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Watch: Raven Symone says she would not hire someone with a “ghetto-sounding” name

Raven Symone has further alienated herself from the African American community.  Her latest comments might be an all-time low.  Take a listen.


[brid video=”17728″ player=”3342″ title=”The Views RavenSymon I Discriminate Against Ghetto Names Like Watermelondrea”]

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7 thoughts on “Watch: Raven Symone says she would not hire someone with a “ghetto-sounding” name

  1. Tonja Scott-Pate

    This from somebody named after a damn bird? Girl, gthoh with that ignorance, By the way, stop using all that damn dye, it has begun affecting your brain cells rather dangerously.

    • PhyLise

      Lol..named for a black bird of all things. Seriously,
      Raven po thang need a reality check..these days she’s a looney tune and Fruity pebbles on steroids.

  2. Luvenia

    Just because someone might be named after a country, flower,bird, city, car, or a state, or even a name their parents has made up it doesn’t means a person is not capable of doing a job someone name Kate, Bob, Paris Or James can do, the ghetto name person just might be the best person for the job…Raven seems like she still has some growing up do and some prejudices tobget over…Lord bless this child Raven for she doesn’t know the things she say is very hurtful to some ears that listen to her voice….

  3. Aquil

    I think this man should rethink his statement because any woman born a woman and wants to be a man is out of there damn MIND


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