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Ignorant? Author writes “Black Men Don’t Like Black Women”

by Ashley Naples

This person may fall under the category of being bitter.   Courtney Carter, writing for The Huffington Post, wrote an article called “Black Men Don’t Like Black Women.”  Our question was “According to whom?”  Could it be the case that her relationship experiences have been so bad that she truly believes that all black men think she’s ugly?

We wanted to share the article because it is an added perspective.  This does however make you ask whether or not some of the white-owned media have a vested interest in seeing black men and black women going at each other’s throats.  Tell us if you think we’re crazy and what your experience has been.  Have black men been kind to you or has every black man you’ve ever met treated you like dirt?

If a man said that all black women don’t like black men, would you believe this man was telling the truth or would he sound like the guy who’s just angry because the pretty girls in his life all turned him down?   Read the article and tell us what you think.

“..and when he get on he’ll leave your ass for a white girl”

Let me start by saying this, I know writing this article was going to cause quite a bit of controversy. So let’s get this out of the way: I am intelligent, not what society deems “ghetto” and from what I am told and from where I work in the television business, I am attractive. Why is that necessary to say? Let’s start below:

Black men don’t like black women. Yes, I said it.

Not all, but many and it’s growing. I think I wouldn’t really care if OTHER races felt this way, but the fact that my own men do, made me consider turning my backs on them multiple times.

My boyfriend and I were having a conversation (he is Black and Puerto Rican) about black men vs black women. It started getting intense and I said, “you don’t get it! Black men are viewed as sexy and in a sense a “trophy” for another race, but black women are never deemed the most attractive. Other races are always seen as a trophy on the arm of a Black man”.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “you don’t understand the black man struggle. They look at me like I’m a criminal.” And in a sense, I might not. But I thought in my head, “at least black women VALUE a black man. It’s becoming rare to see the reverse.”






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5 thoughts on “Ignorant? Author writes “Black Men Don’t Like Black Women”

  1. Crystal

    I read the article and for every statement she stated made by a black man, I have personally heard black women state an equally offensive, ignorant, and damaging insult in response as to why she is single or opting out to date, and even marry outside her ethnic race. These are the unconscious and unenlightened of the black community. They believe love is not a conscious decision. We make assessments of people everyday based on behavior and physical attraction. However, these types tend to use negative imaginary from propaganda to support their self-hate and disdain for the black union and family unit between brothas and sistahs. They tend to making these sweeping statements that the black person is no good and of no use. They subconsciously attract the very people and character they state they DON’T want. IE Good girls with Thugs, and Good guys with Bad Bitches…smh. BLACK MEN ARE: Lazy, hood, uneducated, drug dealers, violent, broke, stupid, stubborn, cheaters and leave you heart-broken with babies…does this sound familiar? There is a growing trend on YT with black women, marrying non black men. A whole community of interracial partnerships and lesbianism on the raise…LOOK IT UP. Now in truth, outside of Hollywood and some of these new interracial, and gay communities, Black men still date, and marry Black women 97% of the time, that comes from the 2012 Census Bureau. The thing is media, does effect the minds of some Blacks based on images and internalized negative personal experiences. The mixed messages in stereotypes clouds ones perception and judgement when dating..all they see is BAD. To a certain group or class of people this is a dating reality because they’re not looking for the positive. Some do believe the hype regardless of the reality that the majority knows is truth. As to the Author, she is better than me, because if my man had said some BS about “goodhair”… as long as it took for me to gain knowledge, self respect, and love my natural roots, that praying for their offspring get this more eurocentric mixed trait of “soft curly hair” would have touched a deep rooted AFRICAN WARRIOR PRINCESS nerve…lol. I would have politely given him a history lesson on black beauty and white supremacy dominance to make all people of color feel inferior. That type of talk would make our child feel less than coming for his own father if he didn’t have “soft curly hair”… not cool at all.

  2. Eighty Four

    “Why do I feel so invisible sometimes then? Passed over? ”

    As a single Mom, living in AZ i do feel this way at times.

    “I have seen a black man not stare twice at a black woman who I would see as beautiful and yet I’ve seen him break his neck for a decent (if dare I say unattractive) women of another race..huh?”

    Yes sooooo true, please help me understand? I will see a black man with the heaviest unattractive white chick..but he want date a heavy blk women.

    I’ve been conversations with black men that say they don’t date black women..but you’ll sleep us tho!!!

  3. blacjk jones

    I think this is true to some degree , many men are control freaks and are dealing with on the job and other control issues that makes them compelled to lash out and wanna remain BOYS— the pressures of fitting into lifes box of expectations set by society —–sometimes make the black women the object of their frustration and the victim of their pent up rage…..PEACE!!!!!!

  4. Tony Castro

    I’m sorry Eighty- Four I have no answer to your problem, but don’t give up. I don’t know the agenda of this author but sweeping generalizations about people are both ignorant and dangerous. I’m a African American male married to an African American woman, and so are all my male friends, Who really knows why Courtney Carter couldn’t find a man she can start by looking at herself first.

  5. jaime love

    I agreed with this author 100%!!! Black women, in the eyes of black men, are ONLY f***able! They do not want to marry us nor be responsible for a family! NOT all, but 98% of black men. I am extremely disappointed with black men.


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