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United Negro College Fund keeps getting heat for taking Republican Money

Rush Limbaugh attacked them as “lunatics” running a “plantation” for black “slaves.” Another right-winger claimed a “white” union president was out to hurt “disadvantaged black youth,” even though the union president in question is black.

It’s no surprise AFSCME’s decision to end its partnership with the United Negro Colllege Fund, in the wake of UNCF accepting a $25 million contribution from the Koch brothers to establish a “Koch Scholars” program, as well as participating in their annual right-wing strategy summit, has conservatives trashing the influential public sector union. It fits their favorite story line: Liberals are the real racists.

But even some non-wingnuts have piled on. The Root’s Keli Goff blasted the decision as “progressive intolerance,” insisting that the Kochs’ support of public sector union busting “has nothing to do with educating African-American students.” That’s led to renewed interest in AFSCME’s move, which president Lee Saunders announced two weeks ago.

In a letter to UNCF president Michael Lomax, AFSCME’s Saunders called the Kochs “the single most prominent funders of efforts to prevent African-Americans from voting.” Lomax’s appearance at the Koch brothers’ annual summit, where they plot conservative strategy – this year’s focus was taking back the Senate in 2014 — was “a betrayal of everything the UNCF stands for.” Members of AFSCME, a union that supports Democrats with money and people power, voted unanimously to back Saunders’ decision at their annual convention in Chicago last week.

“This is not a Democrat or Republican issue,” Saunders told Salon, in his first interview since the fracas. “It’s an issue of right and wrong.”

Still, the critics keep coming. Just this week, in the right-wing Daily Caller, Raynard Jackson called it “a stunning move that should anger every Black in America.” In the  backyard of Koch-critic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Las Vegas Review Journal called the decision “ridiculous,” complaining that “Democrats and their supporters are quick to and fond of accusing conservatives and Republicans of being racists, but when Republican supporters such as the Kochs aim to demonstrate otherwise, a government employee union responds by causing direct harm to blacks.” The Review Journal is a conservative paper, but the African-American newspaper South Florida Times, which is not, likewise insisted “AFSCME must restore UNCF funding,” though it called Lomax’s decision to join the Koch summit “a mistake.”

It should be noted that AFSCME has always said it would continue the scholarship program for students of color it began with UNCF, but will find different partners.

READ MORE via Koch brothers’ new racial gambit: What’s really behind a quiet battle with AFSCME – Salon.com.

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3 thoughts on “United Negro College Fund keeps getting heat for taking Republican Money

  1. samjones jr

    The Koch (pronounced Coke) Brothers are the financial backbone of the right wing. They are on a mission to improve their image. The fact that they are willing to throw a bone to us should not cloud the real purpose of this evil family. Just take a look at what they are funding: anti Black voting suppression laws. How many HUNDREDS OF MILLION DOLLARS are they spending on their right wing agenda which is almost complete ANTI BLACK. And what are they giving to UNCF? Sorry folks, we can do better all by ourselves. One question to all who still object to the refusal: Would you accept a gift from the devil? No, taking the thirty pieces of silver (errr… 29 pieces) is not worth being apart of the wicked agenda of the Koch brothers!

  2. Rene

    Malcolm X was once asked by a whit woman, What could she do to help?” He told her nothing. Later in his life (many years later) he was asked by a reporter did he have any regrets. He said his greatest regret in his life was not engaging the white woman who asked to help, and showing her what she could do.

    Help comes in many forms some wanted and some not. But just because we don’t understand the ignorance of some does not mean they are not capable of helping.

  3. godfather05

    If there were no strings attached to the donation then accept the money. This will give minorities without the finances to send their qualified children to college. However, just the name of Limbaugh, a right wing fanatical Republican racist and liar, gives me some pause about the donation, even if there were no strings attached.


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