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Black Conservative candidate does an ad spot with allegedly racist white man, Clive Bundy

One of the first political attacks of liberals who hear a criticism of President Obama is that this person must be a racist.  One of the first responses that the accused racist will use to correct their public image is to take a picture with a black guy.

Cliven Bundy, the anti-government rancher out in Nevada, did a recent ad campaign with a black congressional candidate in the state by the name of Kamau Bakari.  The two got together in the ad to challenge Attorney General Eric Holder to a public debate.  We’re sure that AG isn’t holding his breath on that one.

“This is one white man who’s not scared to talk about race,” Bundy says in the ad. “I dare you to come to Las Vegas and talk to us.”

“And don’t give us that ‘you’re too busy’ stuff,” Bakari says. “You weren’t too busy to go to Ferguson, Missouri.”

Bakari is a member of the American Independent Party.  He has refused to pay grazing fees for his cows on federal land.  It seems that he feels that he can speak for black people, and by standing next to Bundy, he is using his blackness to give credibility to their message too.   We have no idea why Bundy is in the commercial, but it shows just how diverse black people can be, and maybe that’s OK.

The ad begins with footage of Holder’s February 2009 “nation of cowards” speech regarding racial tensions in the U.S., labeling him as a “race-baiter.” It then shifts to a scene of Bakari and Bundy, both wearing “cowboy” attire, complaining about the speech.

“I know Black folks have a had a hard time with slavery and you know, the government was in on it. And the government’s in on it again,” Bundy tells Bakari. “I worked my whole life without mistreating anybody. A man ought to be able to express himself without being called names.”

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4 thoughts on “Black Conservative candidate does an ad spot with allegedly racist white man, Clive Bundy

  1. J. D. Hill

    It appears that Bakari and Bundy have something in common: each doesn’t want to abide by government mandates and each is using the other to bolster their own interests. The fact that one is white and the other is black only brings more attention to their personal and public campaigns – something that they both want.

    Bundy could very well be a racist. Bakari, too, for that matter!

  2. Dover

    Why do you call Bakari black? Does he have an american ancestry? Just because he is dark does not make him black.

    This is a big mistake that some black people make. They put everyone with color in the black category. .That is just crazy. People of color, non blacks, play the race card. They are black when they talk to black people but not black when they talk to white people…..

    Black Americans are still stuck in Africa. Now, not all people of color are the same. There are some genuine souls.


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