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Ray Rice’s wife says that the media has ruined her life and hurt her family

Janay Rice, wife of embattled NFL star Ray Rice, has been in the middle of a great deal of controversy as of late.   The Rice’s were involved in a domestic altercation in an elevator that received national attention.  This led to a massive backlash from the media and women’s rights groups, who felt that Rice should be fired from the NFL for knocking his wife out in the elevator.

The Baltimore Ravens, after seeing the video of the incident, released Rice from his contract and suspended him indefinitely.

Mrs. Rice says that the media’s reaction to the event didn’t take into account her role in creating the altercation.  Additional video shows that she spit in her then-fiancee’s face before he punched her.   This led to Mrs. Rice taking to social media to express her outrage over her husband being indefinitely suspended by the NFL.

“I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend,” she said in an Instagram post. “But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare itself. No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret everyday is a horrible thing.

“To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass off for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

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89 thoughts on “Ray Rice’s wife says that the media has ruined her life and hurt her family

  1. Tiamette

    Some women just need help. The media did not ruin her life, her husband did when he knocked her out. Black women have to understand that it is not OK for them to be abused. She is sending the wrong message out to young girls who are routinely victims of domestic violence. We are made to feel like we somehow deserve to be beaten and athletes rarely are held to the same standards as the average man. She desperately needs the same counseling her husband has been undergoing.

    • Donna

      Um…excuse me, this is not a black woman thing; women regardless of race and ethnicity need to know that abuse is not okay. And yes I am a black woman who happens to be against any levels of abuse.

      • Tiamette

        Excuse me, um.. since she is a black woman and this is a black web site, and I am a black woman, I will focus my attention accordingly. Ray Rice by the way, is also a black man. Our young girls are watching. We are more likely to be abused than any other race in America and we don’t have the same opportunities to pick ourselves up as others do. We walk a tougher path than others and have little support, especially among other black women. It is time that we stop hiding behind statements like, “it isn’t just a black woman problem” and stand together as sisters to heal OUR community. Our young girls are watching. We owe it to them to honestly face our demons and abolish the trends that are hindering our progress. Our young girls need us, they are watching.

        • Unk

          Um, excuse me, but Donna is right. We can’t keep defining domestic abuse or any other social pathology we face as a black problem. When you do that, not only do you marginalize the severity of the issue which tends to skew public opinion of a problem (people will dismiss it as a problem those black people have) but you also feed into the notion that social dysfunction is a problem experienced exclusively by black people. That type of thinking deepens the self-hate and animosity black people feel towards each other. How many black women have already said out loud that after seeing that tape they will never date another black man? If you put a black face on everything that’s wrong in this world, our people will continue to get mowed down in the streets of America and no one will care because the majority of the people will believe all violence against us is justified. Please, expand your thinking and realize the broader implications of labeling domestic violence a black issue. Make white men and all other people just as accountable for making the world a better place.

          • Tiamette

            Please tell me where anyone has specifically identified this as a black problem? I am just speaking about this situation. God help us!

        • Audrey

          Preach sista, I was going to tell it like it is, but you got the floor, and damn good at it, at this moment this is a black situation, thank you, wake up sisters and come together.

        • Stacey

          Hello ladies and some gentlemen, you seem to be ignoring the information regarding the abuse that was administered by the female. There is no excuse for what Ray Rice did. I am satisfied with the punishment. There is also no justification for the fiancée to spit in his face or to strike him as is reported and what is seen in the video. No human being should put his or her hands on another in an aggressive manner. Abuse is abuse and it does not matter the gender. As I have referenced in several related responses, they are both wrong and I hope they both suffer severely.

        • Rhonda

          I SO agree with you Tiamette..our young ladies are watching…it is our responsibility to teach them and let them know it is inappropriate to hit or spit on any man…a woman could ultimately loose her life for such a thing….Get away from that man if you’re that angry…get far far away

        • Cheryl Holloway

          Not sure where you got your statistics but they are incorrect. White women are more apt to be beaten by their white mates than Black women are. I did a research paper on this about four years ago and these facts were the findings. This incident is not a Black one even though u Black, I’m Black, Boyce is Black, Rice is Black and Janay is Black. It’s a big world out here. Hispanic and Middle Eastern women suffer the same as well. Black women are more apt to fight back of all races!

