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Prison Inmate sues Jay-Z and Beyonce for $50 million

When you’re super wealthy and famous, you’re probably going to be sued.  If you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z, the lawsuits may end up coming from every direction and places you never expected.   Some of these lawsuits may be frivolous and ridiculous, and this might be one of them.  Or maybe not.

According to TheJasimineBrand.com, the Carters are being sued for $50 million dollars, being accused of stealing lyrics and not paying the person who wrote the songs.  According to the lawsuit, Jeffney Phillips claims that a friend he met in prison connected him with the power couple, and that’s when the lyrical theft began to take place.

According to Phillips’ suit, filed in federal court, a friend named Chucky introduced him to Jay-Z through the mail.  He says that the two began to correspond, and he would send lyrics to the rapper to get his feedback.  All of this allegedly began back in 2010, and he says that he was promised he would be compensated for the use of his content.

Phillips then goes on to say that he was given the cold shoulder and never paid for his verses.  However, he says he was shocked when listening to a song on the “Watch The Throne” album that Jay-Z did with Kanye West and says that the rapper used his verses without paying him.

Phillips claims that both Jay-Z and Beyonce stole his lyrics, so he’s suing each of them.  So, an obvious question is:  Is this possible?  Do you really think that the Carters are taking lyrics away from prison inmates in order to make hit songs or is this man delusional?  Some of these questions will surely be answered once a judge evaluates the case.  If the case is allowed to proceed, then it might actually have some merit.  We’ll see how this one turns out.

Phillips accuses Jay-Z of stealing his music, his rap style and his image through the lyrics he wrote.

According to the lawsuit, Phillips also communicated with Beyonce and he exchanged lyrics with her as well that she used on her album. Both told him they would pay him for his work but never did. He is suing the powerhouse couple for $50 MILLION dollars each.



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