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Teacher Asks Black Students If They’d Like to be Called Slaves

Reported by Ashley Naples

Although media outlets in the United States recognized the 50th anniversary of the historical “March On Washington” Civil Rights Movement in 2014, race relations seem to have only worsened since then. Laws that Civil Rights leaders fought long and hard to maintain have reversed (e.g. voter laws, Affirmative Action) and the twice election of the nation’s first bi-racial (African and white American) president seems to have presented an allusion of a post-racial society. Sadly though, Pres. Obama has had more death threats than any other president in the recorded history of US presidents. He has also presided over the least productive Congress in the recorded history of the US.

Racism has permeated throughout the United States’ judicial system (e.g. Black men are sentenced 19.5% longer sentences than white men for the same crime, per the US Sentencing Commission), its healthcare system (e.g. the catastrophic Tuskegee Study), and even its school system (Black children are more likely to be pushed through the school-to-prison pipeline than any other ethnic group, per the Children’s Defense Fund).

The youth are generally color blind as it pertains to race; however, even they have had to confront the problem after a substitute teacher in a suburban Chicago school district was banned after allegedly calling students a racial slur during class.

Here’s more information about this matter:

Eighth-grade students at the Jay Stream School said Wednesday that the sub used the n-word several times during a social studies discussion about the Cold War.

A group of 13-year-old girls were called the racial slur, students said, in an incident that happened last week.

The teacher referred to the four girls as “African-American,” but they asked her to not use that term because one of them was Jamaican. The unidentified white instructor then said, “Well, back in the day, you would be considered the n-word,” according to students.

“We told her that’s not right to use today or back then it wasn’t right, either,” student Mea Thompson told WMAQ-TV. “We were so shocked and we were like, ‘What? Excuse me?”’ the girl said. “She was like, ‘Well, back then, that’s what African-Americans were called.”’

The instructor asked if they’d rather be referred to as slaves, the girls said.

“I just want people to know how much it affected us and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else,’ student Zaria Daniel told the station Wednesday.

The students informed the school principal. The school district investigated and banned the substitute from teaching in its classrooms.




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5 thoughts on “Teacher Asks Black Students If They’d Like to be Called Slaves

  1. 'john Kassandra

    Beyond all the knowledge of our past as slaves we must look to our understanding of our identity. First, understand that the term “nigger” is derived from the term “niggard” or “niggardly” which is difined as being a “miser” or “greedy” . The fact that those immigrants described and invited to this North America by the invitation written on the Statue of Liberty. By definition those who bought slaves and called them “niggers” were actually projecting their own distorted mental disposition upon the innocent captured people from African Nations. In fact, those immigrants were the “niggardly” or “greedy”, this behavior essentially made them “niggers” . Such an expression was not in the captured people from African Nations vocabulary. Such a term as “nigger” imported to “The New World” and spread through out the land by the “niggards” and “greedy” who were masters of nothing, just creatures who had advantage and were victims of the reality that when there is the matter of material gain often morals are thrown out the window, not only with the so-called white man but people in general. Those “niggardly” and “greedy” people who captured, bought and enslaved the people of African Nations were looking out for themselves in a way that was harmful and wrong towards others. Consequently, greed, fear and guilt creates a behavior that projects a behavior that grows bitterness and hatred leading to the circumstances that we are presently victims of and experience every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year of our life, not as slaves, nigger (niggardly) or colored (other than black or white) or negro (adjective) or black (adjective) or Afro American (misspell of African + American) or African American ( a person recently immigrated to America from Africa, with no roots or equity in building or culture of America or American History). Who Are We?
    WE are Descendants Of Black African Nations (DOBAN or DOBANIAN) One Identity For All. All of US all over the world. What is a Dobanian?
    A Dobanian is a Descendant of African Nations who has not forgotten but gotten over the mood of the slave, the projections and insult of the “niggardly” and “greedy” and wish to remedy the damage, the broken spirit, the lack of self-confidence, the insecurity, the many crippling effects of the philosophies carefully constructed to keep us subordinate, the hurt from the bruises of the whips, the lynchings, the billy clubs, the brutality done by others and between ourselves as we become more in the image of the “niggardly” and “greedy” toward one another.