        • DJ

          Actually, recent US Justice Department reports (2013) reveal that while Black women report twice the number of incidents as white women (who are found to report their violence less), Native American and Alaskan women lead in terms of the number of domestic violence cases in the United States, followed by Hispanic women. Black women are not more likely to be abused than other women. It amazes me how some of us automatically assume that we are worse off than other groups in just about every category for no other reason than because we are Black — low self esteem. Funny, we are told that we are the women least likely to have a man, so how does it make sense that we have the highest number of domestic violence cases? SMH.

      • mina

        I am an African American woman too and really, given the dysfunction and the remnants of 600 years of being taught self hatred, in our community, I make NO EXCUSE or offer NO EXPLANATION for caring about, at this point and time, the African American community. WHY do some of us always need to add the disclaimer or feel the need to justify our concern for “OUR COMMUNITY”? It doesn’t mean you don’t care about all of humanity!!!

    • Terry K

      Uh huh. She sounds like those women who buy rap music that calls them bitches and hos. This has conditioned them to think that simply because they are who they are they deserve the abuse.Black men and women, wake up!

      • DJ

        I guess someone needs to state the obvious, as people are writing in with inane comments as if they don’t understand life and how it sometimes goes.

        How about the reality that her husband has lost his job and there will be no more income coming in to support his family, and given his reputation it will probably be hard for him to get a future job. Regardless of the violence, they have kids to feed and bills to pay, now it is uncertain how they will accomplish these things.

        How do we know that the two have not been to counseling or have reconciled since that tape was created a year ago and now this is dredging up ground they’ve already worked through/covered? I think that if most people stopped judging this woman for a moment and listen, they might see themselves as no one likes there business bantered around in the media. No one wants millions of people, from the lawn guy, to the grocery store cashier, to the women who lunch at the club down the street, debating and speculating on his or her home life. You don’t have to listen to rap music to feel this way, or to love someone who is violent toward you. This was a broad problem with the human race before slave ships landed on US shores, and rap music ws was created. Those who assert this needs to acquire some knowledge and reasoning ability.

        • yaw bonsu

          thanks–You saved me the time to write this. I toll a young lady tonight this same thing. I hear one dimensional mines talking . TMZ does not care about this woman and her children. They got two story out of one. money

        • Towana

          Who cares how he feeds his family he and his wife are able bodied people get a damn job Ray Rice deserves the same punishment other men suffer behind this loss of freedom and a job and since his wife is admitting she’s the aggressor she should be arrested too what people need to do is stop trying to justify wrong!!!
          There is a law of reciprocity whatever you put out will come back no exceptions and if you put out negative the consequences will be negative!!!
          How the hell you have a public fight and claim it to be a private matter?
          Janay married Ray hoping for a lavish lifestyle and that is what she is angry about because if she really loved her husband she wouldn’t make excuses for him to truly love someone requires brutal honesty as to bring transparency to their actions so that when they face the man in the mirror they can make a change period!!!

        • Regina

          It is his fault that he lost a job. All she is caring about is her meal ticket. He had no right to hit her and she had no right to spit on him. Both acted like brats.

    • milliondollars

      And she married him??? Will she stay married to him now that he’s not making the big bucks anymore? What happened to love?? Do we Black folks even know what it is anymore?? Not if we use celebrities as role models.

      • thelma lawson

        I am a Black woman who works in women ministry. The women are Black White, Hispanic and Asian and guess what they all share a commonality of abuse in their communities. I have been praying and educating women on domestic violence that it doesn’t have a color and have been trying to get women to speak up. However it is a struggle to get women to open up about abuse. Lets not limit the move to stomp out and expose abuse in all cultures. The rice story that made the public eye to shine a light on this serious sometimes deadly disease now has a platform that came at the expense of a mans career and possibly relationship. I believe with God First and intensive therapy All Things are possible. Women Unite and fight this sickness together. If you are in an abusive situation get out and work on yourself first. Until you get away you wont know what your normal is. This goes for men as well who are in abusive situations I’ve seen both.

