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Man brutally stabbed an elderly woman allegedly because she was black

South suburban Chicago is not known as one of the hotbeds of the violence that plagues the city.  But racial tensions in Chicago have been consistently high throughout the city’s history.

In Homewood, once of the city’s suburbs, an elderly woman was repeatedly stabbed in the grocery store, allegedly because she was black.  Pol Danilov, a 26-year old who some think will be getting some serious prison time, told police that he attacked the old woman with a steak knife because she was black.  He also reportedly said that she was “an easy target.”

“It’s insane, it’s crazy,” shopper Mark Soliday said to ABC7. “To actually just go out of your way to injure somebody like that out of sheer ugliness, it’s horrific. “

The attack occurred in plain sight of the other shoppers, who were all stunned to see what had transpired.

Cook County prosecutors claim that the 79-year old woman was stabbed four times, in the back and neck at Walt’s Food Store.   The five inch knife also punctured the woman’s lungs during the brutal attack.  The man didn’t leave the store after the stabbing; he remained there until police arrive and had him promptly under arrest.

“He believed the victim was vulnerable based on age and race,” police said.

Police say that the man has a history of racial disgust with black Americans.   He has been placed under arrest on bail of $500,000.  He is being charged with attempted murder for what his attack on the senior citizen.   He is also being charged with a hate crime.  Strangely enough, if he is convicted of these charges, this will be his first offense.

The woman who was attacked is fortunately expected to make a full recovery.

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59 thoughts on “Man brutally stabbed an elderly woman allegedly because she was black

  1. Ajali

    No. He stabbed her because he’s a pathetic sniveling BEAST of a man. Let him try that on a Black MAN, without sneaking him – and then We’ll all see who’s got a problem…

    • Larry L Edwards

      We will see just how far his hatred of Blacks will take him in prison… bet he end up with a Black “boyfriend” if he is to survive the prison life.

  2. Clarissa Bennet

    I have to wrap my mind around this!! A white man stabs an elderly African American woman “just because” her age and race made her vulnerable!! Other shoppers stood by and did nothing to prevent this barbaric act, no one bothered to intervene!! Even after he did the deed no one intervened!! He could have escaped but he was so confident in his white skin privilege that he stayed put until police arrived!!

    Next step! Will this man be convicted of a crime? Will he spend anytime in jail for this horrific white supremacist attack on a vulnerable African American elder?

    • Sheila

      I couldn’t have said it better Clarissa! That ugly asshole, piece of a man and trash believed his whiteness would protect him from any crime His belief might come true since African Americans have been and are being killed by whites on a daily basis and nothing was/is done. I wish I’d been there… My heart goes out to the elderly woman. Damn! That could have been my mother.

    • The Who's Who

      he’ll plead a insanity defense and will be sent to the loony farm to protect him from the bruthas in prison who will be waiting for him..with something bigger than a 5 inch knife ..given his oppressed sexual orientation..this hateful homosexual..

  3. Regina

    Those onlookers are sorry a$$ed niggums. They have to work they way up to n!gg@$. I hope the Queen Mother recuperates soons.

  4. J. D. Hill

    White folk sitting on the porch talking about what ought to happen to the “niggers”. Their children hear this and act out on what they’ve heard and been taught. They don’t know that Black aren’t taking that shat any more!.

    I don’t know where this young racist thinks he’s going to hide. He’ll have to be in isolation in a prison and in hiding on the streets. This old mama has sons, grandsons, nephews, and sympathizers who will pay this white man back tenfold for this cowardly assault. He’s marked! He will reap what he sowed in this life!

    Black folk need to spread the word about this incident. Lots of whites feel this way and may be evil enough to act on their feelings of hate in public places. Let’s just be circumspect and prepared to protect ourselves.

