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This professor did extensive research on Dr Umar Johnson: The results are a little scary

We are not going to tell you what to think about this information, but felt that it was important to share it with you. This professor says that she spent a lot of time studying the background of Dr Umar Johnson and she has some information that might be helpful in figuring out whether he is good for the black community or not. Take a listen.

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51 thoughts on “This professor did extensive research on Dr Umar Johnson: The results are a little scary

  1. Erick Gale

    And what is she doing for the black community? He is trying to build a school. He is putting information out there that is helpful to the community what is she doing?

    • Charles

      Wow. Some of you guys are blind deaf and dumb. Did you not hear what the Professor said or was it too complicated or well considered for you. She has made it crystal clear what she is doing and what she thinks is the way forward in the area of education of black boys. But some of you are so ignorant..and closed mind it went over you heads I suppose. That is what happens when you have been conditioned to nonsense.

      • Rudeboy

        I’m not surprised the least that this research or investigation or whatever you call it was done by a black person. These are the people we call ‘protectors of the whiteman’. Whenever the white man is made to feel uncomfortable about their treatment to otger races, a black person comes to the ehitemans aid to defend them and disgrace tge blackman.Whether Dr. Uma is not who he says he is or not, has his teachings help the black community? Has he done things to benefit the black community? This so called professor hasn’t done anything for the community, yet she has to do the protector’s job for the whiteman. This is just like years ago when the Willie Lynch letters came out. Almost all the people who questioned it’s authenticity were Black professors. One professor Ampim was at the forefront. It amazes me about how black people are quick to sell, betray or whatever you call it, their own to protect the white man, yet they are more than conscious about the treatment of these racists against black people. Even most of the defenders of racist president Trump are black people. Remember what malcolm X said: ‘we cannot think of being acceptable to others until we have first proven acceptable to ourselves. ‘ Thank you.

      • Toni

        I don’t recall the black community requesting this long forehead, double chin, extra nappy weave trick to do a research on him in the first place.. Move along bitch

      • TheGreat1

        fuk the video! Who cares what this bad weave wearing, white man dic riddn, jesus prayn, fat & obese lesbian Hoo thinks??…Tell your aunty to investigate white doctors who spread diseases in our community FUK her with a stiff one! in her ass.

    • Steve Conwell

      He is a con man and a charlatan. Wasting your money on white hokers and homsexals…..Where is the school? What is taking so long? Blacks don’t need to be brainwashed by angry rhetoric. They need jobs, security a real plan of action. She is exposing a liar and con man. You should know the truth and the truth shall set you free. You go from the white man’s bondage to the black mans.

    • Couldn't take the ramble

      I thought the same thing….9min in and she has talked about absolutely nothing. She stated she rambles but didn’t expect this. Checked comments to see if it was just me.

  2. Cyndeewi

    I forgot to add, yes, she is very long winded but I appreciate her research. Now, for people that are stating, what has she done, ask yourself, what has Umar Johnson done besides talk? I trust this woman, she has not asked for anything. I appreciate the research she has done. It shows that she truly cares about us as a people.

    That being said, we need to give the both benefit of doubt. Just because we like the way Dr. Johnson talks does not mean he’s not taking advantage of us as well. White and Black men have done for for decades. Just be careful everyone.

  3. Oshun

    Wait…so, you all think that someone can take donations from the people and not be held to a standard of disclosure and transparency?! Our downfall is caused by overgrown males with daddy issues and savior complexes who refuse to do the work for themselves and will defend a fraud with their last breath rather than to build their own. THERE IS NO SAVIOR. He stole your money. The agent who was selling the school came forward and said that Umar never bid on the property.

    THERE IS NO SAVIOR. Stop d*ck riding and do the work yourself. We built a damn school in Fort Worth with 5k in donations. He took damn near half a million dollars and manifested NOTHING.

    If you are so attached to your ideals and ideologies that you are rendered incapable of logical and critical thought, you really need to reconsider your intentions.

    The only thing afraid of a question or in-depth analysis is a LIE.

  4. Michael

    Dr. Umar is not your fake jesus. No one in this world has ever been perfect. I totally respect Dr. Umar for what he is tryin to do for young black men. No one else is trying to accomplish what he is for our young brothers, why does she and many other people have problems with that. What has Jesse Jackson done, that has made a big difference? AL Sharpton? How about Ol Barak? We all know the first two has many skeletons. Get over it sista!

  5. Oshun

    I’m the STEM Coordinator at a thriving African Centered School…and we didn’t have to steal money to do it. We recently expanded to South Carolina as well. You have people out here who are truly manifesting and doing the work and you still prefer to look to charismatic preachers who want to live in the lap of luxury on the People’s money.

    Y’all might as well go give your money to Joel Olsen or whomever your preferred prosperity preacher is these days.


