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Fertility Clinic doesn’t allow races to mix

Reported by Liku Zelleke

When Catherine (who asked that only her first name be used) went to the only fertility treatment center in her city, she said that she was informed that they restricted patients from using sperm, eggs or embryos from donors who did not match their ethnic backgrounds.

The single woman said that when she approached the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary, Canada, to seek invitro-fertilization, she was told during a routine consultation with her doctor that she would only be allowed to use sperm from donors who were white, like her.

“I was absolutely floored. That’s when everything when downhill,” She said.

The clinic’s administrative director, Dr. Calvin Greene, corroborated the fact and said that their “no mixing” policy had been in place since the center started operations in the 80’s. “I’m not sure that we should be creating rainbow families just because some single woman decides that that’s what she wants. That’s her prerogative, but that’s not her prerogative in our clinic,” he added.

He went on to say that he and his colleagues felt that a child of an ethnic background should have the ability to identify with their ethnic roots and that patients should have a cultural connection to their donors.

In a response as to why Catherine would want to have a child that was not from her ethnic background, she said that by the time she had narrowed her pool of potential donors to those that met Canadian standards, had a good health history and a compatible blood type, she was left with a choice of about 20 candidates. Many of these same candidates, she noted, had already been used several times by other patients in Calgary.

Catherine said, “Frankly, it’s appalling how many people have the same donors, probably because of this policy. A friend of mine just went through this process and used the donor that I would have picked.”

She added that accepting donors from other ethnic backgrounds increased her choices and that she was less concerned about the color of her child’s skin.

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9 thoughts on “Fertility Clinic doesn’t allow races to mix

  1. Maxine

    I can understand their policy even if I don’t agree with them. To me clearly this is an individuals right to choose who they will marry and it should be, to whom they will have their future children with. I have always preached to my children to marry in your own race. I don’t consider myself prejudice at all, I love all race of people no matter their color. We are all God’s children. It’s just from my experience when people marry outside of their race they face problems right out of the gate. I know since my days as a child back in the 60’s that society has come a long way. But as a black woman…PREJUDICE is still alive and well here in the great old USA, and it seems in CANADA TOO.

    • Shawn Mc

      what about black kids waiting for homes in adoption agencies , should they also stay until there are black families to adopt them ?

  2. Shawn Mc

    its ok to be prejudice or racist when you are black but if your any other nationality
    and the victim is a black person call: sharpton, jackson, the state, government, U.N. ,the defense department, FBI,CIA, homeland security, national action network, rainbow coalition,CBC,senate ………….

  3. childofthesixties

    What you are seeing at this clinic is future incest, I bet these clowns never gave this fact a second thought! These kids will end up marrying or just having sex with their own brothers and sisters! What a bunch of idiots! Yes, and they are suppose to be intelligent!

  4. teddybarexxx

    I have to admit im not totally against their policy andhere’s why. When i learn about the fertility clinic in Africa promoted and advocated interracial mixingto how can i say this to form this super race because its suppose to be from best of both worlds idont have a problem with this when colorism is as much of a problem within society as racism then im not totally against this because my position as a dark complexed man feel we’re on the endangered species list. The darker the uglier with a lot of people. Now if this is a matter of freedom to chose who and what you want then you have that right but its equally unjust if your motives is as racist as any other if its on the lines of colorism

    • Peter

      Fucking bullshit racist. Its still wrong to teach your children how to hate. Jesus would NOT have approved of hate. Shame On You!!


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