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Brooklyn sitter accused of beating girl, 3, to death ‘not a monster!’ uncle claims

The Brooklyn babysitter from hell who brutally beat to death a 3-year-old girl is “not a monster” – though he smashed the helpless tot in the ribs after she soiled her pants, the man’s uncle said.

Kelsey Smith desperately tried CPR on little Jeida Torres before fleeing the apartment in a city homeless shelter at 38 Cooper St. around 4 p.m. Saturday, Mark Almodovar told the Daily News.

Smith “backslapped” the girl during the fit of rage, according to Almodovar.

“When I heard about it I was shocked. The kid, he’s not that type of person. They said he was a monster – he’s not a monster!” Almodovar said as he held up Sunday’s Daily News front page. “Sometimes kids don’t listen to their parents and they need to be disciplined. But the way he disciplined them was very wrong.”

The distraught suspect slit his wrists in a failed suicide bid as his step-daughter died of her injuries at Wycoff Hospital.

“He did call his mother crying, saying he just called 911, that she wasn’t breathing,” Smith’s cousin, Tina Torres, told the News. “He called the cops before he left. I called my aunt (Smith’s mother) and she was just trying to find his location. She asked him where he was and he refused and hung up on her. She was so upset.”

The little girl’s mother and grandfather were inconsolable Saturday after learning the angelic toddler had died at the hands of 20-year-old Smith, tasked with watching Jeida and brother Andrew Torres, 5, while their mother worked.




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