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Armed Deputy Sheriff Steals $10 DVD, Charged With Robbery

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Reported by Kacie Whaley

A Polk County, Florida deputy sheriff has been arrested for stealing a $10 DVD from a convenient store while on duty.  He was also forced to resign.

On Nov. 6, Polk County Police were called to assist Davenport Police in investigating a robbery at Mystic Convenient Store. Ernesto McCloud, 28, was the first deputy sheriff to arrive on the scene, Orlando Sentinel reported.  In footage of McCloud at the store, he is shown picking objects up off the floor behind a counter.  One of the objects is a DVD that he then places behind his notepad, then hides it under his uniform shirt, the arrest affidavit reads.

Davenport Police investigated the crime by reviewed the tape and identified McCloud as the thief.  McCloud was arrested and resigned immediately, according to Sheriff Spokesperson Carrie Horstman.  The sheriff’s office said had he not resigned on the spot, he would have been terminated, Fox13 reported.

When investigators asked McCloud why he stole the DVD, he told them he did it because he had not yet seen the movie, said Horstman.  She says she does not know the name of the DVD McCloud stole.

“This behavior is atrocious and will not be tolerated by our agency,”  said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.  “We are all disgusted by his behavior and he is now in jail where he belongs. Ernesto McCloud said it best himself: he threw away a career for a $10 DVD.”

McCloud had been working as a deputy sheriff since May 2013.  Prior to landing the position, he had served as a Polk County detention deputy for three years.

McCloud has been charged with petty theft and armed robbery, since he was carrying a gun authorized by the police department at the time of the theft.

The owner of Mystic Convenient Store could not be reached for comment.

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