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Warrant issued for Columbus Short’s arrest

Columbus Short has probably had the greatest fall from grace of any celebrity in the world this year.  He was once a co-star on the hottest television show in the country, and now his very public decline has left some wondering if he has drug or mental problems.

Short recently had a warrant issued for his arrest after not showing up for a court date involving a felony battery case he was facing from earlier this year.  Not showing up to court is a no-no and can land you in jail.  But it doesn’t appear that Short cares much about this sort of thing.

The most interesting public mishap of Mr. Short was his appearance on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, when he referred to Tom with the n-word.  Now, a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court has issued a bench warrant for his arrest for not showing up for his hearing.

In addition to the bench warrant, the judge has also revoked Short’s prior bond and doubled his bail, according to Short’s attorney.

Of course Columbus has an explanation, but it’s hard to know that the judge is going to care.   Short is saying that the whole situation occurred because he was bumped on a flight out of Atlanta, and that there was nothing he could do.  He also had legitimate concerns that he would be arrested in Atlanta, since he was technically a fugitive from the law.

In the court of law, the bigger your name, the more the courts may go out of their way to show you who’s boss.  Columbus should probably be careful.  This is also not the first time that the 32-year old has toyed with the courts, which could cause his life to have even more headaches than he’s dealing with right now.

The lawyer said Short tried to make the hearing but was bumped from a flight in Atlanta.

“His failure to appear was due to circumstances beyond his control,” lawyer Michael Levintold the Daily News.

He said Short was still trying to make his way to California late Monday but was worried the warrant might kick in quickly and cause him to be arrested before boarding a flight in Atlanta.

Levin said Short was considering “alternative transportation” to get to the Los Angeles courtroom without being taken into custody in another jurisdiction.

Short, 32, recently spent several days in jail for an earlier bench warrant issued Aug. 21 over a prior missed appearance in the felony case.

He was a no-show because a different judge at another courthouse had deputies place in handcuffs the morning of Aug. 21 when he arrived late for an unrelated misdemeanor domestic violence case involving his estranged wifeTanee McCall.

He copped a plea deal in the misdemeanor case hours later and was sentenced to three years probation, 30 days of community labor and counseling.




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