  5. Lang

    Stuff like this happen we as black people need to stick together and stop killing and fighting one another this story is sad but I’m not surprise at all there are monsters like this out there lurking and waiting for a good time to strike. He will get what he deserves in jail believe me

  6. helen

    What puzzles me is everyone in the news is worried about IsIs, Ebola, and their own ass. Who besides black people cares about blacks. How could any race of people stand by and watch an elderly person be attacked and do nothing. So many myths and lies has been told about blacks that most of white America really believes blacks have no feelings, no emotions, doesn’t deserve to be here on earth, they’re all on welfare, they’re lazy, drug dealers, murders, rapists, shit, run the entire spectrum of crime. Sadly, these lies are ongoing each and everyday. If you hear a lie long enough you start believing it without ever questioning it. It seems like the same memo has been sent to all white racists, regardless of their status. It states, It’s killing season on blacks. Kill as many as you can. Now, what would happen if blacks began to retaliate? Would this be called a civil war?, or would the headlines read,, Blacks are tired of all the shit White people are doing to them and they are gathering for another race riot and it’s time to call in the National Guard, Marines, Drones, Army, Air Force and the Navy. They have forgotten their place in America. Wake up Black Americans and get involved. Start demanding your representatives to enact new laws with stiff penalties for attacking blacks without undue cause. Our politicians can police all over the globe, yet, they cannot protect black Americans and yes, we pay their salary too.

  7. reaper

    From his name, I’m inclined to believe he is of foreign decent and has brought his brand of racism here which many of them do and or are taught it once they settle here. Should he go to jail, I don’t want him killed. I want the biggest black man he ever saw, rape him every day of the time they give him and make him wear a dress while he’s there.

    • Barbara

      I was thinking the same thing. His name seems to suggest he’s a foreign immigrant to this country. If they don’t already know, the first thing they learn is the word “nigger.” and to look down on Black people. He seems to be like that foreigner who murdered Bill Cosby’s son and bragged about killing a “nigger.”

      Pale azz scub bag.

  8. khali

    He a mad dog and need to be put down or made an example out of. I think we all know who the REAL ANIMAL is. Black ppl please stop reproducing with these sick ppl

    • Larry L Edwards

      He will be made to bend over, yep, that’s right, bend all the way over first.. The older men may just let the younger men go at this girly-looking boy first. They may let the younger guys soften him up for the big-timers. lol

  9. Darlene

    He is Poland or Russian and they are supposedly racist. Most of Eastern Europe is racist. They don’t think blacks are human beings. They associate everything good with white and everything bad with black. He knew to attack someone defenseless. I just have a hard time with the onlookers going nothing. What is wrong with society?

  10. James

    Very despicable act, conversely the tone and tenor of most of the comments explain the reasoning behind racism exhibited by the perp.

    So many changes are needed, let’s say desirable changes that would allow one to be a part of a civil society.

    Who communicates in such a manner and expects a response that exudes a greater amount of intellect.

    Just kidding, you can use all the fouil language you want to get your point across.

  11. Donald

    It is truly sad when we have demented persons walking freely in our society, and their goals is to abuse and/or kill our senior citizens!!
    I am thankful that our grandmother, and she truly represents all of our grandmothers–regardless of her skin color, will survive this brutal attack.
    For the attacker, I have no comments. But I am told prisons can be a VERY brutal place to live and/or survive.

  12. cantshakemyheadnomore


    • cantshakemyheadeither

      I feel sorry for this poor woman. This is someone’s mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.
      You right, if that had happened in the city, he would not have made it out. He will get whats coming to him when he get locked up. He better be glad it was not me or any of my loved ones cause I carry a blade on me at all times and it woulda been slice and dice time for his ass!!!!

  13. Kimberly

    I try not to wish anything bad on anybody but we are keeping our fingers crossed that what he did to that lady they will do the same thing to him in prison ten times!

    • Larry L Edwards

      Doubt if he’d get his crazy a** stabbed, but there are other Many Things that that crazy a** will have to submit to in prison… If he has never been another man’s girl before, he sure will be before he leave prison.

  14. Sharon

    The crazy thing about this is, if he had been Black and stabbed a white woman, he would’ve been shot in the grocery store.
    It’s amazing to me that this animal attacks an elderly person and nobody tried to help her. She was on her own, no help from anyone, ridiculous.
    Black people are not valued in America.
    God help us.

  15. david

    Look, this shit will continue to happen until we as a people stand up and do what needs to be done! It’s that simple!

  16. barbara baker N'COBRA


    Woh, sometimes I am blown away by the huge Racism in Chicago & the Chicago suburbsl.

    Clarissa Bennet & JD Hill are right on target. I want to add another solution to predicting these crazy white racist —before he is given the electric chair. I want samples of his brains analyze to see if scientist can find the name of a so called human who wants to murder a senior who is of African descent. Another respondent, indicated that this coward creep as a child always heard his people putting down people of African descent. Someone should interview him to find out if his parents were racist & how that gave him his philosophy of hate. Please join the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, N’COBRA. we have come a long way & we still have a long journey ahead for full Human Rights & Reparations Now! http://www.ncobra.orb Barbara Baker, Chicago Chapter, N’COBRA

  17. Nig Tsi

    It is really outrageous to hear this in the 21st century. This shows that no attention or concern is given by the govt. to stop racism. It is a shameful to hear that from the USA where there exists democracy and civilized society.

