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Comedian to Bill Cosby: “You rape women”

People came out to see comedian Hannibal Buress and expected a night of laughs and fun.  Instead, they received the kind of shock they probably won’t forget anytime soon.   During the skit, the comedian went off into a tangent, talking about other things that were not on the script for that night.  Then, suddenly, he lashed out at Bill Cosby, saying, “You’re a rapist.”

Cosby has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women, including Barbara Bowman in Philadelphia magazine.  But this is the first time that Cosby has been called a rapist in public, and people are surprised that Buress made such a stunning allegation in front of everyone.

Buress also makes the comments a bit racial, stating that Cosby has the “smuggest old black man persona.”  This is more of what he said:

“It’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the f*ckin’ smuggest old black man persona that I hate,” Buress said. “He gets on TV, ‘Pull your pants up black people, I was on TV in the 80s! I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom!’ Yeah, but you rape women, Bill Cosby, so turn the crazy down a couple notches.”

Buress continues back on the skit, stating that if people don’t believe what he says, they should look it up for themselves on the Internet.

“I guess I want to just at least make it weird for you to watch Cosby Show reruns,” Buress says. “I’ve done this bit on stage and people think I’m making it up…. when you leave here, google ‘Bill Cosby rape.’ That sh*t has more results than ‘Hannibal Buress.'”

Buress is a regular on Comedy Central, and claims that he actually admires Bill Cosby for refusing to curse on stage.

Amanda Hess at Slate.com wrote more details about the allegations against Cosby, asking why no one seems to care. Other prominent men in society, including former President Bill Clinton, also have seedy pasts in their personal lives, and these episodes/allegations are also overlooked by the public.

Hess recounts the analysis of Tom Scocca at Gawker.com, who says that Cosby has been accused of “targeting, grooming, then drugging and raping multiple young women as early as the 1970s and as recently as 2004.”

Scocca claims that it’s easy to forget Cosby’s allegations because “nobody wanted to live in a world where Bill Cosby was a s-xual predator. It was too much to handle.”

The allegations against Cosby receive a special disdain because many perceive him to be self-righteous in his criticism against others for their poor decision-making, especially other black men and single black mothers.  This puts a spotlight on his own behavior, making some feel that he is a hypocrite for criticizing others while making poor choices himself.

But Cosby is respected for his famous role in “The Cosby Show,” and presenting an image of the black family that was healthy and positive.  He has also been one of the greatest supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, which also garners respect for him in many circles.

According to Newsweek.com, 13 women have accused Cosby of various forms of sexual misconduct.  The stories are somewhat consistent, and appear to allege that Cosby seeks out women as a “mentor” for them, and later seeks an inappropriate reward for his services.

You can read some of the interviews here, and here’s a bit of what Newsweek had to say:

Last week, Newsweek interviewed Tamara Green, one of 13 women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them in a civil lawsuit brought by Andrea Constand in 2004, and settled under undisclosed terms in 2006. Now, a second woman is speaking out: Barbara Bowman, a 46-year-old artist who says Cosby took her under his wing in the late ‘80s, when she was a teenager — and repeatedly emotionally and physically abused her.

Both Bowman and Green joined the 2004 lawsuit as witnesses after hearing about it on television; neither had anything to gain financially, as the statute of limitations had expired for both of them.

You can watch the Hannibal Buress video below and tell us:  What do you think about what this man said?  Is it unacceptable, accurate or neither?  If Cosby has never been charged or convicted of rape in the past, what does this say about the allegations against him?



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56 thoughts on “Comedian to Bill Cosby: “You rape women”

  1. Raymond Sean Walters

    First, if one doesn’t have evidence of wrongdoing, leave it alone. I have heard accusations but strangely there are no criminal charges or trials. Hearsay doesn’t count as evidence.

    Second, his time onstage may not have been the best forum to express these views. People came for a comedy show. Stay focused on business.

    Two points & my two cents…

    • Tanya Givens

      There was a lawsuit filed in 2004 and he settled with all of the women that were part of the law suit. There was very likely some kind of gag order because the only ones that are speaking publicly are the two people that can not benefit because the statute of limitations passed.

