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BET chose this man to host their hip-hop awards show?

This year, the BET Hip-Hop Awards were hosted by the rapper who is now affectionally known as “Uncle Snoop.” The show has been criticized for allowing it’s white ownership to promote content that is harmful and negative toward African Americans.

One thing that some people may have forgotten is that Snoop Dogg (aka Calvin Broadus) built his entire career off the degradation of black women. In fact, Snoop even appeared at the 2003 MTV Video music awards with two women on a leash.

Snoop was also a pimp at one point, selling women to NBA players and entertainers. Yes, this is the man that BET chose to host their awards show this year, which kinda says to black women, “We have about as much respect for you as a bug on the wall, or maybe a dog on a leash.”

Snoop said this to Rolling Stone about his pimping days: “I did a Playboy tour, and I had a bus follow me with ten b***hes on it. I could fire a b***h, fuck a b***h, get a new ho: It was my program. City to city, t**ty to t**ty, hotel room to hotel room, athlete to athlete, entertainer to entertainer.”

He continued, “If I’m in a city where the Denver Broncos or the Nuggets play, I get a couple of they players to come hang out, pick and choose, and whichever one you like comes with a number. A lot of athletes bought p***y from me.”

So, with BET and their owners Viacom, choosing Snoop to host the awards show, we have a few questions. Does this reflect how BET feels about African American women? If a white man had appeared in public with a black man with a noose around his neck saying that he’s sold black people in the past, would we be OK with a network choosing this man to host an awards show?

BET seems to have an issue with black people and black women, but they are owned by white people, so this might make sense.

Does the silence of black women’s organizations mean that they are OK with any of this? Where are the national voices to speak out against this kind of thing? It could be the case that black women are so accustomed to being disrespected that they feel powerless to speak out.


Tell us what you think. Are we crazy or should someone bring up this little issue to the public?

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17 thoughts on “BET chose this man to host their hip-hop awards show?

  1. Pauline Marshall

    Yes The Things Snoop Did In The Past Wasn’t Right And At The Same Time The Basketball Players Knew Right From Wrong Particular The Ones That Were Married. We All One Time Or Another Made Unlikeable Decisions In Our Lives But Learn A Valuable Lesson In Knowing What Was Done One Must Begin To Make A Positive Change In Ones Life To Know Better And Do Better!!

    • RHunter-Roberts Hunter

      I understand the past is the past, during his past he was very disrespectful to Afro American Women, and he admitted it in an interview. He also mentioned that all the women in his family ganged up on him with how they felt about his hurtful words . He decided to take a different approach, which I feel is still disrespectful, I have no respect for him, thats his mentality. I dont see him using his influence to encourage education or anything positive into the black communities on a regular basis. No positive images for our young black youth especially the black male. I dont keep up with him, because I dont care for him. He might be doing some things in the communities, but with his image, I doubt it. I would never wish harm to him, but we could do without his negative impact in our communities.

  2. DJ Lathan Boy

    Ummmm Who Cares!!!???!!! Move On!!! And Ya’ll Didn’t Mention None Of His Contributes To His City With Youth Football and Other Various Good Deeds He Has Did…Spend More Time Digging Up Dirt On These BET Executives….

    • Kendra Dukes

      Really just because of what he did in the past doesn’t make me feel like BET cares less about me. Look how much he does for kids in his city that’s more then what I can say bout some of these rappers downing our race as if the money changed they skin color. I’m just saying Snoop may have done some things in the past but look at what he’s doing for the future. For the record that was the best show they’ve had in a long time. Big up’s to Uncle Snoop for a great show.

    • RHunter-Roberts Hunter

      Thats good that he did thoes things, but when your in the public eye, it comes with GREAT responsibility. What images does he promote while working with the youth football if he still has a negative impact on most of our black communities. We just need positive role models for our youth. Our black men are being murdered on the street, I hope he makes a number 1 hit that touches our nation to make us all want to stand up for change. I am sure he feels the pain just like the rest of us. I know that outhers have influence like him, I wish I had the answers and the solutions for CHAGE. Good luck to hom and his family.

    • Pernell Parham

      That is an excellent point. BET former owners were weak to sellout for cash. Whenever black people create something, whites take it over. That is the reason we don’t have a platform. We need to be able to show positive role models and once BET sold the channel, we lost a major voice to speak for us. That is why we don’t have any respect from other cultures. With all the negative images of blacks, we needed a place to show the other side of how we live. All the established media portray us in a negative light and at least we could show that the stereotypes were wrong, now we don’t have any place to rebut the negative images. That is one of the reasons we are in the position we’re in. We can’t show that most of us are positive, working people. They have turned Black Entertainment into a minstrel show that debased us. Around the world, we are seen as lazy, drug infested and about nothing, and BET perpetuates that. We have to get a place where we can rebut all the stupid stereotypes that were put on us to make way for other people to come and replace us. We have to stick together and help each other and stop looking like all we care about is how much money we can get and learn that we need to be respected like other races, who have no where near the power we have. We have the power to flip racism on its head, but it starts with uss coming together as a people and having unity like other cultures.

  3. rose

    so happy to see the intelligent replies re Snoop hosting…I was going to friend i love black people, now I see they don’t so I won’t…

  4. cat

    As you can see from the post…..many black women support the rap artist that degrade them.SNOOP IS STILL ON SOME STUPID STUFF THE STRADDLES THE FENCE.I would like to know how those of us who are sick of BET can get them in check…

    • Michael Watkins

      Write them a letter or email and get as many others to
      write or email who agree with your postion. Be sure to include what yoi plan to do about this. Something like..,boycott watching BET. Find out who their advertisers are and do the same let them know you will not buy their products. Economics (MONEY) is what these people understand and fear most losing.

  5. Michael Watkins

    Understand that some of are people can be bought and by that Imean they will do or say anthiing to get paid. I chose to concetrate on the people who have agendas similar to my own which is standing for something meaningful. I love Snooop as a brother and a human being but some of his ways hurt people more than he rralizes.



  7. Cambie

    This is buffoonery at the highest level. Snoop is a pimp. He is an example of how the sex industry has made it into mainstream America. If you are offended by BET, do what I do, don’t watch. Don’t subscribe to BET. We have more power than we think we do. No one is powerless. Peace

  8. A.G.Alexander

    “PAST”?!?! The complete duration of “Snoop’s” career has been a mess of negativity! Glamorizing drugs, Ignorance , self hate and crime. What’s so ‘past’ about that!??

  9. Anthony allen

    Bet was debasing black women before it was sold and continues to do so. Snoop did and still does. There will be no black person of power who speaks out and changes all this. It is up to each one of us individually. Ask yourself what have you done today ,to uplift us ,and your black family ?


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