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The Klan is giving away free candy as part of their recruitment drive

By Nigel Boys

It appears that there is no lack of unscrupulous individuals who will try to turn any tragedy into an opportunity.  The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown are no exception.

The Ku Klux Klan’s Loyal White Knights have decided that the racial tension surrounding the shooting in Ferguson is good enough reason to push recruitment of their ranks by distributing flyers, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

Ryan Lenz, senior writer for the SPLC, which is an organization founded by civil rights lawyers who track and expose groups like the KKK, said that flyers are landing on the doorsteps of people across the country in a nationwide recruitment drive. He added that the flyers are now being accompanied by a small gift such as a few candies.

According to the SPLC, the KKK has around 5,000 to 8,000 members nationwide, and although they have targeted other people in the past, such as Jews, homos*xuals, immigrants and Catholics, the main aim for their hatred is African-Americans.

Lenz further wrote that some members of the KKK have even offered to go to Ferguson to aid their recruitment drive by showing solidarity with Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot Brown.

Some flyers have even found their way into the driveways of people living in Hampton Bays, New York. Various residents of the Suffolk County area, including Colombian, Carlos Enrique Londoño and Karen Fritsch have received these ominous flyers.

According to Londoño, the area in which he lives is predominantly white and the KKK seems determined to send them a message. He adds that the point they are trying to make is that Latinos are moving into their area and will ultimately steal their jobs.

Fritsch said that she was disturbed when her husband found the package from the KKK on her front lawn last week. She adds that the flyer shows ridiculous caricatures of blacks and Latinos with the message that they want the white people’s jobs, their homes and their country.

Being a neighbor of the Londoño’s, the shocked Frisch went on to say that she wanted no part of this terrible campaign of hate.  She also said that she felt really sorry her neighbors had to see something of this sort.

Flyers have turned up in other areas of the country, including: Orange County, California; Seneca, South Carolina; and Katy, Texas. The message appears to be the same, join their klan and save the country.


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5 thoughts on “The Klan is giving away free candy as part of their recruitment drive

  1. kimberly

    I hate and will always hate the KKK..they are like roaches breading and I wish to god they would all just drop off the face of the planet!

  2. MOBIG

    Black racism and Lo down HATE against innocent white people is no doubt the driving force for many white people to look at the KKK as viable political organization that can protect white people and their families.
    Google… Imagery of white people victimized by.. Just look at ALL that black Lo down racism and HATE! GO KKK!!!

    Blacks have since forced integration began (1964) earned their mistrust and even HATE from white people. No doubt about THAT

  3. childofthesixties

    This I am aware of, I live in the state of KY and they delivered their little bag of goodies with their “if you need help, call #” they have no idea whose driveway they are tossing this “trash” on. The only help I need from them is to stay in the hollow in which they came from, the Whites in my neighborhood felt the same way, they do not want to have anything to do with them. They do not realize their time has come and gone and the only people that they can recruit are lost young White boys that have families that do not get a damn about them!

  4. godfather05

    Remember there are KKK paid white men to get on these boards and write their hate of minorities. They are white right wing fanatical paid racist hate mongers and from their post their IQ is lower than a rock.


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