    • JC

      If people are going to jump in and support her where is the support for other women who are abused by men, like the lady in Florida I believed facing 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot in the ceiling of her house to stop her husband for coming after. Where are the womens groups to support her? They need to support ALL WOMEN being abused or stay out of their business and let the courts handle it!! If she wants to stay in an abusive relationship it is her business. It is not right at all for a man to hit a woman but Mr. Rice losing his job is just going too far, they have a family to feed. His actions are no more worse than some of the immoral behavior other people are doing!! Give him counseling and maybe a suspension and let him go back to work!!!!

    • Arnezz

      Yall sounds stupid as hell, Ain’t no man gonna let NOBODY spit in his face and u not feel the repercussions of yo actions. Now he probably didn’t know that he was gonna knock her ass out but u put yo hands and spit on somebody an expect that hands gonna be laid back. Here’s a thought stop thinkin cause ur a women u can do any fuckin thing and expect absolutely nothing 2 happen 2 u. When u step out yo lane n2 a mans lane yo ass gonna get a possible beat down or KTFO.

  2. Aleasa

    This is very sad. Her husband ruined things and the media helped him make sure he did. It bothers me how people are bashing her though. She needs help not judgment. What none of us really know us whether or not they sought real help after this incident.. I don’t condone domestic violence at all but I will say the victim will always get closer to the accuser when people make he’d feel bad about herself because it gives the perpetrator a way to substantiate “he’s the only one who really cares because everyone else turned on her too.”

    • R. A. Mills

      Aleasa, while I don’t have an opinion on this specific incident, I must say your words ARE powerful and tied to research indicating Stockholm syndrome is real. This may be that case, I don’t know, but you give a different voice in the middle of the fingerpointing.

    • Debo

      Could it be the victim “fears” their abuser and no more no less? Domestic violence is unfortunately home grown behavior for some. The only way to stop this violence is to hold them accountable, immediately and not sweep their actions under the rug. She indicated she spit in his face, if this is true, why do you feel he’s justified in knocking you out cold? Get help, don’t send the message, “it’s ok that he beats me”, for it’s not!

  3. Nor

    I completely agree that Mr. Rices actions were horrible. Not just black women but all women need to know that domestic violence is wrong no matter what. But Mrs. Rice has a point that no one is holding her accountable for her part in this altercation. Women(and I am a women) need to know that it is not ok to put your hand on a man. Golden Rule – you don’t put your hands or spit on me and I won’t put my hands or spit on you.

    • TheRam28

      Your response is one of the most sanest that I have read. Mrs. Rice’s family has probably told her, “Why did you spit in his face? Spitting at and on people is a behavior usually learned early in life. I’ve known people who spit , and they usually end up beaten up badly or killed. The response to being spit on is usually vicious and totally irrational. The person either male or female being spit on seems to regress to more primal stage of life. I believe it has a lot to do with low-self- worth, early childhood rejection, and possible bullying, and alcohol doesn’t help. With all that said, Ray did the crime now he must live with the consequences, I wouldn’t be surprise if he doesn’t become suicidal. I’m an OG my old neighborhood has been gentrified, but back in the day the GOLDEN RULE was, you don’t spit on people, my mother taught me that. I feel for these kids and the way they have been spotlighted. While I wish them well they don’t seem to be a good match, I hope I’m wrong.

  4. godfather05

    The only time a man should hit a woman is if his life is at risk other than that there is no excuse as far as I am concerned. Push her, walk away but to punch her in the face with that type of force for spitting is a no no.

