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Claudia Jordan Says She Thought About Suicide During Bankruptcy

As the newest member of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Claudia Jordan describes her career these days as “on the upswing.” But she recently revealed to Radar Online that things got so bad for her financially after her 2012 bankruptcy filing that she contemplated suicide.

“I definitely had money and lost it all and got it back, lost it all again and now I’m on the upswing,” Jordan said. “I was a victim of some predatory loans, and I remember I was depressed for a while to the point I was actually suicidal.”

Everything that Jordan went through initially crushed the reality starlet because she went from having it all to having it all taken away.

“I hit rock bottom,” she said. “I lost everything, including my real estate.

“I was very proud of buying all my real estate on my own and [then]my show got canceled, I went through a divorce, basically I lost my work,” she continued. “Everything happened at the same time and I was depressed.”

Her depression took its toll on her, causing her to feel lost and alone about the traumatic events that were taking over her life. As a result, Jordan started to give up on everything.

“I laid in bed for months, and honestly I didn’t work,” she admitted. “I was depressed and I fell behind.”

And to make matters worse, she said someone took advantage of her vulnerability and made financial problems even worse.




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