the most loyalty to the president…in excess of 95% of the Black vote, millions of volunteer hours politically “stomping” for him without a single prod-quo pro that the other ethnic groups demanded of him, defending him, etc. it’s only FAIR that the president PUBLICLY and SPECIFICALLY agree to and COMMIT to addressing SPECIFIC issues that are of interest to African-Americans!
    9. Since Black folks are told that their issues…most of them survival issues, must take a seat on the back of the bus to every ethnic, political, and religious group that immigrates to this country while only are negative internal issues are publicly discussed, the FAIR and morally correct thing to do is for not only the president…but all American politicians to commit to something on behalf of African-Americans, without apology, without compromise, whiteout bending over backward to convince non-Black folks that they are not being reverse racist for doing so, period!

    However, those of us who are CONSCIOUS BLACK VOTERS & CONTRIBUTORS to the uplift of Black folks know that this won’t happen until Black folks are socio-economically ORGANIZED to “reward our friends and punish our enemies” as one of our wise elders states. We CONSCIOUS BLACK VOTERS & CONTRIBUTORS have differing opinions on the president, but we all agree that without apology, we will only support future candidates that support PLANKS…an AGENDA…based upon the survival needs and forward movement needs of Black folks…without apology, without shame. We understand that those who display the most LOYALTY to OUR needs will be those WE reward.

    We are looking for the critical mass of ONE MILLION CONSCIOUS BLACK VOTERS & CONTRIBUTORS who need no convincing, who are willing to voluntarily submit themselves to a Black-owned-and-controlled leadership, who are willing to be CONSISTENT in ORGANIZING, our methods of freedom fighting and economically CONTRIBUTING…ad a moments notice, when necessary…to get the job done.

    I am one of the million. Are you?




    • DLB

      Don’t forget about the Native American groups Obama made sure received plenty of tax dollars in yearly budgets among other things (as well as other ethnic groups i.e. Filipinos receiving reparations for fighting in WWII: http://scholarship.law.berkeley.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1102&context=californialawreview ). Though some Blacks did not give “large” financial donations, they were at least giving something, even if it was small. As well as, the time, energy, & labor given while volunteering, does count financially because if church organizations can count this for tax purposes, then it should be counted volunteering on Obama’s campaign. But I do agree, policy wise that Obama is a “Clarence Thomas” like in some respects, not all, but some (he did marry his beautiful wife Michelle & have two beautiful Black girls).

      • Shana July

        Seriously? Clarence Thomas? Go read about him and his beliefs then come back and talk to me. Dr. Anderson insulted President Obama and the best way he could was comparing him to Clarence Thomas…I’m putting Dr. Anderson in the same bag as Tavis Smiley, Cornel West and Dr. Watkins among many, many other haters and crabbers.

    • Don Carlos

      I’ve read the string of post after listening to Dr. Boyce and Dr. Anderson. I have also viewed and listen to Dr. Anderson youtube videos over and over again and believe in his philosophy on building a black economic system. It is the most complete strategy I’ve heard from any so called black leader or politician ever and I have to say SB you broke it down perfectly! Checking out your website http://www.iamoneofthemillion.com

    • Charles

      My first comment/question is “what has Dr. Anderson contributed to the uplifting of African Americans in this country?” Instead of indicting President Obama for his failures has he reached out to assist him? If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem! Dr. Anderson has an impressive resume, why didn’t he offer to be on President Obama’s team to find and implement solutions to the complex problems African Americans face in this country and the world? The problem with our people is that we don’t support each other, yet we feel we are owed something by anyone who shares our genes. Dr. Anderson knows damn well that President Obama has to play his hand a certain way because if he doesn’t it could, and probably would, cause him his life. What good would that do our people? My grandmother taught me that if you don’t have anything good to say about someone don’t say it at all. Dr. Anderson, and all the other naysayers, should, in my opinion, keep the negativity to themselves. He sounds like he has all the answers to our people’s complex problems…he should run for president to show President Obama how it should be done. I have been following Dr. Anderson for a long time and I have always been impressed with what he did behind the scenes, even with the Harvest Institute. Yet, I never heard him say to any of them white politicians he worked for and with that he was doing what he was doing for African Americans! He says it in his books but I guarantee he would not say it if he were president! That would be political, among other things, suicide to advance initiatives for one set of people and not the other. When Dr. Anderson comes up with solutions for hunger, poverty, drugs, crime, joblessness, homelessness, police brutality, same-sex issues, pregnancy issues, mental health issues, terrorist issues, economic issues, and countless other issues facing this entire country including racism and education then he needs to not make recommendations to the president like he did in the past but get on his team – become a player not a commentator.
      My next and last question is does the people reading his comments or African Americans in general know Dr. Anderson? I possess a Masters Degree and none of his books were recommended in any of the universities I attended (Colorado University, University of Missouri, and University of Kansas). I am a practicing Muslim who came up under Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan, was an active member of the Black Panther Party (with Tu Pac’s mother) and the Black Liberator Party, member of the NAACP and various other organizations that do more than “lip service” when it comes to solving our people’s problems. Never seen Dr. Anderson making any noise until now! I am an advocate of Black wealth creation but it doesn’t do any good if you can’t come up with seed money or you’re uneducated in financial literacy needed to sustain wealth. Our people have become a nation of entitlement. President Obama doesn’t owe us, as African Americans a damn thing! His job is to provide leadership and management to over 300 million people, including, but not limited to, African Americans or Black people as a whole. Undoubtedly Dr. Anderson feels he can do better…then run for president and make a difference!

