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Republican Presidential Hopeful Dr. Ben Carson Stands a Chance

Reported by Ashley Naples 

Dr. Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson, Sr., an African-American retired neurosurgeon who is credited for being the first in his field to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head, is running as a Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Dr. Carson’s widely publicized speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast propelled his career as a conservative commentator which will (hopefully) win over conservative, independent, and even Democratic voters.

Dr. Carson, 63-year-old husband and father of three, is the product of a good old southern conservative Christian home. His mother was a Seventh-day Adventist and his father a Baptist minister. Although his parents divorced, forcing him to be raised in a single parent home, Dr. Carson still beat all odds and graduated from Yale University with a degree in psychology. He later received his M.D. from the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Carson, also an astute businessman, is apparently looking for yet another challenge by running for President of the United States of America.

Here’s what he has to say about the new challenge he’s embarking upon:

“I tend to be an honest and frank and open person,” says Ben Carson, his voice not much more than a whisper. “And I’m coming to learn that you can’t actually do that.” He chuckled.

Carson is in the Capitol Hill office of his business manager, Armstrong Williams, who’s also a conservative talk radio host, consultant and owner of a handful of television and radio stations. Carson is relaxed, leaning back, legs crossed, in an overstuffed chair. He’s been barnstorming the country for over a year, issuing a string of statements that, for an ordinary politician, could be career-killing gaffes. He doesn’t believe in evolution, and came close to equating gay marriage with bestiality. He’s very, very far from Obama’s coalition of the ascendant. But he is now near the top of conservative straw polls across the country. In Iowa, he sits behind only Mitt Romney as the first choice of Republican caucus-goers, according to a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll. He’s on the verge of running for president, close to making the decision, so he has to learn about politics. The real challenge, he says, is not to learn too much.

“We’re in the problem that we have now because everyone is being just like everybody else,” Carson says. “I think that’s one of the reasons that a lot of people have been trying to convince me that I really should run for high political office even though it’s about the last thing I ever wanted to do.”




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4 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Hopeful Dr. Ben Carson Stands a Chance

  1. Hiroader2

    There’s nothing social or political I can agree with, with this person… These ‘black’s republican refuse to acknowledge the flaws in the conservative supremacy concept… The tool-like dialogue of Carson’s will only give minstrel self image criticism of his own racial group… That has been his only self benefit…

  2. James Alexander

    Republicans whether White or Black will never regain the Oval Office as long as they continue to personally attack their opposition, and speak publicly about how much they hate minorities. They have abandoned the basic fundamentals of “salesmanship” which is what the majority of voters respond to. Ben Carson with a degree in Psychology is either a fraud or extremely ignorant of politics; probably both.

  3. ericaf

    Stand a chance to do what? The only thing he has going for him right now is his prominence as a surgeon. If he’s gaining ground, those same Republicans who are hailing his as their ” black savior” will tear him down a strand of hair at a time. When they’re finished with him he’ll try to save face for a while and eventually fade into oblivion. Hey Herman!


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