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Actress Tasha Smith’s Husband Files Restraining Order for Alleged Death Threats

Unfortunately, there seems to be trouble in paradise, concerning the marriage of actress Tasha Smith and her husband, Keith Douglas.

While there are unconfirmed reports that thetwohave not filed for divorce, it appears that thetwoare having some serious issues with one another.

Reportedly, Keith now has a court order forcing Tasha to stay away from him, literally.

The odd thing is, they still live together. Because of this, when they are in their home together, Tasha is ordered to stay 2 YARDS awayand 100yards when they are not in their home.

What’s triggered the court order?

There are unconfirmed reports that Tasha has issues with alcohol and has threatened him physical harm. At this point, the couple is waiting on a hearing and Keith wants a restraining order.

Tasha and Keith have been married 4 years. TheFor Better or Worseactress has spoken openly about her marriage, even sharing how they aretrying to conceive. Last month, shejokedon the Wendy Williams show:

“And Wendy, we are still trying to have a baby, okay. We’re like having sex all the time, as a matter of fact we just got done…up in your greenroom, I mean why not, I’movulating.”

We’re not sure how long they’ve been having issues, but last month, Tasha posted a photo with her, Keith and director Lee Daniels. Story developing.




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