    • Tathuti

      No one asked what your position is at yawls school. We asked for information, like, the name and link. You can save all the Umar bashing and simply give us the name of your school so we can appreciate your efforts. I have family in Fort Worth. Deon Sanders had a school too…

  6. Lee

    For the ppl who says he does nothing but talk,or what does he do for the community I bet you didn’t know mostly after all of his sermons a number is issued for anyone who thinks their child is misdiagnosed by the school system and he will personally look over all the documents for nothing

  7. Zabless

    There go that negropean stuff. Instead of getting up with the brother face to face to draw a conclusion on how to help she felt it was necessary to do research to see if degrees added up…. who gives a shit if it doesn’t or if it didn’t he has a plan to better our community… now I would totally understand if he was running around here in gucci and luis vitton bmw and benz’es ect.. than you can question his motives like some of yall church pastors… but I haven’t seen that. One more point I going to make as far as people talking about him disrespecting women and talking foul ect. Please show me where he personally said it out his mouth???? Not what someone else said he said or someone overhearing what they thought he said… because I have not found anything yet… so cut the he say she say bullshit!!## peace

  8. Indie Nik

    Umar Johnson is Black Jesus!!! He is next to God himself. Anyone that talks bad about him I curse you to damnation FOREVER!!!!!!! Sahabalwajwajiihsnoawhaaska Amen Lort!

    I need to go pay my Umar tithes….

    • shonda marquise

      Some people just serve no purpose!
      Dr Umar refers to some as “haters”. Yep!! “HATERS!” Thats an urban colloquailism for referring to people who have nothing better to do than -discredit positivity, forward movement, action, anything that faintly looks like progress. Instead they rather sit on a video blog or somewhere spectating, complaining and criticizing. But only a hit dog will holler. A lot of what Dr Umar says is true you don’t NEED the white man’s education or degree to tell it. So what is it that drives Maria to keep badgering DrUmar??? Why is she so hell bent on getting her inquiries resolved! Moreover- what the hell makes you so damn special or important that you need to? Is this personal? It appears to be from a public point of view because, who else’s interest will it serve?
      Do you have any deals on the table that will help provide an alternative education for our young kings? Because nobody else (who has contributed) to his effort (FDMG Academy) is making the same fuss!
      For crying out loud: what did he say or do to YOU- that made you so inclined to keep nagging him about possibilities that DONT EVEN MATTER? How untrue would anything he’s ever done or said change, if we find out he maybe went through a less popular doctorate program or doesn’t even have the degree you so inquire- at all? Will it make his work/ accomplishments less important? Will it make his followers – follow you instead? Where would you rather divert our attention, Maria? What will you gain?

      Let me ask: What has your degree acquirements done for you besides collect dust on the mantle or provide you A step up on the white man’s latter to the “American” dream? More importantly what has your degree DONE for the Afrikan diaspora???? We have enough entertainers, talk shows and media reporters who don’t do shit but gossip anyhow!
      Now we wonder why things don’t ever get done and or why there is no unity and so much disconnection amongst the African diaspora. People always want to tear down the next man’s attempts and success to push their own agendas! Get your life! We wouldn’t be on earth if their wasn’t enough room for everybody to shine/ have a piece of the pie! That’s the activity of crabs in a barrel- all on somebody’s head so you can come up! There is just NO reason to act like this! Let men, especially great ones- be great men! You can be a great woman without trying to tear a King down! I wouldn’t follow you, but there are plenty of miserable people I’m sure would. Just do better for them- and you! Good luck with that!

  9. Tathuti

    I understand what she meant to do with this “information”. I just donated another $500 to Umar’s efforts. If she had a plan and presented it to US as Umar has done, I would support her too. Unfortunately, she has not, but she did give a great deal of information about her credentials and what she has done in Education this is was very clear it was less about Umar and more about herself. If you ain’t feeling Umar, leave it alone but some people want a following. Ever since Umar talked about LBGT, he has been attacked by members of that community…. just saying

  10. Flips I'd of the coin

    Remember this is the same thing that was done all great black leaders. I ask you this, Malcolm X was a thieve, liar, drug dealer, con artist, etc,. Does that make his work and he stood at the end was not for empowerment of the black community? Character assassination is the best way to start a divide.Get out from under that Willie Lynch mindset!!!