    • Ms. Ladee

      One of the ladies Mr. Cosby “touched inappropriately” was his wife’s assistant. Mr. Cosby claimed that he asked her first, she replied “NO!” However Mr. Cosby did it anyway. They settled out of court.

  2. Diva

    He’s guilty. No one settles out of court unless they know they will be found guilty in a trial. Further, it’s cheaper and the accused doesn’t have to soil their public name with a drawn out trial. I know that Bill Cosby is an icon, but this is a part of his past that is real, and people don’t know about it because the choose not to look it up and know that the man is a pervert. Sad.

    • Jay King

      Diva not necessarily , people settling out of court does not always constitute guilt. Sometimes you settle out of court because it’s cheaper to do so , trials can be very , very expensive , also your time is also very valuable. And anything mentioned is public information , so even if a crime was not committed but the party that brings charges against you know any interment details about you can mention that in public.

    • DJ

      Not trying to defend Bill Cosby, as I want him to get what ever is fair. I know people who have worked with him in concert venues, etc. who have talked about how rude and nasty a person he is. Malik Yoba talked about how he looked up to him, and when he got a chance to work with him at a gig, Bill openly tried to go after his also young girlfriend, to his face and how disrespected, disappointed, and hurt he was. None of this, however, amounts to rape, and the man, like him or not, has done a lot of good for people.

      l do want to say that I really wish people would stop saying that by settling out of court, a person is admitting guilt. This is sometimes, but often not true. The way that the court system is structured with its two ton mantle, the costs associated, politics in the prosecutor’s office, family or health matters, and a host of other factors often go into these proceedings. A person does not have to be guilty to plea or settle, and most times are not guilty when they do. There is so much evidence out there to support this that I don’t understand why that myth still prevails. Peace.

  3. faye

    Buress is one ugly chop up gap teeth dude, why don’t no one be this vocal over what the Republicans are doing to America; they have everybody believing A.Americans are receiving most of the Government Aide in this Society, and on the other hand they make up 12 % of the population, The Comedian was wrong to air his Bi. SCHIZO Behavior, He was the real dumb one, Why is everything believe that’s comes off the internet, and everybody need money, I don’t believe the women.

  4. Barbara

    I read the former great football player Jim Brown’s autobiography years ago before all of these women came forward. Jim Brown complained about the White prostitutes Bill Cosby sent to his hotel room. Brown sent them away, saying he did not sleep with prostitutes. I lost respect for the “married” hypocrite Cosby after that. When these women came forward, I was not surprised.

    The Comedian has a point. Cosby should pull his own pants up.

  5. Langston

    This type of behavior is symptomatic of a psychic bourgeoning with disrespect, self-hatred, ethical nihilism, fratricide and predatory. Very non-professional.

  6. Corbin

    Personally, I have not overlooked the allegations of BC, just as I have not overlooked the allegations of Bill Clinton. If he did it or not, I don’t have time to care. However, Mr. Cosby does make some exceptionally good points when he speaks of how we are to speak and carry ourselves. We all have made mistakes. I just don’t have time to harp on others’ mistakes all the time. Life goes on.

  7. tyson

    Whomever this ignorant-ass so-called comedian is, he needs to shut the hell up. Nobody wants to hear this crap. It’s people i.e. haters who are always stirring up the pot. Somebody needs to make his ugly-ass disappear. Dr. Cosby is off limits. What has this clown done or will ever do for the black community… Nothing. And yeah, maybe Dr. Cosby is a target for young-ish women. And by the way, celebs settle cases all the time because all the plaintiffs want is money. So give them $50k to just go away. To settle doesn’t always mean guilt. Cases are time-consuming. Attorneys are the only winners. If the cops aren’t finding evidence to pursue these cases why is this fugly clown talking about it? Because he’s a hater, without any material to make anyone laugh. Just disgraceful. He’s taking on one of the biggest entertainers in the world. You’ll pay a huge price for this one clown. You are dumber than you look!!!

  8. Paul H

    I have noticed a trend among black comedians, especially black male comedians, that when all else fails, they slam other black people. Maybe, it’s a joke (?) about black females or some sort of putdown or it’s about a black person who has been a role model. (not saying Bill Cosby is or isn’t one).

