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Rolling Stone rates Obama as One of the most successful presidents in history

The American people are not happy with President Obama and are even less happy with their leaders in Congress.  But the wheel continues to roll in American politics, and the will of the people has become a thing of the past.

Rolling Stone Magazine feels that the president has gotten a bad rap for his policies and abilities while in the White House.  The magazine recently put out an issue in which they not only said that Obama is doing his job well, they also said that he is one of the most successful presidents in American history.

Yes, this is a shocker, but it’s a win for the Obama Administration, which has been dogged by Hollywood friends who are no longer giving money to the president.  The person who made these remarks is Paul Krugman, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.  He says that Obama is doing a great job and is dealing with a lot of opposition no matter where he turns.

“Obama faces trash talk left, right and center – literally – and doesn’t deserve it. Despite bitter opposition, despite having come close to self-inflicted disaster, Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history,” Krugman wrote. “His health reform is imperfect but still a huge step forward – and it’s working better than anyone expected. Financial reform fell far short of what should have happened, but it’s much more effective than you’d think. Economic management has been half-crippled by Republican obstruction, but has nonetheless been much better than in other advanced countries. And environmental policy is starting to look like it could be a major legacy.

He does acknowledge the critics of Obama, and says that some of them have a point. But he continues to defend the president nonetheless, particularly since he is being attacked so readily by right wing Republicans, who refuse to work with him on almost anything.  It gives an added perspective on the president driven by sympathy from an impactful public figure.

“First, however, let’s take a moment to talk about the current wave of Obama-bashing. All Obama-bashing can be divided into three types. One, a constant of his time in office, is the onslaught from the right, which has never stopped portraying him as an Islamic atheist Marxist Kenyan. Nothing has changed on that front, and nothing will,” he said Krugman.



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8 thoughts on “Rolling Stone rates Obama as One of the most successful presidents in history

  1. jboogie

    We certainly don’t need “Rolling Stone” to validate President Obama successful tenure in office. It’s just unfortunate that he’s being limited to demonstrate more. I think he have much more that he will love and desire to do for the American people, but there’s a unorthodox group of feminist and white hate groups who really overwhelms his decision makings. And, it has cause a great disposition on how he can compromise and equally satisfy the American people economically.

  2. Israeline Yah

    Amen! Amen! Just with that swagger he is the most alert President of the United States. His heart is clean that is why he is able to out shine all other Presidents in the US, and perhaps more than any world leader. He is truly a leader and an expert in dealing with the Human Family. We need more US Presidents like President
    Obama and his family is very alert also. We love President Obama’s spirit. No matter what trash they throw at President Obama he speaks with Wisdom in addressing it. President Obama is the essence of a man endowed with Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding and he LOVES the Human Family. Beautiful Soul! Beautiful Soul!
    We will always keep President Obama in our prayers. We will pray that HIS LIGHT shines throughout eternity for the magnificient job he has done for the Human Family.

  3. Eddie M

    If it was were the sixties I would say you people are stoned out of you mind, I’m black, I’m not racist and I say this guy is a dud.

  4. Tariq Shakoor

    While history will be the final judge, I have to agree with the Rolling Stone article. Given all the unprecedented obstruction and overt racism he has faced from day one, it is remarkable that he has been able to achieve as much as he has. It’s hard to imagine what could have been achieved had the racists in Congress and the Supreme court cooperated with him just a little bit. The problem was and still is “Fear of a Black Planet (President). The racist in this country want this to be the first and last Black man (or Black woman) to ever achieve the Presidency, thus the harsh criticism and opposition to everything he does. I’ll be glad when he can leave the White House and enjoy his family and his legacy.

  5. godfather05

    Just think how great America could have been had the President had a Congress he could work with. He has brought America back from the disaster that the Bush/Cheney Administration put America in with the lying Republicans trying to embarrass him and deny him any successes. . I have posted this years before now that President Obama is one of the greatest President America has ever had or ever will have. Book it


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