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African Boys attacked and called “Ebola”

The Ebola crisis has struck fear and panic all around the world.  There are even politicians who’d be happy to ban all fights to and from West Africa, where the virus allegedly originated.  The saddest part of the fear and panic is that there are those who are showing their ignorance and racism in light of the serious crisis.

Two brothers in the Bronx were exposed to the worst kind of treatment after they were beaten by an angry group of students and called “Ebola” at school.  The two boys are in middle school and the beatings took place after weeks of being taughted by other students.  Of course their parents are outraged, since the school didn’t do much of anything to protect the young men before they were attacked.

The attacks were so bad that the 11 and 13 year old boys had to be taken to the hospital.  They’ve only lived in the US for a month and this kind of discrimination if unacceptable, yet all too common.  Unbelievably, the other kids were convinced that the two boys had the Ebola virus, which led to other students ostracizing them unfairly.

Days after news broke that the deadly disease was in the United States, he said students, whispering the word, “Ebola,” told other students not to talk to the boys. They were treated like cancers, he said.

“If they go to the gym they don’t want them touching the ball – ‘Oh, you have Ebola, don’t play with us,'” Drame said.

Though the children were raised in Senegal, they were born in America — and have every right to be here, their father said.

But Drame didn’t blame the students.

“They don’t know nothing. They’re babies,” he said.

Instead, Drame insisted the school system wasn’t doing enough to protect his children and others like them. He called on politicians and educators to spread awareness about the disease — and to step in when necessary.

Calling the attack “unacceptable,” advocates say it is just the latest incidence of disrespect and bullying of Africans since the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.


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