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This 9-year old Cancer survivor is now fighting for the homeless

Grace Callwood is the kind of kid that we can all be proud of.  She’s only 9-years old and has more commitment to her purpose than most adults.  She’s a cancer survivor and has also found her calling by supporting homeless and foster children in her home city of Bel Air, Maryland.

“I can really connect with other kids,” Grace told the Huffington Post. “Because I was sick, too, and I want to make them happy so they won’t feel so down.”

Grace then started “We Cancerve,” a group that helps kids to support other children.  She has eight board members, all aged between 9 and 18, and meets at the United Methodist Church to determine future projects.

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Faith was always a big part of Grace’s life. Her mother, T’Jae Ellis, said that the moment she first felt her child moving in her womb, the scripture passage, “His grace is sufficient for me” tumbled out of her mouth. From that moment on, she knew her child would have an amazing connection to God.

Grace was diagnosed with lymphoma on her seventh birthday. She received chemotherapy for three years and was constantly in pain.

“There were times when she felt like something was crushing her body,” Ellis told Huffington Post. “Just the utter exhaustion of not being able to get comfortable, or feeling hungry but not being able to eat because she can’t keep anything in.”





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