  5. umm ashaad

    And im sure hearing about it 1,000 times on every news station helped them in their situation. She’s right, she played a role that most of you are dismissing. She spit in the mans face. They are both guilty, but that doesn’t mean it should be replayed, joked about and dissected by people who don’t know the entire situation. Im not condoning what he did but what she did should not be dismissed either. Their life is not the top story of the day and im sure that is what she’s feeling.

  6. BizG

    Wow! Is this battered chick really that much “dummied down”..or is she one of those ‘hair-hats’ that Tommy Sotomayor critiques so much?! It’s very OBVIOUS in her speech that SHE’S more concerned about his MONEY! Doesn’t even care about the short fuses and prone-to-violence they both are. I’d be makin’ tracks really soon if I were her…but hey, if I were her, I would get my head checked out.

    • Phillip Battle

      BizG, for one to surcome to MONEY over respect and Love there’s a problem. If Broke Hakeem slid his woman like that– he would have been tarred n feathered from the RIP. Look those say she spit on him-yup she did-O.K. Now ,look for the love of money that woman would lay down for that BEAST-as though a Prostitute would do for her PIMP. The price she pays for some TRINKETS is a sign of the times,and how the negro (SHE) will SELL THEIR SOUL- just to adorn themselves with material trinkets.

    • Yosef ben Israel

      Amen. That is exactly what came to my mind. What he did to her warrants jail time. Our young men need to understand that beating a women is totally unacceptable with the exception of self-defense. I couldn’t agree more with the thought that both of them need intense counseling to assure this never happens again.

      Shalom family.

  7. Diva

    This woman is not well, and we KNOW that abuse is wrong. It transcends color, class, and culture. Women shouldn’t be abused, and neither should men (that DOES happen). I just don’t like the way that the media is now blaming her for the actions of her “man”. Regardless of their disagreement, he should’ve NEVER punched her like that, and he is getting what he deserves. I wonder if she is safe, because if the media is blaming her now, what do you think HE is doing?

  8. Melanie Roberts

    This is sad on many levels. First, it is obvious that she needs a play book on being a professional athlete’s wife. Spitting on people is unacceptable on any level, but when your furor runs so high, and your fiance is so reckless that he punches you out, I think it’s a good case for him being unemployed today. Further, neither of you deserve the rewards of celebrity and/or multi-million dollar contracts. Take a cue from the class Jay Z exhibited as he got accosted by his sister-in-law. As, his wife Beyonce sang in a song, “there was $1billion on the elevator”. No punching, knocking out or rag-doll dragging from Jay Z. Just a clear understanding of what was at stake. The Rice’s need to concentrate on their marriage right now, As a couple, they are not equipped to handle their professional and/or celebrity status, and all it entails. Nevertheless, I wish them well and pray for their healing.

  9. tcook

    So sad…what the Rice’s have to understand is they were in a “public” place acting like they were in a “private” place. If you make the choice to have a public altercation then EVERYONE is officially able to be in your business!! What this couple did is stupid, just plain and simple! No excuses are permitted, I don’t care if she was drunk or he was spat upon….they were both responsible for their actions in this public setting. Who wants to be bothered with other people’s Bull when you are out trying to have a good time? No better for you Mr. and Mrs Rice….stop making excuses for foolish behavior.

  10. Bishop David C Holdridge

    Not to condone anything, may I suggest how you turn this “lemon” into “lemonade”. If they both really want to ” grow & show the world what real love is!” to use her own words, let them both work with the BEST counselors and advisors and not only learn to break out of these self destructive behaviours but also let them become the “poster children” for programs helping more couples with the same problems change into beautiful loving relationships that all can admire. Am I being a utopian idealizer? I don’t think so. They can and should turn their fame, notoriety, or whatever into something very positive. And who know, it might even lead the NFL into reinstating him just like they did for Michael Vick.

    • jboogie

      Good point, but mad dogs aren’t going to think rational, these women and white men want black men destroyed. This is why as men we got to do better at choosing our women. There are black women who simply don’t care about black men other than their money, and the same for white women who seek to date black men. Wake up brothers, we are the enemy of the state and many of these black women are helping them. But this brother got to be held responsible for his actions.