    But the real game seems to be using the most vulgar language against other black people. It’s like they know the best way to get a foot in the door of white hollywood is to degrade other black people. Unfortunately, it sometimes works. But they are not the only ones to blame. It is black people’s willingness to be entertained by vulgar language, profanity, distasteful sexual comments and us sitting there listening and laughing when nothing’s funny, that’s part of the problem.

    We could shut these no-talent people down who have to rely on curse words, sex talk and putdowns to do comedy. We could and should shut them down by not attending their shows or buying their CDs. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are.

    • DJ

      Select comedians, like Eddie Murphy in his very young, cocky and angry days (over 20 years ago), D.L. Hughley and Sheryl Underwood have done this, and I think that Kevin Heart tried once, but got checked. Other than that, I have not seen where Black comics automatically go to down-grading and talking disrespectfully about Black folks as a group as part of their routines. The named stars out here, who are regularly working are professional and accomplished. The cussing for some of the comedians, during stand up shows has decreased a great deal, but could still be dialed back considerably.

    • Mary

      Much respect to you, my brother, and I agree 100%. Daily, our people have the most to battle…the most to overcome and the most to prove. Yet, when given an opportunity, we choose the most counterproductive means possible for making our presence and our abilities, known.. We’re disrespectful of one another, distrusting of one another and disconnected from one another. And rather than looking for ways to combat and change those negative behaviors, with every passing day we seem to magnify and manifest them in even worse ways than before.

      Our comedians describe their anatomy, the female anatomy and every sexual act known to man, down to the most minute detail. But I fail to see the humor when it’s US leaving 34 babies and 17 different women in the wake of our uncontrolled desire. US continually crying for equality and props. And US who are drying by the droves from AIDS and other STDs, in the aftermath of indiscriminate sex, There’s nothing funny about that to me.

      As the saying goes, art imitates life. When someone can use their moment in the spotlight to criticize, demoralize and castigate someone else, it speaks volumes to me about where they’re living. Not their physical residence, but their emotional well being…their understanding of what their purpose is, and how to maximize their moments in the sun.

      This young man may rise to great heights, but I doubt he’ll be able there if he doesn’t soon (as we say), “get his life”!

      I once had a friend….a church musician, who had a little rift with an evangelist who was visiting our church. My pastor failed to (as I feel he should have) support the musician. Instead, he asked the musician to apologize to the evangelist (who in my opinion, was wrong). My friend refused. When he came to me with the details of what had happened, my words to him were these:

      “Apologize to the evangelist. Why? Because no matter what happened between you two, she’s the one who is in the spotlight right now. She’s the one commanding the respect of audiences the world over. She’s the one people are flocking to see while YOU in essence, are still an unknown, waiting for your turn to come around! And as long as it’s HER turn and HER season and HER name is the one up in lights, if this gets out YOU will become known as “the guy who disrespected the evangelist.,” while she goes on being famous, and well respected. Swallow your pride, apologize and put an end to this while it’s still in its infancy. Otherwise, I believe you may live to regret not saying those 5 simple words: “I’m sorry…please, forgive me.”

      God exalts those who humble themselves, especially when they’re not in the wrong. But pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit, before a fall.

      My friend couldn’t hear me. He refused to apologize and left our church. He was killed in a drive by in a case of mistaken identity, several weeks later. The evangelist on the other hand, is still preaching, and more famous now than ever.

      This is not to say that evil or something sinister will happen to this young man, but to say that like it or not, Bill Cosby is a world renowned personality, adored and respected by people that THIS young man can only DREAM to entertain right now. But if he doesn’t change course…and I mean soon, that’s ALL he’ll ever be able to do is dream about it. Because his own arrogance, his own ignorance and the poison of his own tongue, will cause doors of unimaginable success, to be permanently slammed shut, in his face.

      Everyone has a past. Everyone – nobody is exempt – I don’t care HOW we try to fake the funk – no one is exempt!!! And no more than this young man would like for one of his friends…or one of his exes…or one of his enemies from the past to seize upon an opportunity to shame, embarrass and bring up HIS ugly stuff, he shouldn’t do it to anyone else. Because what goes around……

      I stopped listening to the majority of our Black comedians many years ago. As a woman who loves being classy, loves being feminine and loves and wants more for her people, I’m too ashamed of their language, performances and filthy, trashy, gutter talk to even be comfortable in their presence. Contrary to what our demented society promotes, my body, my child, my parents, my God and what goes on in my bedroom are all, precious to me, and deserve my utmost respect. And they’re never up for vulgar entertainment purposes .

      l hold myself in VERY high regard. And I’d love nothing more than to see Black comedians everywhere, begin to do the same.