  7. mel vinowens

    the Obama presidency was about the pushing of the gay agenda and immigration rights for Mexicans. this president has done nothing to address the high unem[ployment rate in the black community. my vote will not be taken for granted in the next presidential election. we might as well vote for a republican, because even a black democrat has done nothing for the black community. I am sure the gay community will miss Obama, but I say good riddance

  8. Cal

    President Obama has done a great job considering all he has had stacked against him. Things could have been much better if he had received more respect and cooperation from we know who. One glaring fact is why are so many people who had their lives turned upside down by Katrina still in such tough shape. He certainly should have done better in this area and no one could have questioned this effort ! This has been a National disgrace !

  9. Shaun

    When are we as a people going to look inward and change the things within our own homes, our own families, our selves? Let’s stop looking to anyone to give us anything and start to take advantage of all that is available to us (and anyone else) in this country. Don’t hate because the Hispanics or the Asians have found a way to take advantage of what this country has to offer — do it too. Asians for instance will sacrifice new cars and new clothes and all the flash of outward appearances and SAVE their money and TEACH their children to save their money. They also VALUE education and teach their children to value it. I’m not saying that means we all go to college, because college is not for everyone — but everyone of us and our children have something to contribute of value to the world. Let’s find out what that might be in ourselves as well as in our children. It starts in the home and within the Black FAMILY. SO many of our problems can be dealt with if we start in our own homes and with our selves and our children. Let’s give that a try before we continue to look to POTUS or anyone else to GIVE us something or DO something FOR us. Let’s start with us.

  10. Shaun

    Totally disagree with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Watkins on this issue. President Obama is not Santa Claus and he is not Clarence Thomas either. He’s an exceptional man who had ambition to become President of the United States; he ran and was elected, then re-elected. I admire his life story, and I voted for him twice and if he could run again would vote for him again because I too believe he did a remarkable job with the hand he was dealt. But, I did not vote for him because he is Black; I believe in a lot of his politics (not all), the primary one at the time was getting affordable healthcare for all Americans. I didn’t expect that once he became President then I could, as a Black person, start to expect him to do something special for Black people. I expected President Obama to fight for affordable healthcare, to try to end or minimize our presence in wars in the middle east, and to do something about saving the US economy. He did those things to some degree. What I expect from this country is fair access to capital for anyone who has the guts and the energy and the perseverance to start and run a business; enforcement of laws when employment discrimination, criminal activity, and police brutality are shown; access to a quality education for children and a college education or vocational education for adults who want it; and a peaceful and secure national environment in which to live, work, and raise a family.

  11. J

    Put Anderson’s comments and himself in the same trash can as West, Smiley and all the other Black Obama haters. I am proud of our President and what he has done for all people. That is what a President is suppose to do.

    • Shana July

      I agree…PBO hasn’t been perfect but I’ll take him any day over the GOP and Bush/Cheney destructive republican war party…

  12. Shana July

    What did Claud Anderson have to say about the state of the union President Obama was left with? It’s disgusting because Dr. Watkins, Tavis & Cornel supporter, always finds people who talk bad about President Obama. I have zero respect for black people like them and the only reason I stay subscribed is to read about who he’s found to spread the hate on President Obama. The President hasn’t been perfect but damn, I don’t recall hearing all of these criticisms of the white presidents who preceded him. Dr. Boyce you really are pathetic and just the kind of negro Malcolm X called out.

