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Deceased Hollywood Star Shared a Drug Dealer With Mike Tyson

Reported by Ashley Naples

Although the year hasn’t ended, the world has mourned the deaths of many prominent actors and actresses in 2014. One of those individuals was Robin Williams. He was known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, and many, many more!

What was not widely publicized was Williams’ apparent drug addiction. This is according to a man who shared the same drug dealer as him — Mike Tyson. In an interview with controversial radio host Howard Stern, the former boxing champion revealed that he and Williams both dealt with depression and met at a meeting where they bonded over their past drug and alcohol dependencies.

Commenting on the matter, Tyson told Stern: “This is very interesting. When I met him, he said ‘I was waiting for you.’ He started telling me about somebody I was purchasing [drugs]from. I said to myself, ‘How does he know this lowlife dealer I know? They shouldn’t even be in the same state as each other.’ You’ll go to any measure to get high or to use when you’re in that situation. So everyone knows everybody.”

Being that the men had shared such a personal and devastating connection, Stern asked Tyson if Williams’ suicide in August affected him. “One-hundred percent,” Tyson said. He continued, saying that he too has dealt with depression and considers himself mentally ill. “It’s scary,” he said. “If you have mental illness you’re going to think about suicide. Suicide is our comfort.”

Tyson says the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was even scarier for him because the actor had died of a drug relapse after being sober for 20 years. He said it made him question his odds of being drug-free being that Hoffman had managed to avoid it for 20 years and still allowed it to be his ultimate demise.

Tyson has been very candid about his drug abuse. He spoke with Fox News in 2013 to say he was on the road to sobriety. In 2006, he was arrested in Scottsdale, AZ for driving drunk and high on cocaine. He plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 24 hours in jail, 360 hours of community service, and three years probation.

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