  9. Charles Lee Sanders

    Bill, fortunately, didn’t grow old being a fool in his craft(y). Nine times out of 10, he can SMELL a LEGALLY-DUMMASS BITCH (desirin’ to be ‘broken in’ to stardom)…To the females LUCKY ENOUGH to even be IN BILL COSBY’S FACE: If ya TRAPS are WEAK, make ’em STRONG, and GET BACK IN THERE, GAP DAT TRAP A LI’L BIT WIDER.

  10. Jessica

    What makes him any different that the average show business lowlife? Stop worshipping amoral, narcissistic, sociopaths. Their money and fame further corrupts already questionable show off personalities.

    • Lene

      Exactly, Jessica! What makes Bill’s poop any better than yours or mine, not a darn thing! If these allegations are true,.he should be called out on them. I enjoyed the The Cosby Show as a teenager, but I will not excuse hus predator behavior because of it. I am woman and a rape survivor, and I give no damn passes to rapist or child molesters,or any other sexual predatory. It’s good he looks out dir HBCUs as I am a graduate from one; in my eyes, it atill will not excuse perversion.

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  12. tyson

    Lene, you need to learn how to proofread what you write before you hit send for all the world to see. Then, you want to include that you graduated from an HBCU? As I stated earlier, anyone can accuse you, me, a celebrity of misconduct, Lene. That doesn’t make it true. Could it be that he’s the victim of some ratchet women? Dr. Cosby needs to keep his distance from women other than his wife, however no charges have been filed in any of these cases against him. Also, don’t be so quick to believe the bad hype.

    • DJ

      “Dr. Cosby needs to keep his distance from women other than his wife…” Really? If only he would have. It’s really too late for this. Do you know that Bill Cosby has admittedly cheated on his wife with several women over the years. No disrespect, but you sound like you need to get more informed on “Mr. Cosby”. I earned my doctorate so… Ironically, I really have no hate for this man. When you stand up and set standards for community life, the community will hold you to the same standards that you set though. No shade. I feel that all is fair in the town square, in terms of raising and answering pertinent questions related to community. He will be held to the same standards that he judges others by. Not to be vindictive or anything, but because that is the way that things usually go. As you can see, it is no different for him. In the end, I believe that dialogue, no matter how difficult, is always best and will eventually lead to the truth. Now back to you Bill…

    • Lene

      And here is my reply to you, Tyson! You, Bill, and other people who think as you do, can go to hell. First of all, editor, I’m on my cell phone ,not a computer. My first response was typed while I was angry. Does this excuse my errors? Frankly, I don’t give a damn! You people are angry because Bill’s character is being questioned, really? All 14 women told a lie. I tell you what, see how you feel if it’s a female you love and cherish, then give an opinion. And yes, I attended an HBCU. Your point! Obviously, if you attended college, it didn’t do anything for your social skills. A well-rounded person would know other people make simple mistakes, like typos. You can’t get pass my grammatical errors, but you can slightly overlook Bill’s indiscretions. The same goes for you ,pjams! And if there are any errors in this response, then tough! I’m not turning this in for a grade.

  13. reaper

    @tyson you too are sick like Cosby. …everything the comedian said about him is well known. He gets no pass from us, only from the system because he is their paid mouth piece

  14. Samuel

    He settle these allegations with cash, if they had evidence believe me the legal system would act on it. A prosecutor who could put Bill Cosby behind bars– career would soar. If he’s a rapist he’ll do it again, it’s just part of a molester’s DNA……

  15. Eric Matterson

    It seems strange that ALL 14 victims settled. The chances of 14 random people having the same desire to settle out of court is unlikely. Not every single woman is motivated by money. These allegations would have more credibility if there had been at least one person willing to go forward and try to prosecute.


    Peace @Reaper, you’re RIGHT ON POINT! Why does Cosby get a pass?

    “everything the comedian said about him is well known. He gets no pass from us, only from the system because he is their paid mouth piece”.

