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Kanye West accused of humiliating a fan in a wheelchair

People have called Kanye West arrogant in the past, and this might take the cake.  When Ye demanded that everyone in the crowd stand up to hear one of his songs, he publicly humiliated two of his concert goers by literally stopping the music until they stood up.

The concert was in Australia, and was also one of the strangest things anyone had ever seen.  One of the people who refused Kanye’s order to stand up had a prosthetic leg, and the other was in a wheelchair.  The person with the prosthetic literally had to hold his leg in the air to let Kanye know that he had an excuse not to stand up.

“I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t,” Kanye said, to the dismay of the crowd.   He then waited for the man in the wheelchair to stand up before he would perform his song “Good Life.”  The problem for Kanye is that the man was never going to stand up, because he couldn’t.  So, no matter how long Ye waited and put attention on the man being in a wheelchair, he wasn’t able to move.

Kanye then sent his bodyguard Pascal to literally check to see if the man was actually disabled.

“When he sent Pascal up there he said, ‘He is in a wheelchair? It’s fine!” the witness reported.

Is that the cost of admission to see a Kanye West concert?  If so, then maybe you can pass on this performance.




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26 thoughts on “Kanye West accused of humiliating a fan in a wheelchair

  1. Louise

    Not good, not good at all. The fact that the man was a fan an came to his concert is heartbreaking. Kanye needs help, no one should be so heartless, who does he think he is? This is so sad. Kanye is so disgusting.

  2. Diva

    I never liked him and I can se why. He’s arrogant and ignorant, a lethal combination of stupidity. Ugh, I would’ve asked for my money back.

  3. Rodney Saunders

    This is what happens when fools idolize ignorance. The ignorance demands to greeted as a God. Kanye is HANDS-DOWN one of thee most self-centered fraction of a person on the planet.

  4. Tiamette

    Even if you’re not handicapped, why does this man think he has the right to dictate to people? If I pay for a seat it is my choice if I want to stand or sit. The arrogance and ignorance of this man continues to prove he is absolutely out of control. I do not buy his music anymore and would certainly not attend a concert. I agree that fools idolize this ignorant individual and this behavior is a result of it. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of a career.

  5. Corbin

    You have just got to absolutely LOVE Mr. West, When he says stand up, then STAND UP – even if you do have to hold your leg in the air.

  6. Bucktooth

    People follow fools everywhere! West’s wife..her family, Beyonce, who are all known to treat fans terribly, still buy their products! When are people going to learn? They are rich because you buy their cheap clothes, music that degrades men and women..buy another ticket to their Dumbass concerts, but don’t complain about their dysfunctional behavior!

    • sharon

      To the contrary, I think it’s been said more than once that Beyonce is very welcoming towards her fans…now I have heard differently about her husband (there was a video from several years ago where he behaved horribly towards a young female fan that tried to take his picture…smh)

  7. Anikay

    He clearly has something wrong with him. Someone has suggested his abberant actions as the result of he having been hit on the head several years ago.

    It appears to have affected that area of the brain which rules restraint.

  8. Reneegede

    He’s got death threats on his head for being who he is and for knocking up the gay-paraded TV skank & Tellyho who is now the mother of his child; so, for his sake, I hope they are filtering everyone who comes into his audience. For all he knew, they were “carrying.”

  9. what

    Evil is what evil does, all of their raggedy a$$es are gonna get theirs!!! Disrespectful fukker!! If a person is disable they are limited, why front them off like that? (Not unless that goofy ass Kanye made that part of his show and paid them off…hmmmm)..

  10. childofthesixties

    I have no use for this fool nor anyone that acts like him. Kanye thinks he is a God when he is nothing but a man, sorry Kanye that is all that you are, and only your child will think that you are more! He has become an embarrassment to Black people! He is just an idiot!! How could you treat another human being that way?? I would have demanded my money back! Better yet, sue his ass for harassment!

  11. Leaping Larry

    Kayne West is a nut job. He would have to pay me to see his concert. He needs a slice of humble pie, but they don’t make a pie big enough for his ego. I have used a wheelchair for mobility for over 30 years. Ps. they say stand up at a lot of events, They should say if you are able to stand, please do so.


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