  18. Marke

    I guess it’s time WE wake up and #RecognizeAndRealize this kinda #HateCrime MUST STOP AND WILL STOP…..we cannot let this go on too long #ForReals

  19. Gwen Walker

    Attempted murder, CRIMES AGAINST SENIORS usally warrants A heavier sentence.

    LET’S SEE IF HE GETS proper sentenceing

  20. Sarah

    Racist, evil sick MF. The BLACK boy in JAIL will take care of your ass once they find out why you are in there. You will rut in hell. Dirty MF.

  21. EVELYN

    Why is he given bail? Now let’s see what he does in jail, will there be many easy targets for him., or he will be an easy target for them in prison. Payback is a what?

  22. Fee

    Will shall see what comes of this crime. It seems as if the sick bastards are rewarded by the court system in killing blacks. Think about the “affluenza” teen, but Aimee Michael still sits in prison today for vehicular homicide. The truth is, black life has become meaningless in America. There are some blacks and whites who will go out of their way to protect whites and standby while blacks are under attack. It is time for blacks to stand up, get over the materialism, hip-hop, and other foolishness and start taking up for themselves/the community at large. Otherwise, blacks will be extinct.

  23. mr bunziii

    We’ll see him in the PEN. LOL. Lots of brothers with nothing constructive to do. Hahahahah. Bring your knife bruh!

  24. godfather05

    For you FOX fans, I bet you will never see this on their television station. They only broadcast this type of hatred when they try and link crime to blacks.

  25. marcus davis

    What a cowardly dispicable piece of shit this individual is,he would’nt dare pull that crap on an able bodied black man.I hope they shank the crap out his ass when he goes to prison.

  26. Iamproudtobeblack

    You know it’s things like this that angers me because of the bad thoughts in puts in my head. “IF” he goes to jail, hopefully he will get something larger than the 5 inch knife he used on that defenseless woman for the entire time he is imprisoned. I also hope there was someone among the onlookers that actually did something to help her, if not they are no better than him. Thank God she will recover from her physical injuries and I pray for her to heal emotionally.

  27. crazymaxiee

    This is sad. This is probably the first time he got caught. No way first offense.500,000 bail. He already got that look as if nothing gonna happen to me. Premeditated. Hope he will be gone for a long time. Are they afraid of us for some reason? Im not getting it. Could it be they finally see we’re not dumb?

  28. childofthesixties

    This worthless piece of shit needs a bullet right between his eyes before the next sunset! How in the hell can you hate someone that you don’t know, that has never bothered you in any form or fashion!! Hatred is a horrible thing! He will get his there is no doubt in my mind, a brother will take care of him and for those to just stand and watch and not attempt to help, would they have helped had she been elderly and White? I am so disgusted with White folks!

  29. rfb201112

    Just look at the sick movies that are being produced now. The purge is about hunting black men. We need to get our heads out the clouds and focus more on our defense and community togetherness. This sad act of violence should wake us out of this bullshit, fake bling bling culture living in. I hope mother sister recovers soon.

  30. deloris

    What I do not understand is why is it that people were there and no one assisted this woman. I guess old people will have to defend themselves at all times because they are seen as an easy prey. Maybe there sons and daughters should take them to where they are going and let someone attack them then. It will be World War III.

  31. Nina

    This person is a disgrace. He will have to answer to The Almighty God above. Justice will be served. But lets not let his hatred spread. Anyone who has a heart would of helped this poor elderly lady. If you were there and you didn’t get involved. I pray you sleep well at night. Because injustice is just that. Lets open our eyes don’t let color come into your heart. Lets love each other. Not play into this persons sick mind set. God help us.

  32. karen baylis

    Believe me, this is not his first offence, it it just the first time that he was caught. Anger like this doesn’t come from nowhere. If they do a little research, I bet they find unsolved crimes against blacks that this fool is responsible for. The only reason why I feel that there will actually be justice in this case, is because she is an elderly female. If the victim had been a young, black male, they would find a way to twist it into self defense!

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