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16 Times Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bragged About Having More Money Than You

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a boxing champ who might be more well-known for a mouth that never stops running and making a lot of cash than his actual boxing skills.

With a nickname like “Money” (and a career that sometimes allows him to earn an estimated $14,800 per second), Mayweather often takes to Instagram to showcase his wealth. His posts are full of not-at-all-humble brags while he wraps up in designer towels, flaunts suitcases of money and shows off an endless array of expensive carsthat he’s purchased with his rumored $280 million dollar net worth.

So just to prove that Floyd Mayweather really takes his “Money” nickname seriously, we’ve collected his 16 most braggadocios Instagram moments. Take a look!

1. When he met Warren Buffett and they discussed asset management together.


2. When he was all “Thanks God!” for $72 million dollars.


3. When he invented a new way to charge his iPhone.


4. When he was all “My luggage is worth more than a plane.”





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