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Trump: ‘I’m Going to Win the African-American Vote’

Donald Trump wants to clear a few things up.

He has not insulted blacks or Asians. He is not Islamophobic. He has many Muslim friends. He is the least racist person Don Lemon knows.

And he is going to win the African-American vote.

Or so he said during an interview Wednesday on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon. The Republican presidential candidate told Lemon that his controversial proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S. is what is needed to stop domestic terrorism.

“I have to do what’s right. We need a dialogue in this country and throughout the world. We have a big problem,” Trump said. “And as you know, I have many friends who are Muslims. They’re phenomenal people. They are so happy at what I’m doing.

“I was called by three people today, very big. They said, ‘You are doing a tremendous service because unless people are going to be talking about it, it’s never going to be solved.’ ”

When Lemon asked about the backlash Trump has received from high-ranking members of his own party, Trump noted that most of it is coming from those who are running against him.

“I’m getting criticism from people that are running against me that have no poll numbers,” he said. “I mean, they’re doing very poorly.  I see Jeb Bush and this one and that one, and they’re—they’re criticizing me, although Jeb Bush actually said some very good things about me the other day.”



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