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Body of priest found in Mexican mass grave by officials looking for remains of 43 massacred college students

The remains of a Roman Catholic priest from Uganda who disappeared six months ago were found in a mass grave by Mexican authorities searching for the bodies of 43 college students who were kidnapped and killed by drug lords.

The body of John Ssenyondo and six other corpses were dug up about a week ago, church officials said Friday. Dental records helped identify the priest, who had ministered to a mostly indigenous flock in the southwestern state of Guerrero since 2010.

He was abducted by gunmen in May, witnesses said, after he refused to baptize the daughter of a local drug lord.

Mexican authorities stumbled upon the mass grave while searching for the remains of the missing college students who disappeared in September.

The teaching trainees were kidnapped and killed by cartel members working in tandem with corrupt police and politicians, federal authorities say.

More than 70 people have been arrested in connection with the mass abduction that occurred in the small town of Iguala. On Thursday, the city’s former mayor, Jose Luis Abarca, was charged with six counts of murder, but federal officials did not explain how they came up with that number.

Abarca masterminded the kidnappings because he did not want the students, who were demonstrating against local corruption, to disrupt a speech his wife was going to give in the area, federal authorities said.




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