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Education: By Any Means Necessary

Howard Fuller, the renowned educator and co-founder of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, has fought for equal education rights for decades. He also believes that America lies to its children.

“I think we tell a big lie in America and we say that our children are our most important gift, but that’s not really true because if it was true, we wouldn’t have our kids living in poverty; we wouldn’t have our kids living in communities where they hear gunshots every day,” Fuller told The Root. “It’s not just what we do in school; it’s what we do for our kids outside of school because those issues impact what happens to them when they come to school.”

Fuller added, “This is really a question of political will.”

Fuller, a Distinguished Professor of Education and the founder and director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University in Milwaukee, has long been a supporter ofschool choice for parents and of vouchers, as well as other controversial educational-reform policies.

But it is the lack of political will that Fuller has grappled with for most of his life. And though sometimes discouraged, and feeling that nothing has changed or will change, the veteran educator—who has counted Malcolm X among his biggest influences—continues to fight on, accepting the struggle for what it is.




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