  11. nicc

    He did this to himself. They were in public! Cameras are in most elevators and in most lobbies. If u didnt want media attention, then keep it behind close doors. She was wrong and so was he.

  12. Butch

    Is she on drugs? This idiot spit on her twice, then knocked her out in an elevator, and drug her body a couple of inches, as if she were a diseased animal.

  13. Lisa

    If you all would take another look at the video you will see that when he is standing against the wall and she comes into the picture, he spits on her and that is why she motions to hit him.

    • Pearldropsdetroit

      wow if he had spit on her when she approach him why did she get on the elevator with him? She was an abuse victim prior to this by him. I pray she get away before it’s too late .

  14. jboogie

    The media certainly played a role in making sure this man life get financially ruin. He could have been fine, and move on with counseling and community service on domestic violence. But, the goal is to destroy black men in any aspect possible regardless the role women may play. Now “Jodi Aries” tragedy killed a man like a dog, but the media made her out to be a celebrity, but the feminist groups don’t want to address that. Solange Knowles disrespected Jay-Z on an elevator, but the feminist groups thought it was funny. It’s sad and hypocritical how women think and justify female violence towards men, but men should be held at a higher responsibility on their ignorance, but women shouldn’t, but she wants equal pay. Our society is so hypocritical and the females are becoming more devil like in their thinking, when you have “Mimi Faust” from the show “Love &Hip-hop” thinks it’s justified to do a sex tape with dick in her mouth, for the support of her daughter. And, the man is the only one seen as the rat or dirt bag. So, many women today are completely ignorant, but they want everything. It’s stupid.

    • Tiamette

      jboogie, carefully read the comments from women. I think you will come away with a completely different view about how we are reacting. Ms. Rice is the one making comments in the media, if she doesn’t want this out, she should shut up. As said, she needs counseling because she clearly spit on the man which is supremely disrespectful. While I understand his rage, you can’t punch her out cold. An NFL fist is powerful. Jodi Arias is not being treated like anything but the criminal that she is. No one believes this woman was justified in her actions. No feminist group has condoned her nor Solange’s actions. No one believes that domestic violence is the answer to any problem. Everyone has come to the conclusion that Mimi lied through her teeth about that tape after seeing more comments made by her on the show. No one just blamed Nikko for that, we talked about her mentality for doing such a tape with a child. You are doing many women an injustice with your comments.

      • Debo

        They were both spitting on each other. Quite appalling but most importantly, this showed a pattern of abuse between them. She’s a battered woman and he’s a batterer. This was not their first time, and she and he need to separate immediately.

  15. Andre

    The only reason I understand her is for some reason the nfl and ravens in my opinion appeared to not only partially investigate but persuaded her and him to maintain a certain story and they did exactly wht they was told to do even xploit her (the victim) to interrogation and apologizing for getn hit instead if protecting her and now tht we all see wht they seem our reaction, in which shldve been there’s , cause them to cover up how they was trying to protect the sheild and their player and now they act like they didn’t know to cover their asses and she had a right to say she got the bad end of the stick cause I felt they both was misguided had they suspended him indef at first he cldve seen how serious it was instead of being told wht to say now this lady is a victim and treated like a criminal and I think she’s talkn like tht because it was put in her head to think about her family if they at least compensate her get her real help apologize for their role I’ll be fine ijs

  16. matt carmody

    Maybe she’s just worried that now she’ll be living the American nightmare the rest of the people in this country are consigned to live. Worried about paying the bills, losing the place you live, feeding the kids, having to actually work for a living like the rest of us if we’re lucky to have jobs at all. Welcome to corporate owned Amerika.

  17. MikeMike52

    After reading the comments of so many rational and mature adults on this issue I conclude – I now see why our kids are so screwed up!
    We neither love or value ourselves – or each other. This my friends is our problem.

