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800-Pound Man Fights for Life and Inspires Social Media

Everyone’s fitness journey has a different starting point. Some people want to lose weight to look good in clothes, some are getting ready for an upcoming event, and others may want to look and feel stronger. Larry Evans, 38, decided to lose weight because he wanted to keep living.

As the father of a 16-year-old daughter, the St. Louis man used to pray that he would live to see his baby girl walk across the stage at her high school graduation. Once that happened, he said, he would be content with dying. But after a heart-to-heart conversation with his brother, Evans decided that he needed to get out of his box of depression and take his life back.

Evans had lost control of his weight after graduating from high school, where, for four years, he played football as a defensive lineman. He never really knew how much he weighed until a scary moment when he woke up in the hospital and was told him that he was 800 pounds.

More than two-thirds of adults in America are overweight or obese, with 1 in 5 deaths linked to excess weight. Evans was getting sick from toxins that were released by his sleep apnea machine. That’s when he decided it was time to make a change. He and some friends decided to embark on the popular 30-Day Squat Challenge in March of this year.




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