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Black Woman ID’d as Second Nurse Infected With Ebola

Reported by Ashley Naples

The deadly Ebola virus appears to be making its rounds in Dallas, TX. Family members of 29-year-old Amber Vinson have confirmed that the woman is the second nurse to become infected with the disease. The news comes after reports confirmed 26-year-old nurse Nina Pham became infected with the disease after treating for Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola in the United States.

One can only hope the hospital where the two women caught the deadly disease that is described as “very bad” by Dr. Senga Omeonga, a Liberian surgeon who miraculously survived the disease, is able to contain it before it’s too late. The disease nearly wiped out the staff at Dr. Omeonga’s clinic — killing nine of his co-workers and leaving Dr. Omeonga and five other workers to reflect on the horror of the disease.

When describing the disease, Dr. Omeonga said: “It’s difficult to describe. I’m a very healthy person. It was my first experience with having a sickness like this. It’s very very bad. You’re extremely weak, with intense fatigue. You can’t do anything. You’re vomiting, and you’re having fever, and a headache. It’s not like malaria. Malaria, you can be walking around and you can take your medicine. Ebola is very very different. It’s like your body doesn’t belong to you anymore. You feel helpless. Someone needs to care for you at all times.”

As Pham fights for her life in Dallas, Vinson is fighting for hers in Atlanta.

Here’s more information about her whereabouts:

The CDC announced during a teleconference Wednesday afternoon that Vinson is stable and will soon be moved to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

The Centers for Disease Control says Vinson was a passenger on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143, which flew from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth on Monday — the day before she was admitted into the hospital.

The center is now contacting all 132 passengers on that flight, which landed around 8:16 p.m., as a precaution and is asking them to call 1-800-CDC-INFO.

Frontier Airlines says the plane stayed at DFW International Airport overnight, and has since been cleaned. It traveled to Cleveland on Tuesday and was cleaned again. The airline says Vinson traveled to Ohio from Dallas-Fort Worth on Flight 1142 on Oct. 10.

“The safety and security of our customers and employees is our primary concern. Frontier will continue to work closely with CDC and other governmental agencies to ensure proper protocols and procedures are being followed,” the airline said in a press release.

Wednesday morning, Mayor Mike Rawlings confirmed that Vinson lives alone without pets at The Green in the Village Apartments, in the 6000 block of Village Bend near Skillman, just north of Lovers Lane.



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12 thoughts on “Black Woman ID’d as Second Nurse Infected With Ebola

    • Yvonne

      “Let’s face it; a whole lot of people would believe three cow bumping into each other in a field was an epidemic, if they were told it was”, says Joh Rappoport, investigative journalist exposing the political agenda behind the “Ebola” hoax through a series of essays using simple reasoning:


    • House

      To your comment i hate to tell you that is why it’s here to destroy the children of Israel us the blacks in the US and for depopulation for the New World order. Do your research plz.

  1. fredo setay

    The EBOLA virus was intentially created by a US Phd biochmeist,scientist to destroy an African tribe in the Congo,Africa, a form of biological warfare! He stated so, on live US TV interview,his back to the camera, & I saw it!..Not a guess or gesture! the FACT. Yes it’s a plan is to destroy Blacl folks Africa, & in the USA! Don’t by the USA!.Labs in Maryland & labs in Africa the USA control!

  2. Ikwiata

    Thank God Black Nigerian scientists have made a vaccine cure. That’s why Nigeria has now been declared Ebola-free. They are planning to help the other African countries. What the white scientists and other whites involved meant for the destruction against Black Africans and their Black descendants world-wide is going to backfire on them.


    The fear of Black Americas have always been very clear. The fear of Africans is now a greater threat because African has control of minerals and is a very valuable Country. Black Africans run the country and is putting whites out. “The Chickens come home to roost. The world is turning tables, Africans and their brothers and sisters in America are coming into control and power. White America knew this from the beginning of slavery – Slavery was the only way to keep blacks down, Now there is very little overt slavery, and the there is no real control. The Mexicans can’t really take our places professionally, and are not moving as fast. Mexicans are multiplying but not progressing as fast as Black Americans did and are. African is rich, and Whites all over the world want a piece. It is still money and fear.

  4. childofthesixties

    Where is the common sense of folks these days, although she called the CDC about her temp, common sense would have told me to keep my butt home just like the Black guy that told the lie upon leaving Africa. Are we such selfish individuals that life has become all about us instead of how things are going to effect others? I hope both nurses nothing but the best. I have wondered about Ebola being lab made also, it comes and goes and has been for a long time. I pray it is not White folks playing God because as usual it backfires on them, remember when drugs came into this country, now little Johnny and Suzie are addicted, their children!

  5. Douglas Davis

    I Do believe that God is telling we the people to get it right and pray more and believe in him and stop all of this foolishness. IF most of you know that man has passed the law where the same sex can get married, if they wood read the holy bible and see where God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for the same reason that he is going to do to this world. IF you all notice the bad weather and all the other bad things over the world you wood notice that something is not wright.


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