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A Republican Mid-Term Wave Will Further Sink Black America

GOP pundits and some in the media gleefully noted that a few African-American listeners purportedly walked out on President Obama during a campaign speech he made at a Maryland High School on October 19 to boost the candidacy of Maryland Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Lt. Governor Anthony Brown.

Brown is in a bid to become the nation’s second African-American governor.  This was more than merely an excuse to poke fun at Obama. The point is that supposedly many African-Americans are so turned off by Obama that they will stay home in droves on November 4.

And since black and Hispanic voters typically have a lower turnout during off year national elections than older whites, this supposedly will further shatter the Democrat’s chances of staving off the much predicted Republican “wave” of mid-term election victories.

The standard prediction is that the GOP is likely to seize control of the Senate, tighten its grip on the House, and ramp up its control of even more state legislatures and possibly governorships.

The GOP has made no secret of what that will mean. It will hammer even harder the Affordable Care Act, permanently shelve any effort at a minimum wage hike, kill any effort to strengthen voting rights protections, further stymie efforts to expand Medicaid, and harden its line against any of Obama’s judicial and administration appointee that it deems to liberal or moderate. It will effectively dismantle the firewall that Senate Democrats have erected to keep many of the nutty, retrograde initiatives and bills shoved up by the tea party influence GOP controlled House from getting to the Senate floor.




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