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Idris and Taraji score a mega-hit with “No Good Deed”

It looks like Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson have stumbled upon a box office winner. Their new film, “No Good Deed” was at the top of the Friday box office with $8.8 million on the first night of its release.  The film was dropped into 2,175 theaters, with hundreds of thousands of people coming out for the show.   The project was able to beat out “Dolfin Tale 2” for the number one spot, and it looks like they are going to be the winner for the entire weekend.

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Dolphin Tale 2, from Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros., placed No. 2 with $4.3 million from more than 3,600 locations. The movie is doing somewhat less than expected and is now projected to earn between $16 million and $17 million for the weekend despite earning a glowing A CinemaScore (it had hoped to hit $20 million). The sequel opens three years after Dolphin Tale launched to $19.2 million on its way to earning $95.4 million worldwide.

The other big headline was Marvel Studio and Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which hit the $300 million mark domestically on Friday, becoming the first film of 2014 so far to achieve that milestone. Globally, the tentpole will cross $600 million sometime over the weekend.

Heading into the weekend, tracking services were divided as to No Good Deed‘s potential, although more bullish observers had it clearing $20 million. The movie, starring Elba opposite Taraji P. Henson, is benefiting from being the only new title in the market targeting black audiences and cost a modest $13 million to make (that doesn’t include marketing costs). No Good Deed earned a B+ CinemaScore.




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4 thoughts on “Idris and Taraji score a mega-hit with “No Good Deed”

  1. Randigh

    Such a good deed…. To see audiences came out to support Taraji and Idris over the weekend to make ‘No Good Deed’ #1. Last week I heard a movie critic on a very popular radio station admit that his invitation to the screening of ‘No Good Deed’ was rescinded by the studios. When asked why, he politely said he wasn’t sure. The DJ, then asked if it had anything to do with the movie possibly being crap. And this movie critic – whom I now adore – said, usually when there’s NO screening it’s because movie studios are in fact fearful of bad reviews. BUT, to invite critics to screenings then renig on the invitation left him confused. BUT, this movie critic STILL talked positively about Idris. His work on ‘The Wire’ and Taraji in a positive light. But, did not screen the movie. He then quickly moved on to discuss his critique of Dolphin Tale2… Really!? This is where we are today in 2014. Studios are still ‘Black Listing’ predominately black cast(ed) movies. To the point of them not “allowing” screenings. SMH. I applaud MovieMan, for even discussing ‘No Good Deed’ on this nationally acclaimed radio station. I wish I had the link so y’all could hear it. MovieMan did a great job. And so did Idris and Taraji.

  2. Phyllis

    I’m so happy. I went to see this movie, and was so glad that I supported it!!..The movie was great entertainment, and as “pro black” as I am, I was a little skeptical, when I saw the Running Time of 1 hour 24 minutes!!..I thought, Ok, they’re going to leave us hanging, and they kept seeming to show more and more of the movie during advertisements. However, I was VERY satisfied, and amazed at the out come of the movie!!…Thanks, Taraji and Edris, for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

  3. Hotep 2 You

    I viewed the film – No Good Deed over the weekend as well.
    In My opinion it was very well done – in every regard.

    Casting, Action, Suspense, its Unpredictable Ending, right on down to the Aesthetics (eye candy of the human variety, as well as the locations) which were all quite pleasing to the eyes 🙂

    I wasn’t the least bit surprised that Taraji and Idris did a phenomenal job in their roles. But I’d be remiss not too give kudos to Producers- Will Packer and Lee Clay, Director Sam Miller, and the Film’s Writter Aimée Lagos.

    I was accompanied by a mixed group of adults. After our viewing we had dinner, and spoke most of that time about the film. Everyone enjoyed it- even those within our group that are usually quite cynical in their critique of films.

    Lastly- We went to a 645 pm showing, and the theater was packed! It was great to see that there was a nice representation of Races. When we exited, and while waiting for those in our group who needed to use the restrooms- I spoke with a staffer who told me that the next two showings were already nearly sold out.

    #NoGoodDeed #2thumbsupandabeyewink 😉


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