  18. Jean

    People really do need to mind their own business, if she’s Ok with What he did to her it’s their business, she’s not crying out for help, she knows What she wants, who she wants at whatever cost, so people arguing about what’s good for her don’t know what’s good for her, it’s her life, her decision. Society can b•tch all they want, it’s not going to change her, nor him. Personal or monetary gain is the reason TMZ & others like them thrive on the pitfalls of the rich & famous, they’re like leeches waiting to attack & attach their claws into personal lives & destroying them. Everyone has an opinion but no one will offer a solution to the problem. She apparently is not innocent, she played a role in this mess, it takes two to tangle, it’s a matter of who took the lead. All in a nutshell, people need to sweep around their own front door before sweeping around others.

  19. Sherl Murphy

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    I think perhaps she’s feeling the blunt of him not getting his paycheck; he’s obviously pissed for being suspended indefinitely and he’s probably turning that anger towards her, and she invariably is turning it on the media and the NFL. She’s now saying or confessing that she spat at him, so in a sense she’s implying that she was deserving of his outrageous punch out, how ridiculous is that! If he’s in counseling, then that’s definitely a really good thing. Needless to say she definitely should be in counseling. I don’t know if she has girls or boys, but if she’s making a case that she was deserving of the domestic abuse, then she’s teaching her children (regardless of girls or boys) that abuse is OK. Shame on the both of them, and please seek help if not already!

  20. Peter D. Slaughter

    I wonder will a vast % of black people finally mentally wake up ?
    The media controlled by people who do not look like us is not our friend.
    The ? why do black people continue to support and spend money on this twisted industry even though many black images are constantly being twisted over and over.
    When did this guy become the poster guy for this problem of abusing women.
    All over this country and world wide all types of men all guilty of physically abusing women. One thing for sure even with this incident how many black people will finally stop watching and supporting these ignorant drama related tv shows.More time is needed for community business building and reeducating all these lost black youth in the hood.


    This shouldn’t be a black issue, even if its a black couple we’re talking about in this case….when you paint a picture and saying black people, I see now and more than before that this country wil never be awake when it’s something to do with blacks….because blacks bring other blacks down to try and get an hype out of whatever they post say verbally or do…..OPEN YOUR MINDS BLACK PEOPLE, YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN HELP ING TO FEED THE MEDIA, WHICH IS THE NUMBER ONE HATER FOR BLACKS…..reason for that is, only the media can put a stop to all what we’re going through, and if they haven’t stopped it all these years, guess what?

  22. David L. Frank

    The actions of both Ray Rice, and his wife were immature.
    His immaturity, and stupidity was hitting her!
    Her immaturity for proceeding to marry him before she made him go get counseling, and still making him wait a while , or never marrying him!
    This is a prime example how folks don’t really know the true definition of love, and once again letting the superficial take precedence over substance!
    She didn’t have a knife, and this was probably not the first time he hit her.
    He smacked her first; then punched her like she was an enemy attempting to do him serious harm!
    She may have to divorce him because after a while the superficial reasons will be gone, and the bruises may continue.
    This may be what is best for both because she doesn’t need to be his punching bag, and he doesn’t deserve a woman if he can’t learn to walk away instead of pound away!
    Bank accounts, job titles( CEO’s), nor Hollywood fame are not a substitution for maturity!
    Maturity is not a given just because the age number increases!
    The NFL is an example of another corporation that hides behind being a “make money first at all cost entity” and as long as they can stick a finger in the damn to stop a leak then all is well!
    We all want to stand and shout foul, but can we live without our football addiction?
    What about the low profile incidents of abuse that are just as horrific, and deserve no place in our society.
    We know the boogeyman is in the room, but as long as we turn the light out we don’t have to see him and we are cool with that?
    There is not enough shame to go around anymore!

  23. childofthesixties

    No, she ruined her own life for she should be mature enough to realize when you are in the public eye, someone is always watching you! Had she been a lady she would not have been drunk and spit on the guy in the first place! Had he been a real man, he would not have knocked her out! Then both fools decided to get married, geez how damn stupid can you get! Domestic Violence is the “hot” topic for folks right now and the two should have known better, if you have a man you must spit on and a woman you have to knock out, you both have to be idiots to get married! This marriage will not last, even if the NFL had not let him go! It was doomed from the start.

