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Delta Sigma Theta running for Office is fined, suspended for hazing

by Ashley Naples

Ashley Miller, formerly a candidate to represent the 32nd legislative district in Kentucky, has been revealed to be fined and suspended for an incident involving the hazing of a pledge for her sorority.  Miller is a member of the respected black sorority Delta Sigma Theta, and the event took place back in 2013.

According to anmnews.com, Miller devotes her time to a delta chapter for adults called the Louisville Alumnae, centered in Louisville, Kentucky.  According to the organization’s website, Miller and four others were suspended for three years and fined $1,500 each for hazing members seeking to join the sorority.

You can read here to see the zero-tolerance hazing policy of Delta Sigma Theta

Politics is a dirty game. Miller had previously been called out  in a previous story for a photo she took in 2012 for Nappy Roots, a performance group in the state of Kentucky.  On the cover of an album titled “Sh*t’s beautiful,” Miller is sitting on a toilet, appearing to be thinking.  To her credit, the image was about as classy as a toilet picture can be, she’s a very attractive woman.


Kentucky is a very conservative state, and it is doubtful that the residents there would vote for a black female performance artist accused of hazing who takes pictures of herself while sitting on a toilet.

Of course you know that her opponent is going to use this information against her.  Phil Moffett, her conservative opponent in the race, took little time to gloat over how he is so much more qualified than Miller to lead the state that has been wierd enough to vote Mitch McConnell into office several times in a row.

“My opponent’s hazing activities, as an adult for goodness sake, simply disqualifies her for public office. Coupling this with her ties to the abortion industry and her RAP album cover modeling, I cringe at the idea of her visiting our local elementary schools as an elected official. We need people in office our children can look up to,” he said, in what was probably the most smug look to ever cover a man’s face.

You can read more about the situation here.  It appears that they are being pretty hard on her, when in reality, she might just be pushing the envelope.  Kentucky is a pretty racist and sexist state, so they probably need the envelope to be pushed at least a little bit.  Good to see that somebody’s doing it.

But maybe next time she runs, she won’t haze anyone or take pictures of herself on the toilet.   That might make her just what the state of Kentucky needs.

Here’s a bit more about Ms. Miller, straight from her campaign website: 

Ashley received her B.S. Cum Laude in Nursing from Berea College, her Masters of Science from the University of Louisville, and in August 2014, she will receive a PhD in Nursing.

To help pay for school and to set a hopeful example for young girls, Ashley entered the pageant system. Ashley won Miss Jefferson County Fair 2005, Miss Bluegrass Area 2006, Miss My Old Kentucky Home 2007, Miss University of Louisville 2008, and Ms. Kentucky United States 2013.

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3 thoughts on “Delta Sigma Theta running for Office is fined, suspended for hazing

  1. unacceptable

    This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. It does not take hazing to treat people inhuman just to join a social group. What is the point for hazing. Is it because the powers that be, think that they have the power to do what they want to do to people; and inflict harm on them just to join a group. It appears that she is not as intelligent as her educational level reflects. I don’t care what you are pledging, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. She should be permanently removed from the Sorority, and penalized financially, and maybe this will teach them to treat people right. In addition, for a lady to take a picture sitting posed on a commode. speaks volume within itself.

  2. Mario

    What is more sickening and degrading than this educated black women sitting on a toilet with a caption “shit’s beautiful” is that the author of this article attempts to somehow play racism into the chiding of her political opponent. First of all, Delta’s portray this so called sophistication and utmost class. To be associated with such a perverse and ignorant album cover speaks to her character. Her very own sorority should have dealt swiftly with her representation of the sorority as she is an active member. Is this indicative of the image of the mighty Delta’s? Secondly, why in the hell is a grown ass, accomplished women, who has matriculated through institutions of higher learning and obtained post degrees, even to the candidacy for a Ph.D, still be hazing as if she is still in undergraduate school? The author of this article makes a very ignorant point that since Ms. Miller is very pretty, her sitting on a toilet naked isn’t really that bad. Thirdly, it is well known and documented that the state of Kentucky is about as racist as a state can be. However, as racist as it might be, it has not hindered her educational or political achievements. Her opponent or for that matter, anyone has a right to oppose her on both the hazing as well as the album art as unfit for public office.

    This issue is a grown ass black women has the nerve to be in a racist state known for the torture, murder, mistreatment, and disdain of African-American men, women and children, and yet will turn to inflict the same humiliation, torture, discrimination, shame, violence and psychological manipulation upon her own people just for their desire to belong and treated equal. I say this to all Black Greek letter organizations: Shame on all of you for your hazing practices to your own people! Hazing is nothing more than a sadistic, manipulative and cruel form of bullying inflicted on a weak person who has been tricked into believing that these organizations can provide you with something otherwise you would not be able to get. As far as I am concerned this is nothing more than a bunch of satanic witches, warlocks and criminals who deserve to be locked away for violent crimes.

    Ms. Miller does not get a pass because she’s pretty. Obviously, that is the problem. Her beauty has caused her to get a pass when she should have been told to have a seat and develop your heart and character.

  3. INI

    I understand your misguided statements and where they come from, but be assured that all organizations have a “hazing” process. If you have reviewed the definition of it which includes unduly stressing a person to do something to gain entry to a group. There are several “legitimate organizations” that legally haze people everyday, the Military, Colleges and Universities and most companies to include Fortune 500 and 100 corporations that put applicants through very arduous tasks and tests, interviews, etc. The political campaign process can be thought of as a hazing process by the political parties, campaign contributors and the media. Lastly, these notions of hazing have been placed in such a trigger anxious response to the slightest requirements to join a so-called Greek letter organization that initiates use it to their advantage when they believe they will not become members.


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