  11. Ronricus

    This is the second unknown black woman to attack Dr Umar. I think I’ve figured it out. This is the feminist movement I really believe they are mad at Umar for getting them straight. Now I don’t know the actual facts with the brother and his school and the funds so I won’t comment. But it’s strange for female strangers who he wouldn’t know if they walked right by him. What would make this sister take a hour out of life to post this video? Let alone her “research”

  12. Wil

    It seems like this is all about her. She ranted for what seemed to hours about her credentials and the fact that she went to a university(woop-de-damn-do). She attempt to convince anyone who had the misfortune of watching this bloviating nonsense that she was not trying to tear the brother down, however that is exactly what she did. Since she is so concerned about the state of black children it seems the decent approach would have been for her to talk with the brother instead of trying to convince everyone of her brilliance on a damn You tube video.

    I appreciate and respect the sister, and I admire her zest for knowledge, but her approach was off the chart wrong. We can and must do better if we are to solve the plethora of problems facing our community in general, and our youth specifically.

    Peace and Love.

  13. joe

    Until we learn to drop all of our differences and come together as a people regardless of religious or political or spiritual affiliations we remain stagnant and no real threat to those that relish our ineffectiveness.

  14. Drake

    You negros are a messiah needing emotional bitch ass Umar dick riding hoes. No wonder the black community is in the condition it is. It is plain common sense to question shit but some of you are severely lacking in the critical thinking department. In the end I guess it does not matter because some of you are too far gone the system of white supremacy has done it’s job.

  15. Derek

    If only we could get sistas to research/investigate with passion white supremacy, our community would be turned around. Instead she’d rather bully a defensless black man. Our sistahs “collectively ” DO NOT SUPPORT US! 🙁 But when a white man declares something, it’s law. She’ll never research.

  16. DC Author

    Intra-racial negativity. Sorry for this acute observation, but many light-skinned African Americans hate darker skinned AAs, especially men, with particular vehemence. Been trained like that for generations. I saw the brother on the Rock Newman show. Seemed legit to me. Also, the pharmaceuticals would have a field day if word got out that a lot of ADHD diagnoses in black children was merely a “judgement call” to get them on behavioral drugs. By the very fact that he brought this to the public attention gives him mad props with me. This broad, I suspect, is a product/emissary of the LGBT/Women’s Rights movement. And sponsored by Eli Lilly.

  17. KeepingItReal

    I support Dr. Umar Johnson wholeheartedly. This woman is nothing but a c00n a$$ bish. The reality is…these same cowardly negroes have NEVER demanded an accounting of our taxes from this white-run racist government. Our taxes go to help finance public schools yet we get NO accounting. Our taxes go to fund the federal government yet this same government turns around and oppresses us. Why aren’t these c00n bishes “researching” that? Blacks give billions to the church and there is NO accounting. The reality is…this one woman talks about ‘having a business plan”, first, et al. Having a “business plan”, per se is part of a EUROPEAN INDOCTRINATION. Who says it has to be done the way white people establish schools? Their way isn’t the only way. I like Dr. Umar because, at some point, black people need to stop just talking about solutions and start DOING something. Even if you work in a school…you are still working under the umbrella of white supremacy and THAT’S THE PROBLEM. I have NO PROBLEM giving my money to Dr. Umar Johnson. Whether he is successful or stumbles…at least he is TRYING TO DO SOMETHING. The millions already given to white supremacy has been for naught. In addition, I have actually LEARNED a lot from hearing Dr. Umar Johnson and that is worth more than what many learn in schools. And…in case you are wondering…I have several college degrees, too.

  18. TheGreat1

    Why the fuk she didn’t do an extensive research on white Dr.s’? Its always a black woman who goes to church & pray to white jesus, Who will eventually try to bring down a brother who stands for something…. This Coonary sh!t has got to stop!!! fuk jesus & the church!

  19. Chantell Beaty

    Dear Commenters,

    It is very unjust how some people take information that they have found and submit it on their behalf and potentially all out of context, however, I hope this was not the case in this blog/news. I have read through all of your comments and have taken a mental note. Thanks to those who took the time to decipher the information without having ALL the information in regards to this video. This video was in response to several request that I had received in regards to Umar’s credentials. I was warned to not do business with Umar, when I offered myself and my strategic business team to help him coordinate a strategic plan and plan of financial transparency for his supporters. Although I am CEO and owner of an international consulting firm, I was willing to support Umar Pro Bono (for free). Umar never accepted my offer. I actually do more for the black community than I could mention, and my corporation does extensively for Africans, and those in the diaspora or abroad. When you are presented information on people you want to be factual and detailed. I warned people the video would be long and that they can cut it off after I had given the requested information. Although I do not support a boarding school for our people under the system of white supremacy for anything other than displaced black foster children, I was willing to support him in seeing his plan through because of the black communal demand. You are welcomed to visit my Facebook page and YouTube channel to learn more about me at: Getting Down to Business so that we Can Get things Done. Unlike Umar, I am very transparent. So no need to criticize me without knowing me first. I am open.