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  25. Ageless

    “I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend,”
    If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels”
    Sorry sister. We did not do this, you and Mr. Rice did it.
    What he did to you is as wrong as what you did to him. If this had not happened when it did, it would have happened later. If he had walked away, you would have been encouraged to continue it, as if you were in control of him. Having been married to a woman seeking to control me, I understand his actions, but he did not use common sense in the matter. I moved out of the house, divorced her and got on with my life.
    There is a saying, PRIDE GOITH BEFORE A FALL!
    Maybe your/ his pride got in the way? And I am sure losing his job has put both of your minds in order.
    Good luck in the future and don’t try to control some one who job is to knock other people down!

  26. reality4u

    What’s irrefutably missing out of the context of these comments is that this is HER LIFE to live in anyway and under any pretext that she chooses, SHE’S GROWN. She is more woman than most of the women commenting on this site because she UNLIKE most of you realizes that it was HER actions that began these event, that’s known as personal responsibility. What I’m about to say in no way retracts from my premise “Ray Rice, you should never under any circumstances PUNCH a woman even if she’s not action g like a LADY.” She though, through much trepidation and reflection understands now that actions bring forth consequences and negative actions brings forth negativity. But her point is that the media and busy body lazy opportunistic people have harmed her psychologically and financially and she is dead right.
    Chesterfield Missouri is the wife battering capital of America and you never hear a word spoken of it, why? Should your doctor lose his practice or the surgeon be forced to end her career because she spit on her husband? Would we be voicing the same outrage if a mother slapped her sons face? Would we force her to stop teaching, ever again?
    She holds a valid point that she has once again been victimized but this time by over zealous strangers who will never help pay her house note or children’s college funds! In all of your raving you forgot about HER FEELINS. But that’s ok, because God said “by the same measure you judge so shall you be judged.
    Respect!!! That’s one reason you always see black athletes with women of other races and ethnicities. IJS.

  27. bj

    Has anyone noticed that it appears Mrs. Rices’s nose looks like it has been broken? was that from this altercation or another one?
    I dont care how much a abuser promises not to do it again. that’s has never been the case. Mrs. Rice needs to remove herself before it gets worse. I pray for her safety she has to believe that she’s a queen that deserves a king, but there someone out here that will love you for the queen that you are.

  28. jim

    For a man to punch a lady to unconsciousness is animistic. He use fists now, next time may be bullets. Baby get wise play safe, not the end of the world.

  29. yaw bonsu

    Back @ DJ September 10, 2014 at 3:13 am yaw bonsu September 10, 2014 at 4:55 am

    thanks–You saved me the time to write this. I toll a young lady tonight this same thing. I hear one dimensional mines talking . TMZ does not care about this woman and her children. They got two story out of one. money

  30. Objective Analysis

    Another note, you have to watch the entire video and it is becoming clear why Ray Rice, His lawyer, Ravens, and the NFL and probably his sponsors (EA Sports, Nike, etc..) concocted the whole press conference and try to save his career even refusing to watch the entire elevator video. At the beginning, you will see it is RAY RICE SPITTING AT JANAY PALMER outside the elevator. Also, it is Ray Rice who spit at Janay Palmer inside the elevator before the fight ensued. Janay Palmer fought back because this was an assault. Sorry Ray Ray, YOU WERE THE AGGRESSOR LEGALLY ON ALL OF THIS. These folks knew and Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Rice have a history of abuse like this to one another. Yeah I fear for Janay Palmer Rice’s life (and her daughters) more than ever. She needs to separate immediately and let the counseling and therapy work with the both of you separately. She is displaying classic Battered Spouse Syndrome (BSS) and this will either end up in Ray Rice killing her or Janay Palmer Rice killing him. They need to be like Lot and Moses and separate and part from one another IMMEDIATELY before the worse will happen. Janay Palmer Rice can get child support and Ray Rice can get visitation for his child. But, they are too toxic for one another. I know people feel bad for both of these parties, but it is time to save their lives, not this relationship.

