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Was Rapper Rich Homie Quan’s father killed due to a rap beef?

Hip-hop has suffered another violent tragedy during the month running up to the BET Hip-Hop Awards, set to be aired during October.  According to Channel 2 Action News, the father of the rapper Rich Homie Quan has been murdered.

Corey Lamar is the father of the rapper, whose real name is Dequantes Lamar.  Some are wondering if the shooting occurred due to a back-and-forth disagreement between Quan and other rappers in the industry.  The violence in the music has often been criticized as leading to real violence in the streets, and this may be no exception.

Police are saying that the gunman came into the barbershop, pulled out their weapons and shot the man on the inside, with other patrons around.  One man says that he chased the man after the shooting, but wasn’t able to catch him.

“I heard about three gunshots, and so I saw the guy come out,” said Van White, who witnessed the shooting.  He says that this was when he chased the man, and saw the car that he was in.

“He got in a black car, and that’s all I know from there,” White said.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time that the barbershop had been shot up in recent months.  It was also shot up earlier in the month.

One barber said he went to the back, and another barber said he left the shop. They say that’s when the gunman came in.

Workers at the shop told Jones someone shot up the shop about a month ago.

ones talked to several people who believe the shooting is a result of Quan feuding with or disrespecting other rappers in songs.




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3 thoughts on “Was Rapper Rich Homie Quan’s father killed due to a rap beef?

  1. TheRam28

    We need to change these guys handles to “Commercial Rappers.” These are not the type of Rappers I grew up with.

  2. Ms. T

    Rich Homie Quan’s father was not murdered He was shot and iqand last know to be hospitalized in critical condition


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