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New York County Clerk Milton Tingling, judge who famously overturned NYC’s soda ban, called for jury duty

He wants to be the judge — and the jury.

New York County Clerk Milton Tingling was in Manhattan criminal court bright and early Monday morning, not to work, but to eagerly answer a jury summons.

The former State Supreme Court Justice — best known forshooting down Mayor Bloomberg’s “soda ban” proposal — is actually hoping to get picked for a panel, unlike many of his fellow jury pool members.

Tingling, who has lived in Manhattan his whole life, said he’s been called in the past but was never selected. He has never sought an exemption.

“I’ve been eligible to serve jury duty for the past 44 years … and I have never been picked,” he told the Daily News.

“All of these issues that come through our court system affect me on a personal basis … I want to participate and have my say, and also practice what I preach,” Tingling added.

By late morning in Manhattan criminal court, Tingling had not yet been sent to a courtroom for voir dire questioning by a judge and attorneys. He said he hopes lawyers don’t try to rule him out because of his background.

Jurors are expected to be chosen this week in several criminal trials — and Tingling steered his own summons to this court because he thought it gives him the best chance of actually getting picked.

Tingling, a Washington Heights resident, said nine attorneys have been selected for juries in the past month.



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