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Columbus Short says that he never really wanted to be on Scandal anyway

Sometimes, the best way to not feel bad about losing something is to convince yourself that you never needed it in the first place.  So, whether it is denial or something else, Columbus Short is sounding awfully silly when asked about his experience on the hit television show, “Scandal.”

Short recently spoke to TMZ about the show and said that he never really wanted to be an actor anyway, and he didn’t want to be on this particular show.  He says that his true passion is acting in films, and he never expected to be “stuck” with a television show.

“I had a great time on Scandal but I’m really excited about what I’m doing now in life,” Short said. “I’m a film actor and being on a show playing one character every week was not really what I wanted anyway, but who knew Scandal was gonna be huge.

Short says that he still speaks with Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, and that she even asked if he was ok with appearing on the show’s blooper reel.

“I think [Shonda] feels different things. Maybe I might be the bad child that she loves but just like can’t get right maybe.”

After his numerous personal problems, which embarrassed the show and cost him his role, Short was contrite and somewhat remorseful for how things went down.  He seems to want to turn things around in his life and move forward from a bad 2014.

“There’s a responsibility that we have as entertainers and artists that I didn’t uphold, because I was still acting like I was a regular Joe. But if i’m trying to run for president, there’s certain things that I can’t do… certain places I shouldn’t be, and it’s been a really big learning lesson for me.”

Sounds like Mr. Short is seeking to learn his lesson. We hope that he does.  This was a huge opportunity he threw away over nonsense.



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2 thoughts on “Columbus Short says that he never really wanted to be on Scandal anyway

  1. phoenyx

    These black folks forget they ain’t white when they get huge opportunities. We have to watch ourselves completely different. Our behavior has to be in impeccable at every moment. We can’t slip not once or the hammer will be lowered.


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