    Also, I am not lesbian or a promoter of feminism or the LGBTIQ community. I support African consciousness, Pan-Africanism and Nationalism and the restoration of the Black family, Black men and Black women loving each other and working together. Black love is war. I am happily married with children and grandchildren. I am Pro everything Black and/or African and Anti anything fostering the system of White Supremacy. I would have worked to help Umar, but he rejects any person who is qualified to assist him. I hope you all get what you want from him. I am cheering for you. All of my supporters WILL get what they want and with full disclosure from me. Oh, and I’ll work on losing more weight and check my nappy hair too. (smile).

    I love black people, but you all sure know how to tear a sister who fights the white man on your behalf daily. Remember, not everybody with a black face is for the black race. Put every leader to the test. Make them show themselves approved.

    By the way. I verified in the subsequent video, that I received verification for Umar’s degree. I just gave my audience what they wanted or needed to help them finalize their decisions. My opinion of him is based on how he treats his supporters, calling them names, and playing on their intelligence. That is what I call practicing white supremacy in black face. But that’s my opinion, everyone has one.

    Best Regard,
    Professor Beaty

    • ShakinmyheadatYall

      Thank you for your due diligence. I’ve read through the comments here, it is a sad day indeed because apparently a lot of our folks are just blind followers that can’t think for themselves.

  20. Bomani

    Poorly done for a self-acknowledged academic who feels obligated to critique another academic. I hope you look at the feedback listeners have left. It is the least you could do for us having to sit through your very disorganized and often contradictory presentation. If you claim to be part of the Black consciousness community, you should know that if you are forreal, then you would go directly to the brother himself to air your differences. After painstakingly sitting through your diatribe I don’t feel enlightened or convinced to look at him any differently. As we get killed in the streets via the system of White Supremacy, he is sticking his neck out there to help do what he can with what he has and what he knows. He might not live up to your lofty standards (then again I doubt you stand up to your own standards as well), but he is passionately trying. He actually helps our people. That’s more than most of us can say. Can you honestly say that about yourself?

  21. Iya

    I haven’t listened to the entire video bcUse ts just too long but I have done research on him and the bottom line is that he lies… It’s plain and simple… And because he lies about his credentials, life etc, that means he is not trustworthy. Now there are some people who are so sold like he is a baptist preacher that he could molest kids, murder yo mama and you would still call anyone who calls him out a hater… That doesn’t replace ignorance which is someone willing to send their money and put their kids in a school just cuz he talks good but is a proven liar and mismanages funds. You would rather insult her physical features than admit that you were lied to… You been had…. Run amuk.. And he pulled the wool over your eyes! That dude built his whole premise and authority by saying he is a school psychologist but he is not listed anywhere on any licensing board, graduating from any college demonstrating that. So what is he an authority on? What is is research based on.? It’s based on Yall s ignorance cuz he knows most black people don’t research anything and base their views only on what they hear.

    • KeepingItReal

      You need to be SPECIFIC when you say he lies. I don’t care if this man told a lie or not. Who hasn’t? My question is…is what he’s lying about relevant or irrelevant?? Lying about fugging a stripper…NO ONE CARES!!!!. This SINGLE man can line up a string of hoes and fugg them one by one…as long as it’s consensual…I could care less. Meanwhile…you have white supremacy lying about major shi$…like 40 acres and a mule, equal access to jobs, housing, health care, etc. and where is your diatribe on accountability for white people??? There is NONE. And…you say you are doing all this “work”. Obviously, you’re not doing much because I never heard of you. Meanwhile…. I HAVE heard of Dr. Umar Johnson. You lose!

    • the third

      is totally about your logic. Im not a follower of Umar Johnson. King lied to his wife about his fidelity. Now had that been made public how does that factor into his ability to lead? A personal issue is that. A bad husband can be a great leader. That’s all. And if you find someone who’s been considered a leader without questionable flaws let me know.

  22. Roni

    Donald Trump is president ….this is the biggest fraud . I can tell you this, after reading Dr. Johnson ‘ s book I took control of my grandson’s education. His white teacher imagined he had a learning disability. She learned, in fact, she could not teach a black boy. My grandson did fine and was promoted without the need of special education. Please make your black children special, when they come home from school help with there homework. Find out what they don’t understand. It is frustrating to be a child and not know where to go for help, do you remember being stuck with no where to go

  23. Dr, Erinn Chioma

    He’s saying everything people want to hear. Unfortunately, what people want to hear and what is the truth is different. Whether it’s Hitler, Trump, or Umar, the truth is important – even if it doesn’t soothe your soul…

  24. Dee

    Why everytime anybody black try to impower their people this is what you get she researching him . No one researched any white man who probaly bought a degree which they do im hearing a lot. So if you not and dont have a solution stop being the dam problem he’s not taking nothing from the white man or world so teach on brother.


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