    Him having a sitcom didn’t uplift a community he criticize and continue to not build anything in. I’m in his hometown of Philly all the time and the people there feels he’s always turned his back on them. For him to have the wealth he has and not build anything that his city can benefit from, is a disgrace as a Black man. His white pass and love from white people is keeping it from effecting is image. White people have adopted him, grown up on him, adore his comedy and he criticize Black people without a helping to address any of the problems. I’ve met him and I wasn’t impressed with his interaction with me. 13 females makes accusation against him and that’s not enough to question his character? If not, you doubters have a conditions. Also, it’s Great to give to HBCU’s but, how many donations he gives to the Black preschools and community centers in Philadelphia and around the country?


    • Lene

      Too Black Too strong, another reason he’s getting a pass from white america is the most likely none of the victims are caucasian.

  17. tita

    No ones perfect and the main ones who like to shame others are the main ones to have something to hide. He is beloved for playing a doctor and father on an all black show, he is an actor he gets paid to put on a good show!

    • Lene

      Right,Titia! I think most people on this thread are supporting the character he played so well. They’re looking past reality. In reality, lies fault! Yep, people are judging these women for taking settlements, but may be not of them were brave enough to fight Bill, his lawyers, and the majority of america. Just read this thread in it’s entirety, someone suggested that they were lucky to even being in his presence. Really!

      • tita

        Yes, I believe so as well. It’s just something’s I cannot just go with and Mr. Cosby tries to shame people, well its time for his shaming! But the majority of people will look pass this because of what he represented on a sitcom show, not even in his real life. Wow, tv shows are powerful.

  18. Debbie Stevens

    True or false with these allegations and settlements. It was well in the past. Let’s move on to the present. Whoever this comedian is will never achieve Mr. Cosby’s status.

  19. Wilson

    This so called comedian is jealous of Cosby. All this was long before he was born, and was not in his script for his show that night. Anyway, how did buress become a comedian, no wonder he is jealous of COSBY.

  20. mrmedic09

    @too black too strong. Yes there have been allegations, lawsuits filed and judgements awarded. Two things though that I must say. One, and this is in no way to excuse any aberrant behavior or to minimize any victim’s experience, but we all know that women have and will continue to approach, allow, accept and even initiate situations and scenarios that will bolster their desires for fortune and/or fame. Secondly your anger about him not giving back to his community while saying it’s great to give to HBCUs is kind of contradictory. If he is donating large amounts of money so that those who would not necessarily have the ability to can attend these schools, some of whom are from Philly then how is he not helping his community. It’s better to show a man how to fish so that he can survive long term than to give huh I’m some fish for momentary sustenance to paraphrase. So no in no way do I condone the horrible behavior but I also know that aside from this society’s dictates as it pertains to the people, nothing is strictly blackand white

  21. joseph

    I totally agree with the young comedian, Bill Cosby is a fake, phoney, and fraud. I applaud this young mans courage to bring light to this disrespectful antiquated sexual predator. Bill Cosby is and has always represented the upper crust negropeons. That is why he was so comfortable addressing the Black community in such a condescending matter. I don’t think any thinking person could refute most of what he said; but the reality was it was wrong forum, and most importantly, he, Cosby had resources to make major effort at solution, which he did not. His tax exempt donations to HBCU’s are almost laughable, since all they produce is more Black elites, opposed to collective mind leaders that create economic institutions, that will uplift Black communities that really need it. So I will support this young comedian, as will I respect other young truth warriors.

  22. Nothing But The Truth!

    It truly amazes me that we African-Americans have too few really substantive discussions or dialogues on ways and means to advance the general condition of our failing community, but will contest each other regularly on the character of some of our biggest community contributors! Some commenters stated that (1) Dr. Bill Cosby makes regular financial contributions to OUR Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), (2) He created an extremely positive, long running sitcom that served as an example of a great African-American Family, (3) He has spoken often about the need for the men and women of OUR community to stand up and be the kind of exemplary parents that OUR Children need, (4) He has recognized that the schools that are supposed to provide meaningful educational experiences for OUR Children are not providing those learning experiences, (5) He tells these ignorant African-American males (and now ignorant females) to pull their damn pants up. Have YOU made a contribution to an HBCU? Have you done any tangible thing to uplift OUR community? Are YOU representative of the kind of parent YOUR Children need? Have YOU done anything whatsoever to know what kind of school YOUR Children attend? Have YOU seen how ignorant OUR Young Men, and some few Young Women, look with their pants dropping off their asses, and contested them? Something else: No, it does not mean that WE are guilty of anything
    because WE choose to settle out of court? My Great Name is far more important than the risk of ongoing speculation!