    A Dobanian does not sit idle complaining about whats wrong with others but understand and see what is RIGHT with others and Do it.

    To really express the definition of a Dobanian it would take me all the paper, books space, time and emotions a Man whose people can go through 450 years of being treated worse than a animal and turns out a LOVING HUMAN BEING.
    BY: KIng Of Dobania
    John (Dobanian) Kassandra

  2. Doctor

    Your thoughts and perspective overall are correct and I agree, although I think these young ladies were missing the education of what you stated in the first place. For a person of Jamacian ancestry to be so riddled at the idea of being called “African” American is laughable, all black Jamaicans are descendants of Africans, this was a part of the route for the Atlantic Slave trade. I take offense to her offense for her apparent disdain for the idea of being associated as such, this is one of the many reasons we as African descendants will always be mentally enslaved, (Mentacide, Bobby Wright, look it up) because we are caught up in tangential issues; “I am not African”, “We are not a monolithic group” (we are the only ethnic group to state this so loud, proud and wrongly I might add, look at Asians, Hispanics and Jews). True her family is from Jamsica but she does have an African root and her parents should have taught her this first.

    The teacher should have been fired for her racist comment but equally so for not providing the full explanation of her ignorance of historical facts. But, it us to be expected from such a person. As you have stated Brother, there “niggardly” ways are always telling and we should and need to stop owning the word for its definition is much broader then the African American community.

  3. marcus davis

    That lousy piece of crap teacher should be lined up against the wall and shot. Definetly has no business being in a class room teaching kids .Then again we as a people should’nt be getting bent out of shape whenever we hear the N word especially when it comes out the mouths of rappers and some black comedians mouths and the mouths of some of todays kids .Black folks should quit using the N word themselves.Theres nothing more dumb and retarded than listening to black folks spouting out the N word like its going out of style.Using the N word in any context is wrong.Lets stop the madness.

  4. Clarissa Bennet

    The “N” word comes from the Spanish word for black which is “negro.” From that word “negro” the other derogatory words for Africans morphed over several years and generations.

    The majority of Jamaicans are Africans and recognize this; however as in every community there are those people who suffer from internalized racism and will deny their ancestry. This Jamaican child obviously does not know her history. She probably has never heard of those brave Africans who were enslaved in Jamaica and fled to the mountains (Maroons) to live as free people. While slavery in Jamaica was abolished on August 1, 1834 there were Africans (Maroons) living as free people since 1655 when the British seized the island from the Spanish. The Spanish fled and left the Africans they had enslaved who in turn fled to the mountains and lived there as free people while fighting British attempts to re-enslave them.

    Jamaica’s only female Nation Hero (of the seven National Heroes) is “Nanny” who outsmarted the British at every turn. “Nanny” was a famous and fearless Maroon leader who the British tried to vilify because they could never defeat her or her army or her people. It is a shame this Jamaican child does not know about the Africans who fought the British in Jamaica during slavery. Nanny and Cudjoe are two of the more famous Maroon leaders.

    It is very sad that this Jamaican child is not aware of the rich African history of her ancestors. Jamaican singer Peter Tosh says it so appropriately in his song “African” when he sings “Don’t care where you come from as long as you’re a Black man you’re an African.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U594N3AottE

    Jamaican icon Louise Bennet Coverly “Miss Lou” speaks here about the language of Jamaica which is mostly derived from the Ghanaian language “Twi” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W58MtDzanqA

    Jamaicans are African and many Jamaicans including Bob Marley recognize and are proud of that and know that Africa is their home. Listen to Bob Marley sing “African unite because we’re moving out of Babylon, we’re going to our father’s land!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMS5vKarzO0

  5. Jessica

    Black America should organize to take our children out of public schools. The Lutherans and the Catholics have already proven that church schools do a better job at educating children. African Americans need to use our extensive church-based network to organize curriculum and intra-mural sports teams, in order that we take control of the education of our own children. We have the resources, the educators, and the need. The black people who run Urban Prep in Chicago have set a model for how it can be successfully done.

    Black America Wake Up! The most powerful thing we can do is take control and build our own PK-12 school networks across this nation. This one act alone will empower and prosper Black America!


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