    Black and white conservatives and left wing liberals are the WORST for heaping BS on this president. Monday quarterbacks all of them because they don’t possess the courage, knowledge, or stamina to face the racism President Barack Obama has faced. What do they do? Just what the house negroes did…run and tell that…

  13. Sam JJones Sr

    I too am disappointed in President Obama performance in the White House for the first few years. Having said that, I can not support any contention that he was Clarence Thomas in the White House. Sorry but that is going to far. We must remember that the President is not a King. With race baiting Republicans on his tail, there were only limited opportunities to get doe what needed to be done Hyperbole is not clear headed analysis. Could he, the President, have done more? Yes. Could the President have been more forthright and forthcoming? Yes. But to compare him with Clarence “Uncle Tom Thomas is a not only inaccurate but unfair. Just ask the millions of folks who now have healthcare…many of them BLACK.

  14. Antonio Richardson

    Not only Did The Obama presidency create Affordable Care, he’s also reforming the justice department and prisons that will help mainly black folks. It should be a crime that blacks have squandered 7 years of the Obama presidency. instead of asking and fighting for what we want, we resort to name calling and throwing stones because the president won’t hand us what we feel entitled to because he’s a black president. We have one more year of this presidency to get something of great significance submitted for consideration. Let’s put some great mind together and try to move forward.

  15. Ra-Set T

    Dr. Anderson is keeping it 100% Obama has not done “what he can” for Black people which is just give them a fair share at opportunity not a hand out as people like to bellow. We as Black people have not lived on hand-outs as many would think we would not survive here if this were the case because no one is giving Black people anything!!! We as the most oppressed ethnic group in this country and arguably the WORLD have fought for everything received from the time of Marcus Garvey (even before then really but this is our finest hour!) up until now with the so-called Black POTUS but we are losing to every ethnic group by design and Obama is part of this design undoubtedly. He has gone out of his way to “save” Wall St. make the LGBT community economically and socially comfortable save “GM” from itself all of which is fine as it helps to improve economic and social conditions to some degree but hasn’t made any sincere effort to stop the Police killings of Black people on a federal level through out the country, has chimed in negatively about Baltimore riots instead of addressing the 800lb gorilla in the room concerning Baltimore which is the oppressive conditions that exist not to mention Detroit and the atrocities happening there; two major Black urban centers that have been damaged by forces seen and unseen. They have not reconciled for the crimes committed against Black people from the time we were brought here AGAINST OUR WILL for centuries up until now but blame black people for the problems they are facing and have the nerve to say to us GO BACK TO AFRICA, but the native aborigine just recently received a huge sum of money for the crimes committed against them and the US is letting in more immigrants to create a cheaper workforce so they can bypass Black people who have earned and deserve a decent wage in this country. This isn’t about being anti-anybody its about our contributions being acknowledged and appreciated beyond “Black history month” which “just so happens” to be the shortest & coldest month in the year!

  16. Rodney

    While I have the utmost respect for both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Watkins, I vehemently disagree with their conclusion that President Obama has done nothing for Black folk and has had an unsuccessful presidency. Case in point: as of Feb. 2015, 10 million Americans now have affordable healthcare insurance who were previously uninsured. Who do you think were the previously uninsured? It is no secret that prior to Obamacare, Blacks, more than most other ethnic groups, were significantly more likely to be uninsured.

    Americans can’t be denied or dropped from coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Who is the ethnic group that suffers from chronic health conditions?

    America’s unemployment rate 5.5% is at its lowest since 2007. and though Black unemployment is at 9.5%, it has dropped 2.2 percentage points in the last year. Progress!

    The war ended in Iraq. The last troops left Iraq in Dec. 2011. Who makes up a large percentage of military ground personnel? Poor Black and Brown military personnel are now closer to their families, many of whom are their families’ primary bread winners.

    And perhaps most significant of all, President Obama’s mere presence in the Oval Office serves as inspiration to droves of young Black people. He and his family’s presence in the White House is extremely inspiring. I suspect that we will see an increase of Black politicians, locally and nationally, because of our President. Many will be inspired to join the business of politics and for the right reasons. There is substance in the symbolism of seeing a Black Family in the place and space that has historically been the exclusive domain of white folk. For some, his presidency signifies a crack in the armor of whiteness.