  31. RedPillTone

    HAH, kinda throws a wrench in all women’s plan to act like a victim, when the victim feels her ass whooping was justified.

    At least she take responsibility. I mean spitting in someones face is assault. So really she initiated the assault. But the infantilization of woman we currently face in society will release any and all women of responsibility in almost any situation that involves a physical altercation.

    This is a huge double standard, and everyone knows it.

    I mean only women would have the gall to spit in the face of a 200+lbs football player, and think there is no repercussion to her actions.

    Now she wishes her man was still bringing home that athlete money and making her life comfortable. They should’ve learned how to control their anger, and at least not have a fight in front of a camera.

    Fellas, stay away from these women. Cause when shit hits the fan, it will be ALL YOU FAULT.

  32. dorothy brooks


  33. blacjk jones

    These people are surely to immature to be in a marriage–they most definetly do not know who they are indiviually—spitting in someones face in a childish act—-she needs to grow up and find her own identity–he needs to learn some restraint and they both need to RUN in different directions. PEACE!!!!

  34. Jme

    Did anyone who is commenting watch the entire video? HE spit on her first a few times. HE was mad waiting for her at the elevator and spit on her when she walked past to get in the elevator. Watch the ENTIRE video then comment. Thank you!

  35. Seemespeak

    Oh wow it happened. I dont condone what Ray Rice did but I do understand why he did it. As Chris Rock has said I wanna punch her but ill shake the shit out of her instead. No I dont believe he is an abuser but I do believe he was being attacked by her throughout the incident based on the entire video. Most of you have not seen the full video. I’ve seen all 22mjn of the video leading up to the punch. She hut him 4-5 times and spat in his face twice. When she tried to come in for that last blow she raises her hand to strike and he countered with a left hook. He did however hit her to hard.

  36. GLO

    i agree with Nor, that men can be abused as well as women. When jayz was being beat on in the elevator no one was concerned about that. As a matter of fact it was funny, lets all laugh about it. Is that because he is a man?

  37. Cindy

    Well let’s see. Domestic violence has been a problem for many many years. Now that theres a celebrity involved it’s national news. I have no heaven or hell to put Ray Rice in and I’m not the judge or the jury let them work it out on a legal standpoint. Why don’t black people get together for prevention of these matters instead of a Monday morning quarterback after-the-fact..

  38. Raymond

    We’re all talking about the act that was committed that lead to all of this what is happening. How about damage control for the fallout after the incident. Everybody is talking about punishments being meted, but nobody is talking about help for the parties involved. Parties that have both admitted that they feel remorseful for what happened and are willing to forgive each other. Forgiveness is a gift from God to help heal all wounds. However, if it is not applied the hurt continues and more incidents are liable to occur. Mistakes were made by both parties, shouldn’t they allowed to receive help on how to prevent this from happening again in their lives?

  39. Emmett Bowers

    My soul siter is in denial — Yes that knock out blow mess her thinking capacity. When you have lived in an abusive environment you become sensitized to abuse..No one can tell you that you should get out it, until they find you dead….and that’s the way most of our abusive sisters end their lives DEAD…..She’s trying not to lose her meal ticket, even though the guy is an animal and dangerous when he gets angry…..

  40. sheila

    They need help and hopefully they can work it out. But why us Robin Given tell her story …we all know that Mike had his ups a d downs and he changed his life around and now he a role model for us and his children. Why is it so important to tell the world why didn’t she just pick up the phone a reached out to that sister. If her intention were to help? ? Like crabs in a bucket; Robin get over it….better yet seek counseling. Leave that man alone…

  41. godfather05

    Jones the owner of the Dallas Cowboys has a suit filed against him and the media is no where to be found. Do you have to be black for the media to report violence against women? WHERE IS THE MEDIA NOW THAT A WHITE MAN HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN?

  42. Larryj

    Was Ray in training for the middle weight boxing championship? He has one hell of a left hook! With just one punch, he knocked her out cold!


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