  23. Jessie

    There isn’t a person on GODS green earth that should get away with rape no matter what their status in society
    may award them. Lets look at the overall picture, I can’t imagine my mother, daughter, wife or sister having to endure such madness or any other woman. Mr. Cosby will have his judgement day. Mr. Cosby has contributed to many organizations over the years, but see people this is done so he can feel good about the underlying evil things that he does, it makes him sleep better at night, and most of all, other people will look the other way because Mr. Cosby is a great giving person. You don’t get to work in Hollywood all these years because your a great entertainer. No you have to fit in with all the other devils, there is a price you have to pay for fame and fortune.

  24. F. Pitts

    It’s only 2 P.M. in New York….I’ m wondering where these ‘replys’ showing 4 PM + are comming from. I met Bill Cosby once at a graduation cermony I attended in Philly…He had on His ceremonial robe but had his pants rolled up that’s how I remember him. …i don’t recall the year but GHW Bush was president & Barbera
    sat beside the subject accused on the platform.

  25. Dee

    Wow! Bill Cosby is a man, not God. If he did take advantage of women by using pills or other drugs to take advantage of women was wrong. I don’t condone that type of activity by no one. I have read many statements about Cosby being a hypocrite. He may be… However, His comments about the state of black men and women was spot on. I find it funny that so many people can criticize, While doing the same things they are talking or writing junk about this man. What about the environment blacks are in now?How do we do better? Women twerking for attention. Young black men acting more like women to fit in! STOP IT I SAY!!

  26. scarlet morgan

    I believe Cosby did rape the women and I also think he’s a hypocrite who actually believes he achieved because he was worthy of all the success that has come his way. I think he’s a wealthy jackass.

  27. William Leonard

    Why do we as people of color find fault in our own people when we should be looking at our selves first? We are like crabs in a barrel. No doubt their are flaws in everyone but to try and gain glory on the back of another person of color just prove what is being said about our race as a hole. If you go out to hear a comedian to tell joke but makes fun of others by digging into the dirt on other don’t mean his joke are funny it only mean that he can’t find nothing funny to say.

  28. Massive59

    Is this the point people call out UNCLE TOM?.
    Never mind the cops shooting/killing of black babies, a sleeping child, teens and old black ladies and Gents, lets not talk about white cops beating the shit out of a great grandmother, no, no lets not, It’s better we downbeat our own black people.

    Hope to see is resonance to a lawsuit.

  29. ceecee

    really dude? after you’ve faded back into obscurity, we’ll still remember bill. why do black people do this to one another? did you make points, earn money, get any contracts after you did this you silly ass? no? and you won’t. unless it was your mother, leave it alone and leave dr. cosby alone.

  30. Ms. Ladee

    Makes one wonder why Raven Symone/Keisha Knight Pulliam & Malcolm Jamal Warner are gay. (Warner’s bi-sexual. I did meet him with his jealous male lover) Did he touch on them?

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  32. Nikki from The Bronx

    Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    I like and enjoy watching Bill Cosby for many years, I’ve always admired his charm, positivity and humor; however, Hannibal has made a valid point! If Cosby has been found guilty of these charges then he’s definitely a hypocrite. Some of these charges have settled out of court which indicates to me that he was found guilty. However, I do agree with Bill that these young people need to definitely pull their pants up. I’m so sick and tired of seeing these misguided youth wearing their pants halfway down their behinds and showing their underwear if they’re wearing any at all. I find that some of them do not wear underwear so they’re constantly pulling on their pants because they don’t even wear a belt with them which is simply gross to me.
    Peace Out!

  33. Helena

    Why doesn’t Bill Cosby go on Dr. Phil’s show and take a lie detector test. If anyone lies on me that’s what I’m offering them. I can’t believe his wife, Camille, would put up with all this mess.


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