    • carl Scott

      You americans cannot see the woods for the trees, sorry if I sem to generalise,coginitive disonance seems to afflict so many of you!! why cant you all see that this black man(Bi-cultural) was chosen not by a democratic vote, but the power of donor money from the most powerful people. He is not your President but the President of finance capital. who has 7 conflicts at the moment some he inherited some he started himself, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, Somalia, Iraq (your still there) Pakistan, Afghanistan, AFPAK regio is eight! The facts speak for them selves, he is the worst President ever!!! You have been blinded by the propaganda that says he was instrumental in the reduction of unemplyment which is officially 5% but is more like 22-24% you have alowed your masters to believe that the us is resurgent and not compramised by many wars which you tax-payers pay for. The resources, cheap labour, profit the minority Privat money sequencing cabal, who decide who runs your country. I believe Abama knowa intimately how the us is run and for whom and his lack of integrity to participate in this electoral charade is quie painful. You guys allow this BS to be introduced instead of the facts which is what you should all coment on and not the innaccurate picture put up for the general public to gawk at. That some of you are insulted that some others are critical of POtUS with facts provided are the talking points and not that he is like a supreme court judge who happens to be one of the worst choices for this post but like Obama is thin on at least showing understanding for the situation that milions of black people in the us find themselves. I was if I may say so one of the few people who said that this man will be bad for the us and the world and it has turned out to be so true. He is an intellectual monster but a monster just the same. The lot of poor american has worsened under his watch, the wars, assasinations, the embargoes are all illegal and he is the one who has increased all these things and more in his own hemisphere and beyond.

      Wake-up and check the facts, most of you will have a new Narrative to pour over.

  17. lance wilson

    By now it should be quite apparrent to the black community in america and elsewhere that the mere election or appointment of a black person to some public office(even the highest office) will NOT guarantee that the concerns of the black community will be addressed. In others words, politics MUST not be seen as an end in itself. Will Dr Ben Carson another black aspirant to the “Oval Office” be more pro-active as President in addressing the major concerns of the black community than the current President ? The black community naively made the mistake of assuming that because of the african ancestry of Barack Obama he would be more pro-active than his white predecessors in addressing the major concerns of the African-American community. For years the mis-educated black elites in america have been promoting the idea(delusion) that the chief way to solve the social and economic problems of the black community in america is through integration (becoming Afro-Saxons) and getting more black people elected or appointed to public offices. Has this strategy brought about any significant positive changes to the black communities across america in terms of reducing black-on-black violence, expanding black entrepenuership, increasing federal funding to black established educational institutions, making the mis-justice system more fair in all areas etc. Will any of the major concerns of the black community be seriously addressed by white controlled institutions even when they are being led by a person of African descent(eg Barack Obama) ? Notice that on President Barack Obama visit to his father’s country(Kenya) he was more concern about promoting the homosexual agenda of his political party than on assisting Kenya in areas that matters. What you do at home, you will also go elsewhere and do the same thing. History is a great teacher, but it cannot benefit a people when they consistently suffer from ” historical amnesia”. This is not the first occasion that the white collective in america has used a bi-racial person to mis-lead and stifle the progress of black people in america, Not too far back in the past, the white establishment recruited another Harvard trained bi-racial Afrikan by the name of W. E. Dubois to sabotage the efforts of the greatest black leader (Hon, Marcus Mosaih Garvey) in america.In assessing the impact of Obama’s Presidency on the black community I think it would be more fruitful to ask the question ” What are the lessons to be learned from the Obama’s Presidency ” ? For history will only repeat itself when a people fail to learn the lessons of the past. When Barack Obama has PUBLICLY stated that Abraham Lincoln (a man who has stated that black people were inferior to white people and that they should not hold any public office) is his hero, why should the black community be surprised that Barack Obama and the democratic party has short-changed the black community in america. Will SALVATION for the black community come from any white controlled institutions (religous, political, economic, charitable, educational etc) ? And as for “white charity “, see what Jim Jones did to black-americans during the 1970s in Guyana and in recent times what the Red Cross have done to the black people in Haiti. Will the oppressed find their messiahs from among their oppressors and their institutions and/or black collaborators ? Indeed, HISTORY is a great teacher!
    Finally, black people should take heed to these words of the great “Teacher and Leader” the Hon. Marcus Mosaih, “After a people have established successfully a firm industrial foundation they naturally turn to politics and soceity, but NOT first to soceity and politics, because the two latter cannot exist without the former.” One of the areas that needs serious attention because it is critical to the stability and survival of black family is to create more opportunities for black people to be Job Creators rather the usual thing of black people being job-seekers. The economic empowerment of black people was a major platform of the leadership of Marcus Garvey and it was one of, if not the major reason why his movement (UNIA and ACL) received the greatest support of any black leader not only in america but universally. For the future the black community MUST leverage their votes to black ownership of businesses and they MUST demand that aspiring Presidential candidates should publicly and specifically state what steps their administration will take to support black businesses and enable black people to start their own businesses. During the financial meltdown the black community had the highest rate of unemployment. This country owes black people a lot and I will continue to say this, for the foundation of america’s economic success was built on the exploitation of black people in this country.

  18. Beverly Griffin

    To support Dr. Claud Andersons’s point-of-view look no further than The United States of America Supreme Court. Barack Obama made two appointments during his presidency. Notice what he did. Case closed.


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