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Future Doctor Who Was Homeschooled Triple Majors At Morehouse

What does it take to produce great black children?  According to Dr Boyce Watkins, part of the solution lies with taking them out of America’s school systems and educating them on our own.

Dr Watkins, one of the co-founders of YourBlackEducation.com, says that black children are typically harmed by predominantly white school systems.

“The data show that the American educational system is better at producing black prison inmates than it is at producing empowered African American people.  We’ve got to start educating our own kids.”

Dr Watkins may be correct.  According to BlackDoctor.org, black boys are typically far worse off from going to school than they are doing anything else.

  • Black males are twice as likely to be held back in elementary school as white males
  • Black males are three times as likely to be suspended from school
  • Only 50% of Black Males are likely to graduate from college.

An example of the power of effective homeschooling is Stephen R. Stafford.

Read on and watch the video feature of Stafford below:

Stafford, who is from Lithonia, Georgia, started his education playing school with his older sister when he was only two years old. Now 17, he is set to graduate college with a triple major and could complete medical school by the time he turns 22.

Stafford’s mother was not about to take that chance and home-schooled him. By the time he was 11, his mother found that he was too smart for her to teach, even though she was quite intelligent. She had him audit Algebra II at Morehouse College in Atlanta. The next year he aced pre-calculus and Morehouse College allowed him to officially enroll.

Though he will graduate this year with a triple major in pre-med, mathematics and computer science, he doesn’t see it as anything special. Even though he was named one of the “50 Smartest Teenagers” in the country.

“I look back and see all the stuff I’ve done. I know, yes, I’ve done a lot,” Stafford says. “But I can do a whole lot more. I want to live up to my potential. Potential doesn’t have a limit. It’s like a rainbow. You can constantly keep chasing it and you will never get to it. And I know I don’t have any limits as long as I keep trying.”

In 2010, he was quoted as saying, “I didn’t know what the big deal was about…I just knew it was the next step in…



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3 thoughts on “Future Doctor Who Was Homeschooled Triple Majors At Morehouse

  1. Mary Baker

    Congratulation to a wonderful African-American family that demonstrated the power of the history of their ancestors; homeschooling.
    Steven is proof that his family support is, very, effective.

  2. Ms. Harris

    I would like for Stafford’s mother to share some information ( books, curriculum, etc.) That she used to teach her son. This is very valuable information that could guide other parents; while they are home schooling their children.

    Home-schooling requires wisdom.


    Ms. Harris

  3. Mark

    What an inspiring story of a young man’s life that happens to be black. It’s good to see young men like him achieving beyond his potential along with my sons: Markest and Joshua. I’m proud of all you do as young black men inspite of! -The Reverend Mark Johnson, MDiv.MS. (Big Harvest UCC).


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